The Indonesian Town Revisited

Author: P. Nas

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825860388

Category: Social Science

Page: 444

View: 418

The Indonesian Town Revisited reflects the growing interest in new towns and the urban sprawl around Jakarta, the economic crisis and its effects on the construction sector. Furthermore, a new direction in research is related to the growing interest in middle range cities. Some well-established topics are also covered, such as kampung improvement, urban conservation and migration.
Religiöse Erfahrung II

Author: Gerd Haeffner

Publisher: W. Kohlhammer Verlag

ISBN: 3170194178

Category: Philosophy

Page: 276

View: 832

"Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft hat vom 1. November 1999 bis zum 31. Oktober 2005 an der Hochschule f'ur Philosophie M'unchen in Verbindung mit der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit'at M'unchen ein Graduiertenkolleg unterst'uzt, das den Titel trug "Der Erfahrungsbegriff in der europ'aischen Religion und Religionstheorie und sein Einfluss auf das Selbstverst'andnis aussereurop'aischer Religionen" ... Zum Ende der beiden, je dreij'ahrigen F'orderperioden fand jeweil ein Abschlosssymposion statt. Das Symposion der ersten F'orderperiode ... wurde als Band 23 der M'unchener philosophischen Studien ver'offentlicht ... Der nun vorgelegte Band ... geht auf das Abschlusssymposion der zweiten Periode zur'uck, das vom 6. bis 8. Oktober 2005 in M'unchen stattfand"--Vorwort, p. 7-8.


Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster



Page: 124

View: 751

Between Consolidation and Crisis

Author: Aurel Croissant

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825888592

Category: Political Science

Page: 396

View: 784

Between Consolidation and Crisis focuses on five countries in Southeast Asia to examine how their elections have been conducted in the past two years, their domestic implications, and how the elections have differed from one another and from elections in other parts of Asia. Case studies on Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand provide an overall understanding of the impact of elections on the consolidation or crisis of new democratic and semi-democratic policies in the region of Southeast Asia. Aurel Croissant is professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). Beate Martin is a researcher at the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in Bonn (Germany).
Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and Capitalist Development in Southeast Asia

Author: Annabelle R. Gambe

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825843866

Category: Social Science

Page: 196

View: 685

The study aims at finding an explanation to the economic development of Southeast Asia. To achieve this end, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines have been chosen as the foci of the study. To explain the region's recent success, the study is guided by the hypothesis that overseas Chinese entrepreneurship, exercised by a group belonging to a discriminated ethnic minority, is an indispensable component of the capitalist development of Southeast Asia. Overseas Chinese businesses dominate nearly all branches of the economy of their respective countries of residence. On a regional scale, they are acknowledged to control two-thirds of the region's retail trade. The hypothesis of the study is validated by the empirical findings. Furthermore, the study has arrived at the conclusion that Southeast Asia is host to a type of entrepreneurship - Overseas Chinese entrepreneurship - that evolved and developed throughout the centuries and proven for its resiliency and risk-taking abilities. It did not create the boom in the region, however. Liberal government policies, the inflow of huge foreign capital, and the availability of cheap and skilled labor among the indigenous population are among the more crucial factors that facilitated this transformation.
Japanstudien. Band 13/2001

Author: Harald Conrad

Publisher: IUDICIUM Verlag

ISBN: 9783891293768


Page: 538

View: 868

"Wohnen in Japan" ist das Schwerpunktthema von Band 13 der Japanstudien. Wir erfahren darin sowohl etwas über den Zusammenhang zwischen Wohnformen und demographischem und sozialem Wandel als auch über Städteplanung, Bürgerbeteiligung und die Entwicklung der Wohnverhältnisse im historischen Längsschnitt durch das zwanzigste Jahrhundert. Fragen nach Tradition, Moderne und Avantgarde im japanischen Bauen werden ebenso angesprochen wie Stadtentwicklung, Wiederaufbau und die aktuelle Architekturdebatte. Mehrere Varia-Beiträge und ein besonders umfangreicher Rezensionsteil mit Besprechungen aus den Bereichen Stadtplanung, asiatische Geschichte, Volkswirtschaft, Populärkultur, Lexikographie, Fremdsprachenunterricht in Japan und Japanologie in Deutschland tun das ihre, um den Band um zusätzliche aktuelle und historische Akzente zu erweitern.
Young Men and Masculinities in Japanese Media

Author: Ronald Saladin

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811398216

Category: Social Science

Page: 266

View: 336

This book provides an in-depth investigation of two Japanese men's magazines, ChokiChoki and Men's egg, analysed as representative examples of the genre of Japanese lifestyle magazines for young men. Employing both qualitative and quantitative content analysis, focusing on topics ranging from everyday life activities up to partnerships and sexuality, it examines how these magazines discursively renegotiate norms of Japanese masculinity. By scrutinizing the way these magazines convey ideas of gendered behavior within different contexts, the book demonstrates how Japanese lifestyle magazines discursively create new ideas of gender and masculinities in particular. It argues that hegemonic gender norms of Japan's society are both altered and reconstructed at the same time and that while altering parts of the gendered habitus in order to adjust to changing social circumstances and perceptions of gender, magazines (un)consciously reproduce core values of the hegemonic gender regime and thus revalidate them as legitimate. A key read for scholars and students of contemporary Japan, Japanese studies, gender studies, and anyone interested in Japanese popular culture and media, this book provides new insights into a segment of the Japanese media market that has received little scholarly attention.
The Social Dimension of Shin Buddhism

Author: Ugo Dessì

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004186538

Category: History

Page: 293

View: 946

This book analyzes social aspects of Shin Buddhism (J?do Shinsh?), a mainstream Japanese religious tradition. The contributions collected here especially focus on the intersection between Shin Buddhism, politics, education, social movements, economy, culture and the media, gender, and globalization.
Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations on Screen

Author: Griseldis Kirsch

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472572400

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 884

Japan and China look back on a history of friendship as well as friction, particularly in recent decades. As the People's Republic of China's economy began to grow in the 1990s, so did its political weight within Asia and its economical relevance for Japan. Covering the years from 1989 to 2005, this book looks at Sino-Japanese relations through film and television drama in the crucial time of China's ascent to an economic superpower in opposition to Japan's own ailing economy. It provides an overview of how Japan views China through its visual media, offers explanations as to how oppositions between the two countries came to exist, and how and why certain myths about China have been conveyed. Griseldis Kirsch argues that the influence of visual media within society cannot be underestimated, nor should their value be lessened by them being perceived as part of 'popular culture'. Drawing on examples from a crucial 16 years in the history of post-war Japan and China, she explores to what extent these media were influenced by the political discourse of their time. In doing so, she adds another layer to the on-going debate on Sino-Japanese relations, bringing together disciplines such as media studies, history and area studies and thus filling a gap in existing research.
Member States Versus the European Union

Author: Alan Littler

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789004186583

Category: Law

Page: 293

View: 920

National attempts to regulate gambling often run into conflict with the EU’s internal market. This book analyses the approaches taken at the national level against the requirements of EU law in addition to contextualizing a highly polarised debate.
Japanese Understanding of Salvation

Author: Martin Heißwolf

Publisher: Langham Publishing

ISBN: 9781783683710

Category: Religion

Page: 702

View: 549

It is no secret that Christianity has been widely rejected in Japan with less than two percent of the population identifying as Christian. The dominant worldview in Japan is deeply animistic, with beliefs such as the Japanese mana-concept, ki (気), the Japanese soul-concept, and the concept of God/god(s), kami (神), being deeply rooted in the culture and fundamentally influencing society. Dr Martin Heißwolf, with his years of experience in Japan, critically examines Japanese animism in light of core Christian beliefs, such as the concepts of “peace” and “salvation.” Central to Japanese people’s rejection of Christian truth is the diametric opposition of its supernatural message to the natural focus of Japanese animistic folk religion. Heißwolf’s meticulous study is framed squarely within missiological thought and praxis so Christians serving in Japanese contexts are better able to communicate the message of the gospel by more fully understanding Japanese people, people by whom God wants to be known.