3 Great Thrillers

Author: Eric Van Lustbader

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781781855423

Category: Fiction

Page: 1108

View: 962

Three terrific thrillers in one volume. LETHAL PEOPLE: Would you let your child die if your family were threatened? When the government wants someone to disappear without a trace, they put in a call to Donovan Creed. Creed is a man of many identities, a ruthless assassin with access to all the technology that the military can offer. You don't want to take on Creed. But then again, most don't even see him coming. FIRST DAUGHTER: The first book in the Jack McClure series from Eric Van Lustbader, the author of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series. THE BABYLON GENE: Forget everything you think you know. Here is the mother of all conspiracy thrillers, a secret that was written in blood at the dawn of history...
3 Great Fantasy Novels

Author: Daniel O'Malley

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781781855430

Category: Fiction

Page: 1133

View: 950

Supernatural agents, Djinn, rats: here are three great new fantasy novels at a great price. THE ROOK: 'The body you are wearing used to be mine.' So begins the letter Myfanwy Thomas is holding when she awakes in a London park surrounded by bodies all wearing latex gloves. An astonishing fantasy debut about the secret organization keeping Britain safe from supernatural threat. THE DESERT OF SOULS: Amid the trackless sands of ancient Arabia, two companions – a swordsman and a scholar – search for the ruins of the lost city of Ubar. Before their quest is over, they will battle necromancers and animated corpses, they will confront a creature that has traded wisdom for the souls of men since the dawn of time and they will fight to save a city's soul. THE TWYNING: A story of love, war and rats, pitting their world against their mortal enemy: humankind.
3 Great Historical Novels

Author: Fay Weldon

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781781855447

Category: Fiction

Page: 1062

View: 317

Here are three great historical novels in one volume. HABITS OF THE HOUSE: Fay Weldon takes us inside an aristocratic household -- upstairs and downstairs -- in the last three months of the nineteenth century. Tea gowns are still laced with diamonds; there are still nine courses at dinner, but bankruptcy, war and social unrest loom. THE SILVER THREAD: London, 1840. A young woman boards a prison ship bound for the other side of the world. Weaving death, love and adventure, The Silver Thread is plotted like a murder mystery, but narrated with the skill and style of a literary storyteller. THE CONDUCTOR: Winter, 1941. The story of how Shostakovich and one valiant, bedraggled orchestra created a defining moment in the siege of Leningrad – the bloodiest seige in history – is a gripping testament to the life-affirming power of music.
3 Great Historical Mysteries

Author: Bruce Macbain

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781781855393

Category: Fiction

Page: 854

View: 857

Here are three great historical crime novels in one volume. ROMAN GAMES: Rome, AD 95 – a city under the thrall of a tyrant. It is up to Gaius Plinius Secundus – better known to posterity as Pliny the Younger – to investigate the murder of one of emperor's favourites. He has just 15 days to solve the case, 15 days that will threaten Pliny's conscience, his life and the stability of Rome itself. ONE FOR SORROW: Amid the splendour and the squalor of sixth-century Byzantium. A treasury official has been murdered. Could someone have killed him for a priceless holy relic? A Knight from distant Bretania seems to believe so... WINE OF VIOLENCE: AD 1270. On a remote East Anglian coast stands the priory of Tyndal, a place dedicated to love and peace. But Eleanor of Wynethorpe, the new prioress, will find little of either... Only a day after Eleanor's arrival, a brutally mutilated monk is found dead in the cloister gardens.
3 Great Hardboiled Crime Novels

Author: Dashiell Hammett

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781781855416

Category: Fiction

Page: 855

View: 958

Here are three great new hardboiled tomes at a great price. THE RETURN OF THE THIN MAN: Two lost novellas from the true master of hard-boiled noir. STEALING THE DRAGON: Take one smart, funny ex-detective. Add one beautiful, deadly Chinese assassin. Pour into San Francisco and shake violently. CONCRETE DESERT: A decades-old cold case haunts the present in the desert city of Phoenix, Arizona.
Triple Threat: Lucy Guardino Thrillers 1–3

