Practical Guide to the Care of the Surgical Patient E-Book

Author: Tom C. Nguyen

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323078559

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 434

If you need a practical, portable resource to get you through the day-to-day management of surgical patients, this new title in the Practical Guide series is the answer! Written by residents with practice-proven guidance and input from attending surgeons, this “Pocket Scalpel zeroes in on the differential diagnoses, clinical findings, lab values, and treatment guidelines you need...all in an intuitive and user-friendly format that fits comfortably in your scrubs or white coat pocket. Offers current clinical information on all facets of surgical patient management—from bedside procedures and operation guidelines to the latest drug therapies and lab tests—to promote effective, state-of-the-art care. Provides diagrams, algorithms, comparative tables, lists, key images—and more—to facilitate quick and rapid review of high-yield information. Features a chapter of “Skeletons that provides convenient access to guidance on commonly used patient care management protocols—from admit and transfer orders, history and physical examination, and intensive care unit progress and discharge summaries. Includes a section on pharmacotherapy for addressing specific antimicrobial conditions, enabling you to choose the most effective treatment options. Covers medical terms in Spanish, equipping you to handle an increasingly diverse patient population. Uses a convenient spiral binding so the book lays flat for easy reference and at-a-glance searching.
A Patient's Guide to Surgery

Author: Edward L. Bradley III

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512800739

Category: Medical

Page: 208

View: 184

In a Patient's Guide to Surgery, Dr. Edward L. Bradley III explains all you need to know to prepare yourself for the surgical experience. This book describes how you can actively participate in the decision-making process and, as a result, improve your chances for successful surgery and recovery. A Patient's Guide to Surgery also lists specific questions you should consider when evaluating a doctor, a hospital, or a prepaid health plan.
Perioperative Medicine

Author: Joanna Chikwe

Publisher: Oxford Specialist Handbooks

ISBN: 9780199533350

Category: Medical

Page: 462

View: 941

Medical handbooks rarely provide advice on what to do when your patient has to undergo surgery. Similarly surgical handbooks focus on conditions that need surgery, and the main problems caused by that surgery. In contrast, Perioperative Medicine is a concise, practical text that gives junior doctors the guidance that they need to cope with medical problems in surgical patients that might occur early in pre-assessment clinic, the night before surgery, out-of-hours or on the wards post-operatively. It is an invaluable guide to covering surgical patients, and appeals to a wide readership, including junior surgical doctors, medical doctors covering surgical acute admissions, and members of the hospital-at-night teams. It will also appeal to medical students interested in learning more about the practical management of patients, and all those who need to know how to sort out common, important and occasionally life threatening "non-surgical" conditions that frequently happen in surgical patients, such as heart attacks, strokes and asthma. This handbook is an updated version of the handbook published in 2000 in the Oxford Pocket Medicine series, entitled Peri-operative medicine - managing surgical patients with medical problems. This new edition is fully revised and is written as a guide for trainees in surgery (and its sub-disciplines) dealing with day-to-day medical problems arising in surgical patients. It covers all the fundamentals of the medical care of surgical patients, with new sections on surgical oncology, theatre etiquette, and planning lists, with most text rewritten to reflect new headings and recent guidelines.
Blood Works: An Owner's Guide

Author: Shannon L. Farmer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781947951570

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 514

View: 551

Much has been published on heart health, kidney health, and gut health. But how many of us are aware of our blood health? Is your blood as healthy as it should be? How would you even know? Blood Works is a fascinating new blood owners’ guide to help you care for the health of your most precious fluid—your blood. About 2 billion people globally are anemic, and almost as many suffer from iron deficiency without anemia. Many don’t even know they have it, just feeling tired, lethargic, and “foggy-headed.” Sound familiar? Over 600 million more suffer from acute or sometimes unrecognized chronic blood loss from causes such as heavy menstrual bleeding, obstetric hemorrhage, gastrointestinal bleeding, surgery, and trauma. Anemia, iron deficiency, and bleeding are signs of “blood failure” and have major negative health effects. Blood Works, with contributions from 48 leading international medical experts, is a must have book for all who want to look after their blood health. Your blood is the essential fluid that keeps you alive. Yet, while many of us know our cholesterol level and blood pressure, few of us are aware of our blood count. What we don’t know can affect our everyday quality of life and put us at risk if we have bleeding, an injury, or require hospitalization. Blood, and the vessels that contain it, make up the largest organ system in the body. Its balance and health must be maintained. For many decades, the treatment of first resort for anemia and blood loss has been blood transfusion, which is essentially a “liquid organ” transplant from another person. In heart failure or kidney failure, organ transplantation is not first-line treatment. In blood failure, blood “transplantation” should not be the first thing we reach for. Since the 1990s, scientific research has shown that the common use of blood transfusion is not the most effective treatment in many medical situations. It has been identified as one of the most overused treatments in modern medicine, costing billions of dollars, while causing changes in the recipient’s immune system that may increase the risk of complications and death. In October 2021, the World Health Organization called for the urgent global implementation of Patient Blood Management (PBM), stating “our own blood is still the best thing to have in our veins.” Blood Works is one of the most exciting books on blood health you will read. The book zooms in on why medical experts from around the world now recognize the need for fundamental change in the way a patient’s blood is managed. Known as PBM, Patient Blood Management places the person receiving treatment at the center of decisions involving their lifeblood. Its aim is to improve general health and treatment outcomes by managing and preserving a patient’s own blood while empowering them to share in making decisions. Meticulously researched and referenced, masterfully illustrated, and featuring personal stories from patients and their families, Blood Works is a compelling read. It will have a profound impact on your health and the health of your loved ones and is an invaluable resource for health care professionals.
Patients Beyond Borders Series

