Small Business Owners Guide To Marketing Your Business On The Internet

Author: Ben Wheeler

Publisher: Ben Wheeler


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 98

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"an easy to read book that helps non-marketing people understand how to market their business on the internet" The importance of a powerful web presence for businesses is what compelled me to write this book. I have learned that only you as the business owner have the power to do it by educating yourself about internet marketing. Then you can take your business to the next level and achieve what you have set out to. My book will help give you a broad understanding of internet marketing and hopefully you can then ask the right questions of professionals and know the answers to expect so that you can get an effective website for your business, market it well and make your business grow. My advice is drawn from my 13 years’ experience in the industry and many clients with successful websites and online marketing strategies. I hope you can glean some useful nuggets of information to empower you to grow your business with the help of the internet. I firmly believe that Digital Marketing, and a good understanding of general marketing, is what has allowed my to move from a one-man-band business into the market-leading marketing company Copper Bay Creative is today, with its 12-strong team.
The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom

Author: Mark J. Kohler

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 9781613083758

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

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TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURETailored for small business owners and entrepreneur like yourself who are looking for long-term financial planning and wealth management, The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom reveals the secrets behind successfully investing in your business while bypassing Wall Street-influenced financial planners. Attorney and CPA Mark J. Kohler and expert financial planner Randall A. Luebke deliver a guide catered to your entrepreneurial journey as they teach you how to create assets that provide income so work is no longer a requirement, identify money and tax-saving strategies, and address business succession plans to help you transition into the investment phase of business ownership. Learn how to: Pinpoint the dollar value of your business with a step-by-step formula Eliminate and avoid bad debt while leveraging your good debt Uncover investment strategies Wall Street won't tell you Achieve long-term goals with the 4x4 Financial Independence Plan Find an advisor willing to look out for your best interests Super-charge your 401(k) and leverage your insurance to get rich Create the best exit strategy for you, your business, and your family Avoid the most common mistakes in real estate investment Protect your hard-earned assets from security threats ready to strike You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it. So if you're ready to stop treating your business like your only asset and want to start making it your most valuable legacy, this book is for you!
It Free Fall: The Business Owner's Guide to Avoiding Technology Pitfalls

Author: Nick Bernfeld

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329195011

Category: Business & Economics


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Is Your Computer Support Guy Giving You The “Runaround”? • Not returning your calls fast enough... • Constantly missing deadlines... • Not fixing things right the first time... • Never following up on your requests? I think it’s about time someone finally got it right. That’s why we decided to start IT Free Fall and committed ourselves to helping business owners. If you just want your IT problems handled quickly and correctly the first time, this book is for you!
The Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Business Plans

Author: Brian Hill

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781621532613

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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Planning is essential to creating a competitive advantage for your small business, and properly done, it can actually be fun. That is the message of this thorough guide, written in easy-to-follow, nontechnical language that you don’t need an MBA to understand. In what areas will your business specialize? What are some of the resources you will need, and challenges you will face? How much do you want your company to grow? Once you have established a vision of your business’s future, you will be on your way to making it a reality. Topics covered include: Creating a business model Identifying and beating the competition Calculating expenses Determining whether you need additional capital Avoiding common mistakes Writing your executive summary Developing a marketing strategy Evaluating your team Analyzing your progress And more! Whatever your background and whatever kind of business you dream of starting, this latest installment in our popular Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide will help you to achieve your goals!
The Accidental Business Owner - a friendly guide to success for health and wellness practitioners

Author: Kelly Bowers

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781909141896

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 328

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A practical and easily accessible guide for bodyworkers and movement teachers, including massage therapists and all other complementary therapists, to the setting up and running of a private practice in order to make it into a successful business. This book is for people who wish they didn't need this book; for people who wish that their passion for their work was all they need to run a business but have learned that it is not. This book provides guidance to give the reader a head for business while maintaining their heart for their work. Filled with practical real-world explanations of basic business skills, it is written with warmth, humor, and an appreciation for the heart-led work of everyone in the health and wellness world. From bookkeeping to financing, business plans to contracts, the reader will find answers to the most basic questions: where do I start and how do I do that? When you love your healing work and need to learn how to run your business this book is the friend you need.
The Small Business Owner's Manual