Author: CJ Lyons

Publisher: CJ Lyons+ORM

ISBN: 9781946578136

Category: Fiction

Page: 1306

View: 727

The New York Times–bestselling author introduces a Glock-carrying soccer mom in the first three books in the Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller series. She may be a loving mom and wife, but Lucy Guardino is also a kick-ass federal agent who’s not afraid to wield her skills in the series that’s “action packed, authentic, and intense” (Lee Child). Snake Skin Lucy Guardino is living the perfect life in Pittsburgh as a Supervisory Special Agent running the FBI’s Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement squad. Until the day she comes up against a vicious and cunning predator who forces Lucy to choose between the life of the young victim she is fighting to save and her own daughter’s . . . Blood Stained Ever since she fatally disobeyed orders, Lucy has been chained to her desk. But then she learns that a case she closed four years ago may have pinned a string of rapes and killings on the wrong man. Embarking on an unofficial investigation, she races to uncover truth—against a desperate boy out for vigilante justice. Kill Zone In one of Suspense Magazine’s Best Novels of the Year, the brutal killing of a teenage girl leads to a violent narcoterrorist turning the city into a kill zone. The girl’s father helped the DEA bring down drug cartels—and it seems someone holds a grudge. But Lucy soon learns that secrets hide in shadows . . . Praise for CJ Lyons’ thrillers “Pulse-pounding suspense and hair-raising chills.” —Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times–bestselling author “A compelling new voice in thriller writing.” —Jeffery Deaver, New York Times–bestselling author
Leo & Allissa International Thrillers 1-3

Author: Luke Richardson

Publisher: Richa Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 1029

View: 834

ALMOST 1000 PAGES OF EXPLOSIVE, EDGE OF YOUR SEAT THRILLER ACTION. ★★★★★ "If you're missing travel and love a good thriller, READ THIS SERIES!" Three gripping stories to transport you to the deadly backstreets of Kathmandu, the high-rise towers of Hong Kong and the techno nightclubs of Berlin. HAVE YOU MET LEO & ALLISSA? Leo’s jobless, crippled by anxiety, and obsessed with a girl he hasn’t seen in two years. Granted, disappearing on a Thai island isn’t a normal break up. Allissa’s on the run from her family. Travelling the world without a plan, she’s finally found something of a home in Kathmandu. She just hopes the surrounding mountains can keep the world away. WHAT READERS THINK OF THE LEO & ALLISSA SERIES: ★★★★★ “Intense, thrilling, mysterious and captivating.” ★★★★★ “Keeps you hooked until the final word.” ★★★★★“Just an amazing read and so well written. Made you feel as if you were actually there.” ★★★★★“Richardson captures the magic of Asia.” ★★★★★ “Highly recommend to anyone who loves adventure and travel.” ★★★★★“I’ve never read a book like this. Shocking, exhilarating, heart-warming and encouraging.” ★★★★★“If you're missing travel at the moment and love a good thriller, I would definitely recommend this series.” ★★★★★ “I love the combination of travel, relatable characters and interesting plots.” THIS BOX SET INCLUDES: BOOK 1 – KATHMANDU Leo’s jobless, crippled by anxiety, and obsessed with a girl he hasn’t seen in two years. Just as things reach an all-time low, Leo’s thrown a lifeline. A politician’s missing daughter has been traced to Kathmandu. Leo must go there and find her, if his anxiety and the mysterious city will allow. In his bid to prove himself, Leo sets off on a twisting trail through Kathmandu’s labyrinthine streets. But with a storm on the way, the city revealing a dark side, and unexpected danger around every corner, can he find Allissa and get out alive? BOOK 2 – HONG KONG When Jamie’s colleague and former lover disappears, the police ask questions. Sure, a body’s not been found, but there’s plenty of evidence to land Jamie behind bars.Leo and Allissa take the case. In order to free a man charged with murder, they must find a woman who’s supposed to be dead. BOOK 3 – BERLIN When a prominent fashion designer falls beneath a train on Berlin’s U-Bahn, everything points to suicide. But the family isn’t convinced. Keen to prove he’s over his past and has a handle on his anxiety, Leo heads to Berlin alone. When the investigation leads from a late-night techno club to a shop run by gangsters and finally onto the sinister wreck of a Cold War spy station, it may be a decision he stands to regret. This collection includes the first three explosive novels in the Leo & Allissa international thriller series. If you’re looking for nail biting adventures, unlikely heroes and international settings, then this has to be your next read! WHAT HAPPENED IN KOH TAO? No just satisfied with THREE full length novels, when you buy this box set, you’ll get a free download link for the series prequel, Koh Tao. Leo’s looking for the perfect place to propose to the love of his life. When they arrive in the Thai tropical paradise of Koh Tao, he thinks he’s found it. But before he gets an answer, she’s nowhere to be seen.
The Romanovs - Box Set

