Author: Curly Martin


ISBN: 0995485801

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 236

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Full of tips, tools, techniques, & the secrets Curly Martin used to overcome cancer. How she now lives a passionate, exciting, healthy, wealthy, happy life. Curly Martin was diagnosed with breast cancer, and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer in 1992 and she was given nine months to live. At that time she became homeless and was unemployed. This book is all about her fascinating and funny 20 year journey from cancer to coaching. Since the terminal diagnosis, she has become an international bestselling author of, The Coaching Handbook Series of books. She is a highly sought-after international speaker, a pioneer of life coach training and the founder of a very successful training company, Achievement Specialists Limited. She intuitively combines her personal experiences with accepted methodologies and cutting edge innovations, to create exciting, very entertaining and effective approaches to living a healthy, happy and successful life.
IAP Textbook of Pediatrics

Author: A Parthasarathy

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 9789352501960

Category: Medical

Page: 1409

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IAP Textbook of Pediatrics is the latest edition of this extensive textbook, which highlights the substantial advances in preventive and therapeutic care in paediatrics since the last edition. This edition has been thoroughly revised and reorganised into a single volume, enhanced by nearly 1200 full colour images and illustrations which allow for quick and easy reference. New content and topics in this edition include new IAP growth charts, human milk banking, and survival of childhood cancer.
Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Present Achievements and Future Prospects

Author: J. Verweij

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461561217

Category: Medical

Page: 232

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The previous volumes in this series on soft tissue sarcomas highlighted the importance of the multidisciplinary approach to treatment, and this focus is continued in the present volume. Proper diagnosis and staging remain the cornerstone of the treatment strategy. Sophisticated histopathology tech niques and growing consensus on grading systems have further increased the importance of the histopathologist in providing estimates of patient prognosis as well as in providing data for planning the treatment strategy. The use of cytogenetics in this field is rapidly increasing and might enable the distinction of subgroups in specific histological tumor types. Furthermore, molecular biological studies not only help reveal inherited predispositions and details in tumor oncogenesis, but they may also provide additional predictive factors for tumor behavior. Further data on treatment strategy will be provided by diag nostic imaging, and in this volume the value of PET imaging, a relatively new achievement, is highlighted. As far as the actual treatment is concerned, surgery still provides the major opportunity for cure. The addition of radiotherapy to surgery is of utmost importance in efforts to spare as much tissue as possible. The chapters on the planning of radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and the treatment of benign soft tissue lesions using radiotherapy are new contributions to this book. One of the potential late problems of radiotherapy is the occurrence of secondary soft tissue sarcomas, which is discussed in Chapter 10.
Handbook of Focal Therapy for Prostate and Renal Cancer

Author: Truls Bjerklund Johansen

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 9781909836112

Category: Medical

Page: 402

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Provides a comprehensive, timely review of targeted ablation methods to treat prostate and renal cancers. It describes the most effective techniques in current practice, with discussion of the selection criteria, ablation technologies and their limitations, and advice on the management of common side effects.
Conquer Cancer and Launch the Total Attack to Cancer

Author: Bin Wu

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781546269465

Category: Medical

Page: 464

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This book is meant to help with conquering cancer, launching a total attack, and building the scientific city of conquering cancer. The overall design and the planning and the blueprint of XZ-C’s plans of conquering cancer are the scientific thinking and the theoretical innovation, and the experimental basis of conquering cancer are the reform and development of the overall strategy of cancer treatment. It is the crystallization of my sixty years of experience in medical work and thirty years of scientific research results and achievement, scientific and technological innovation, scientific thinking, and scientific research wisdom. The direction of the research is to conquer cancer. It is proposed that a test area will be set up in Wuhan City, Huang Jiahu University City, and the implementation of this research program will be done by my research team of experts, professors, and so on. The scientific research plan of conquering cancer puts the focus on scientific research in the international front, and it is the forefront of science. In January 12, 2016, the US president Barack Obama, in his State of the Union address, addressed the national cancer program “to conquer cancer” and named the new moon plan (Cancer Moonshot). The vice president, Joe Biden, was responsible for the implementation. Its specific plan is unknown. Cancer is a disaster of mankind. We struggle with cancer all over the world, and people of the world struggle together, gather wisdom, and move forward together to overcome cancer. The cancer disaster covers the world. People worldwide are eager to overcome cancer one day. It is the urgent hope that the states, the governments, the experts, the scholars, and the scientists can find anticancer measures to keep people safe from cancer.
Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine 8

Author: Robert C. Bast Jr

Publisher: PMPH-USA

ISBN: 1607950146

Category: Medical

Page: 2052

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Holland Frei Cancer Medicine serves as a quick reference to current information on an extensive list of cancers, including breast, lung, thyroid, colorectal, ovarian, prostate, and gastric cancer, to name but a few. Presented as an accessible pocket-sized handbook, the chapters are organized in an outline format, offering only the most essential information on the etiology, staging (including TNM staging) and treatment for each cancer type. Individual chapters are devoted to the molecular biology of cancer, cancer prevention, cancer screening, the mechanisms of chemotherapy, and diagnostic imaging in cancer. Additionally, each chapter lists all the major phase III clinical trials, and therefore, serves as an excellent reference of the major randomized controlled trials for each cancer reported to date. Specific chapters are also dedicated to the discussion of oncologic emergencies, pain and palliation, and prescription complications. At the conclusion of the book, a glossary of oncologic terms and chemotherapeutic drug programs, a table of common cancer incidences, and an overview of the mechanisms, common uses, and related toxicities of various anti-cancer agents are featured. In addition, performance status tables, mathematical formulas and a listing of common biomedical / cancer web sites are highlighted.