The Silence Speaks

Author: Major General (Retd) Pran Koul

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482815948

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 378

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Looking back, this book is a perfect blend of the memoirs of an innocent Kashmiri boy, a chemical-but-turned-out-to-be-mechanical engineer, a cadet, a shuffling army officer and surveyor. From snow-covered lands of Kashmir to the vast ice masses of Antarctica, from times spent in college to life at the Indian Military Academy, from a career spanning across ranks of the Indian Army to years spent in the Survey of India, the book encompasses within its pages learnings, teachings, experiences, contributions and rewards along lifes journey. The book and the author take you on a gripping journey through the insurgency infested Naga Hills, the mysterious and ever so unknown continent of Antarctica, as well as on foreign tours of strategic importance to the United States, Pakistan, China and Russia. The authors firsthand views on the contentious and sensitive issue of Sir Creek, as part of the Indian delegation to Pakistan, sure sheds a realistic insight on this matter of both national and international importance. Is the book an added value? You bet! It is a perfect blend of how to, what to and when to. Be it conquering ones simple fears or the ever-so-difficult act of quitting smoking, be it chasing your dreams or the need to deliver your best, this book sure has valuable take backs for all.
His Very Silence Speaks

Author: Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814321976

Category: Cavalry horses

Page: 378

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"Far more than an account of Comanche's celebrated life and museum existence, Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence's penetrating study provides insights into cavalry life from the perspective of the horses and explores the relationships between cavalrymen and their mounts. She illuminates Comanche's significance through an analysis of the many symbolic roles he has assumed at different times and for various groups of people, and reveals much about the way symbols operate in human thought and the manner in which legends develop" -- Back cover.
Silence Speaks

Author: Baba Hari Dass

Publisher: Sri Rama Publishing

ISBN: 9780918100191

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 226

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Silence Speaks is a collection of writings of Baba Hari Dass, 1971-1977, consisting of answers to questions from group gatherings, personal interviews, and personal letters to students.
If silence speaks

Author: Dondapati Srilaxmi

Publisher: Prowess Publishing

ISBN: 9781545754016

Category: Fiction

Page: 168

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A girl who enjoys her life every moment and a boy who keeps himself entertained and protects her all the time. Both fight like Tom and Jerry but, support each other in every difficulty. When the girl falls in love with him and goes to tell him that thing with great hope, she finds out that he loves another girl, and then how does the story turn out? Did that girl win his love? Did he actually know about her love? Or are the two left as enemies? You have to read the whole story to know that ....
Making Silence Speak

Author: André Lardinois

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691187594

Category: Literary Criticism


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This collection attempts to recover the voices of women in antiquity from a variety of perspectives: how they spoke, where they could be heard, and how their speech was adopted in literature and public discourse. Rather than confirming the old model of binary oppositions in which women's speech was viewed as insignificant and subordinate to male discourse, these essays reveal a dynamic and potentially explosive interrelation between women's speech and the realm of literary production, religion, and oratory. The contributors use a variety of methodologies to mine a diverse array of sources, from Homeric epic to fictional letters of the second sophistic period and from actual letters written by women in Hellenistic Egypt to the poetry of Sappho. Throughout, the term "voice" is used in its broadest definition. It includes not only the few remaining genuine women's voices but also the ways in which male authors render women's speech and the social assumptions such representations reflect and reinforce. These essays therefore explore how fictional female voices can serve to negotiate complex social, epistemological, and aesthetic issues. The contributors include Josine Blok, Raffaella Cribiore, Michael Gagarin, Mark Griffith, André Lardinois, Richard Martin, Lisa Maurizio, Laura McClure, D. M. O'Higgins, Patricia Rosenmeyer, Marilyn Skinner, Eva Stehle, and Nancy Worman.
Behind the Silence

Author: Jing-Bao Nie

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UVA:X004909090

Category: Social Science

Page: 308

View: 243

Behind the Silence is the first in-depth work in any language to explore the diverse perspectives of mainland Chinese regarding induced abortion and fetal life in the context of the world's most ambitious and intrusive family planning program. Through his investigation of public silence, official standpoints, forgotten controversies from the imperial era, popular opinions, women's personal stories, doctors' narratives, and the problem of coerced abortion, Nie Jing-Bao brings to light a surprising range of beliefs concerning fetal life and the morality of abortion, yet finds overall an acceptance of national population policies. China's internal plurality, the author argues, must be taken seriously if the West is to open a fruitful cross-cultural dialogue. Visit our website for sample chapters!
When Silence Speaks

Author: Tim Peeters

Publisher: Darton Longman and Todd

ISBN: 0232532028


Page: 0

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The Carthusian monks perceive silence and solitude as ideals, the source of their happiness and their way towards God. When Silence Speaks is an accessible and remarkable history of the Carthusian Order that traces the inception of the movement from the letters of its founder, Saint Bruno, the writings of Denis the Carthusian, through to the present day. It has been written for all readers who are fascinated with the Carthusian way of life.