Author: Robert K. Massie

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781781855669

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 2841

View: 950

Against a monumental backdrop of fabulous splendour, intrigue and barbaric cruelty, unfolds a powerful drama of passion and history. This is the story of the Romanovs, from the Tsar who brought Russia from darkness into light, to one of the greatest female rulers in history, and ultimately to the death-marked royals who watched their empire crumble. PETER THE GREAT: Crowned at the age of 10, Peter embodied the greatest strengths and weaknesses of Russia while being at the very forefront of her development. CATHERINE THE GREAT: In 1762, Catherine rode out of St Petersburg at the head of an army to arrest her husband. Three months later, at the age of just 33, she became sole empress of the largest empire on earth. NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA: The story of Nicholas's political naivete, Alexandra's obsession with the corrupt mystic Rasputin, and little Alexis's brave struggle with haemophilia.
The Greatest Thrillers of Edgar Wallace

Author: Edgar Wallace

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788075830524

Category: Fiction

Page: 2749

View: 301

This Edgar Wallace thriller collection is formatted to the highest digital standards. The edition incorporates an interactive table of contents, footnotes and other information relevant to the content which makes the reading experience meticulously organized and enjoyable. Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was an English writer. As well as journalism, Wallace wrote screen plays, poetry, historical non-fiction, 18 stage plays, 957 short stories and over 170 novels, 12 in 1929 alone. More than 160 films have been made of Wallace's work. Table of Contents: The Four Just Men The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder The Daffodil Mystery Angel of Terror The Clue of the Twisted Candle The Crimson Circle The Green Ribbon The Devil Man The Forger The Iron Grip The Twister The Secret House The Man Who Knew The Green Archer The Three Oak Mystery Penelope of the Polyantha The Flying Fifty-five The Clue of the Silver Key Captains of Souls The Man who Bought London
Rogue Target (A Troy Stark Thriller—Book #3)

Author: Jack Mars

Publisher: Jack Mars

ISBN: 9781094390758

Category: Fiction

Page: 365

View: 643

“Thriller writing at its best. Thriller enthusiasts who relish the precise execution of an international thriller, but who seek the psychological depth and believability of a protagonist who simultaneously fields professional and personal life challenges, will find this a gripping story that's hard to put down.” --Midwest Book Review, Diane Donovan (regarding Any Means Necessary) “One of the best thrillers I have read this year. The plot is intelligent and will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author did a superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. I can hardly wait for the sequel.” --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Any Means Necessary) From #1 bestselling and USA Today bestselling author Jack Mars, author of the critically-acclaimed Luke Stone and Agent Zero series (with over 5,000 five-star reviews), comes an explosive new, action-packed thriller series that takes readers on a wild-ride across Europe, America, and the world. Although elite Navy Seal Troy Stark was forced into retirement for his dubious respect for authority, his work in stopping a major terrorist threat to New York did not go unnoticed. Now part of a new, secret international organization, Troy must hunt down all threats to the U.S. and pre-empt them overseas—bending the rules if he has to. In ROGUE TARGET (book #3), a new marvel of engineering is set to open with fanfare, heralding a new era of technology and attracting heads of state for the grand opening. But terrorists have their eyes on it, too—along with the high-value targets attending—and in this high-octane action thriller, Troy Stark may be the only person left standing between the terrorists and an event of mass destruction. An unputdownable action thriller with heart-pounding suspense and unforeseen twists, ROGUE TARGET is the debut novel in an exhilarating new series by a #1 bestselling author that will have you fall in love with a brand new action hero—and turn pages late into the night. Future books in the series will soon be available.
Primary Threat: The Forging of Luke Stone—Book #3 (an Action Thriller)

Author: Jack Mars

Publisher: Jack Mars

ISBN: 9781640297609

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

View: 300

“One of the best thrillers I have read this year.” --Books and Movie Reviews (re Any Means Necessary) In PRIMARY THREAT (The Forging of Luke Stone—Book #3), a ground-breaking action thriller by #1 bestseller Jack Mars, elite Delta Force veteran Luke Stone, 29, leads the FBI’s Special Response Team as they respond to a hostage situation on an oil rig in the remote Arctic. Yet what at first seems like a simple terrorist event may, it turns out, be much more. With a Russian master plan unfolding rapidly in the Arctic, Luke may have arrived at the precipice of the next world war. And Luke Stone may just be the only man standing in its way. PRIMARY THREAT is a standalone, un-putdownable military thriller, a wild action ride that will leave you turning pages late into the night. The precursor to the #1 bestselling LUKE STONE THRILLER SERIES, this series takes us back to how it all began, a riveting series by bestseller Jack Mars, dubbed “one of the best thriller authors” out there. Books #4-#6 are also available! “Thriller writing at its best.” --Midwest Book Review (re Any Means Necessary) Also available is Jack Mars’ #1 bestselling LUKE STONE THRILLER series (7 books), which begins with Any Means Necessary (Book #1), a free download with over 800 five star reviews!