Author: Josef Woodman


ISBN: 9781459610538


Page: 266

View: 495

Following the success of the flagship Patients Beyond Borders Singapore Edition, published in July 2007, the second edition has now been released. This 250-page guidebook features a fully updated and revised in-depth overview of Singapore's hospitals and clinics serving international patients and now includes 16 pages of color inserts showcasing Singapore's world-class facilities and attractions. Considered one of the world, s top medical travel destinations, Singapore attracts more than 410,000 international patients to its hospitals and treatment centers and expects that number to grow to one million by 2012. The country boasts 13 JCI-accredited healthcare facilities, and its healthcare system was ranked the best in Asia and sixth best in the world by the World Health Organization (the US was ranked 36th). Singapore's 35 international clinics and hospitals offer nearly every imaginable medical procedure - at a 30 to 60 percent saving over U.S. prices. This complete guide contains detailed profiles of each of the country's hospitals and clinics serving international patients and includes extensive coverage of the acclaimed Centers of Excellence, specialties and super-specialties, patient liaison services, accommodation options, travel destinations, and more.
The Informed Patient

Author: Karen A. Friedman

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501714078

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 248

View: 711

Even the most capable individuals are challenged when confronted with the complexity of the modern hospital experience. The Informed Patient is a guide and a workbook, divided into topical, focused sections with step-by-step instructions, insights, and tips to illustrate what patients and their families can expect during a hospital stay. Anyone who will experience a hospital stay—or friends or family who may be in charge of a patient’s care—will find all the help and advice they could need in the detailed sections that cover every aspect of what they can expect. Karen A. Friedman, MD, and Sara L. Merwin, MPH, offer hands-on advice about how patients, health care providers, and medical staff can work together to achieve good outcomes. Through anecdotes, tips, sidebars, and clinical scenario vignettes, The Informed Patient presents ways to enhance and optimize a hospital stay, from practical advice on obtaining the best care to dealing with the emotional experience of being in the hospital.
Patients Beyond Borders

Author: Josef Woodman

Publisher: Healthy Travel Media

ISBN: 9780990315407

Category: Travel

Page: 246

View: 870

More than ten million patients now travel abroad every year for affordable, high-quality healthcare. From Thailand's American-accredited Bumrungrad International Hospital to Eric Clapton's Crossroads Center in Antigua to Johns Hopkins International Medical Center in Singapore, health travelers now have access to a full array of the world's safest, best choices in healthcare facilities and physicians. Now in its third edition, Patients Beyond Borders remains the best-read, most comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to medical tourism, written by the world's leading spokesperson on international health travel. This new edition of Patients Beyond Borders lists the 25 top medical travel destinations, where patients can choose from hundreds of hospitals and save 30-80 percent on medical procedures, ranging from a comprehensive health check-up to heart work, orthopedics, dental and cosmetic surgery, in vitro fertilization and more.
Emergency Cross-cover of Surgical Specialties

Author: Robert Miller

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527550353

Category: Medical

Page: 351

View: 135

With the introduction of the European Working Time Directive and changes to doctors’ contracts, junior doctors are increasingly expected to cross-cover surgical specialties whilst on-call. Often these are specialties in which they have limited, or no, post-graduate experience. Furthermore, this is often out-of-hours, when senior supervision is less readily available. This survival guide, written by junior doctors for junior doctors, provides a concise and easy to read tool for doctors delivering this care. It covers each surgical speciality in turn, addressing speciality specific emergencies; when to admit patients; and when to call for senior help, as well as offering guidance on common referrals and questions, post-operative complications and common medical emergencies in surgical patients. In addition, it outlines key practical skills often required in surgical specialties, providing a summary of necessary skills and tips and tricks for performing them safely and successfully. Lastly, with increasing availability of high-quality Apps and websites, it summarises key online resources available for junior doctors within surgical specialties. This book is the ideal companion for any junior doctor, or member of the multidisciplinary team, involved in the cross-cover of surgical specialties, helping them to deliver high-quality patient care with confidence.
Acute Care Surgery: A Guide for General Surgeons

Author: Vicente H. Gracias

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education / Medical

ISBN: NWU:35558005690157

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 474

View: 960

A definitive overview of how to evaluate, stabilize, and perform surgeries for multiple emergent scenarios. It's a step-by-step from triage through the operation and concisely explains how to handle trauma, critical care, and emergency surgery situations. No other resource delivers such quick access to essential information prior to the procedure, helping to ensure optimal outcomes for the critically ill surgical patient. Written specifically to help you prepare during the narrow window of time between resuscitating the patient in the emergency room and the patient's admission to the operating room.