Author: Joe Kennedy

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9781601637987

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

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An Owner's Manual provides fast, practical, and direct advice and that's what you get with this book! The Small Business Owner's Manual is useful for newly minted entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners and can be read from cover-to-cover or to quickly look up information in the midst of a crisis. For example: Choose among 13 ways to get new financing and the 17 steps to building a winning loan package. Weigh the pros and cons among 8 legal structures, from corporations to LLCs. Write winning ads and analyze 16 advertising and marketing alternatives including the latest in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Develop a powerful business plan in half the time. Learn to sell products and services by considering 10 possible sales and distribution channels. Discover the latest trends to quickly and inexpensively set up a website and e-store. Get taxes paid on time, collect from deadbeats, protect the business from litigation, and get legal agreements with teeth by effectively finding and partnering with CPAs and attorneys. Get a quick overview of the 14 top forms of business insurance including workers comp and medical. Looking to lease? Exploit a comprehensive review of the top 18 critical factors used to evaluate locations and 24 of the most important clauses in lease agreements. Understand the legal side of hiring, firing, and managing employees and contractors. Minimize taxes by learning the ins-and-outs of business income taxes, the top 5 payroll taxes, sales and use taxes, common tax dodges, and the latest loopholes for business owners. Filing schedules, form names, form numbers, and download links are also included. Credit cards are critical these days, so learn how the system really works and minimize chargebacks, disputes and headaches. Includes 35 important definitions and 12 ways to minimize fraud and lots more too! Joe Kennedy has more than twenty years of experience in operating and working with hundreds of small businesses, a degree in finance and an MBA. He knows how entrepreneurs think and their drive to get to the essence of an issue, make the right decision, and quickly move on. Impatient business owners will prefer this book since only the most relevant information is provided. A few bigger books are out there but this one is not puffed out with clutter and other information you already knew. With years of experience in the IT industry, Joe knows a lot about the Internet too so the content here is better than web-based searches. The Small Business Owner's Manual is great for those starting a business, operators of existing enterprises, or as a gift.
The A-Z Guide to Federal Employment Laws for the Small Business Owner

Author: Shannon Johnson

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781601383082

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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The number of small businesses in the United States is astounding. According to the most recent U.S Census data, there are more than 8.8 million businesses with less than 20 employees, with more than 21.3 million employees spread out among those businesses. The shear volume of individuals who do not work for a massive corporation is growing exponentially every year and the result is a lot of confusion on the part of small business owners who are struggling to understand the complicated federal employment laws that dictate how they must handle those employees. With this comprehensive A-Z guide to the federal employment laws that dictate the practices you must follow, you will learn every possible detail you will ever need to know to stay ahead of the government’s requirements and run a successful business. There are more than 20 Federal acts that are designed to keep the workers of this country protected against various forms of discrimination, poor treatment, and negligence on the part of the employer. You will learn the intricate details of each of these federal acts and how they apply to you and your business. You will learn everything that applies to you in regards to age discrimination, disability discrimination, equal pay requirements, affirmative action, civil rights enactments, worker retraining, and dozens more acts such as OSHA, ERISA, EPPA, COBRA, SOX, PDA, and NLRA acts that enforce the standards of employment for millions of companies around the nation. You will learn which laws your company specifically must follow and how state laws might further designate what you need to know when hiring and employing a new worker. A run down of each kind of business and how certain laws, such as OSHA and other worker safety laws will apply more restrictively to you. You will be shown exactly how each of these laws is enforced and what you can expect if you fail to do so – including the requisite fines, possible sanctions, or even loss of licensing in certain cases. Many industry professionals have been interviewed to share their insights on the employment laws in this country, providing a more complete view of how you can adhere to and follow these laws effectively. The tools you need, including the forms and agency addresses and contacts, to comply with these laws are provided in their entirety, along with the federal and state agencies that you will be dealing with intricately in the weeks to come. A comprehensive listing of resources that are designed to help you make the right decisions and complete the necessary steps for each hire you make is also provided, annotated to show you which laws coincide with which resources. If you are considering starting your own business or are starting to expand and hire more employees, this book will provide every detail you need to effectively manage and maintain your growing workforce.
Good Small Business Guide 2012

Author: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408164792

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 609

View: 483

Fully updated for this 6th annual edition, the Good Small Business Guide 2012 is packed with essential advice for small business owners or budding entrepreneurs. Offering help on all aspects of starting, running and growing a small business, including: planning, setting up or acquiring a business, getting to grips with figures, marketing, selling online, and managing yourself and others. Containing over 140 easy-to-read articles, brand-new Viewpoints from people who've been there and done it (and lived to tell the tale), and an extensive information directory this fully updated guide offers help on all aspects of starting and growing a small business.
The Scrapbooker's Guide to Business

Author: Kathy Steligo

Publisher: Kathy Steligo

ISBN: 0966979923

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 170

View: 629

SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE WANTS TO START A SCRAPBOOK BUSINESS??but not everyone knows how to go about doing it. Do you need a license? What's it really like to run a retail store? Will your spouse make a good partner? How do you patent a product? Can you profit from teaching classes, coordinating events, or making scrapbooks for others? This lighthearted guide has ideas, information, encouragement, and resources for nine different part-time and full-time business opportunities.Whether you want to invest a few hours and a few dollars, or make a significant investment and full-time commitment, The Scrapbooker's Guide To Business shows you how to: ?set goals and plan for success?choose the right business for you?convert your fears into confidence?calculate start-up costs?assess the competition?find customers?manage inventory?get started with a business plan ?get a business license and reseller's permit?set prices for your custom work?and much, much more
Good Small Business Guide 2013, 7th Edition

Author: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408178850

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 608

View: 109

Fully updated for this 7th annual edition, the Good Small Business Guide 2013 is packed with essential advice for small business owners or budding entrepreneurs. Offering help on all aspects of starting, running and growing a small business, including: planning, setting up or acquiring a business, getting to grips with figures, marketing, selling online, and managing yourself and others. Containing over 140 easy-to-read articles and an extensive information directory this fully updated guide offers help on all aspects of starting and growing a small business. Features a foreword from the National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses.