American Fatherhood

Author: Lawrence R. Samuel

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442248113

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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This book traces changes in what it means to be a dad in America, from the 1960s through today. Beginning with an overview of fatherhood in America from the “founding fathers” through the 1950s, the book progresses to the role of fathers as they were encouraged to move beyond being simply providers to becoming more engaged parents.
American Fatherhood

Author: Jürgen Martschukat

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479899753

Category: Family & Relationships


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Explores the surprising diversity of fathers and fatherhood throughout American history and society The nuclear family has been endlessly praised as the bedrock of American society, even though there has rarely been a time in history when a majority of Americans lived in such families. This book deconstructs the myth of the nuclear family by presenting the rich diversity of family lives in American history from the American Revolution to the twenty-first century. To tell this story, Jürgen Martschukat focuses on fathers and their relations to families and American society. Using biographical close-ups of twelve different characters, each embedded in historical context, American Fatherhood provides a much more realistic picture of how fatherhood has been performed within different kinds of families. Each protagonist covers a crucial period or event in American history, presents a different family constellation, and makes a different argument with regard to how American society is governed through the family.

Author: Carl Mazza

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher

ISBN: 9780398091378

Category: Family & Relationships


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Fathers are critical to their children's growth and development. Research on the involvement of men with their children stresses the important role that fathers play from infancy to adolescence. Due to the ethnically diverse population of fathers in America, culture and context frames the nature of fathering and shapes expectations within a cultural milieu. The book offers a wide range of vantage points–social work, family studies, marriage and family therapy, counseling, sociology, psychology, gender studies, anthropology, cultural and ethnic studies, urban studies, and health. There are five primary parts within this book, each of which looks at numerous facets of fatherhood in the twenty-first century. Part I defines the concept of fatherhood and family composition, becoming a father, young fathers, single fathers, fathers and daughters, and examines the father-son relationship. Part II looks at nonresident fathers, homeless fathers, incarcerated fathers, and the never married fathers. Part III reviews biological fathers, stepfathers, male foster carers, fatherhood and adoption, and gay fathers. Part IV examines the cultural dimensions of fatherhood, including Latino, African American, and Native American. Part V explores the fatherhood service delivery system by engaging fathers in culturally competent services, measuring the father's involvement, and the initiatives to support fathering. The context, practice, and gaps in responsible fatherhood programs are discussed. This informative and sensitive book will be useful for researchers, students, and professionals in the field of social work, health, family counseling, and human services. Applicable in classrooms and treatment situations, Fatherhood in America bridges the gap between research and practice through chapters authored by some of the country's foremost fatherhood scholars and clinicians by offering fresh perspectives and keen insights borne out of field experience working with fathers.
Engaging and Working with African American Fathers

Author: Latrice S Rollins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000264784

Category: Social Science

Page: 193

View: 888

Engaging and Working with African American Fathers: Strategies and Lessons Learned challenges traditional and historic practices and policies that have systematically excluded fathers and contributed to social and health disparities among this population. With chapters written primarily by African American women – drawing on years of research, interviews, and practical experience with this demographic – each section explores current evidence on engagement approaches, descriptions of agencies/programs addressing specific issues fathers face, and case studies documenting typical clients and approaches to addressing their diverse needs. Offering an expansive overview of issues affecting African American fathers, the book explores such important topics as public, child and mental health, education, parenting, employment, and public initiatives among others. Engaging and Working with African American Fathers is a key resource for social work, public health, education students, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and members of communities who are challenged by meeting the diverse needs of African American fathers.
African American Fathers' Involvement in Their Children's Education

Author: Tasha L. Alston

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781793632593

Category: Education

Page: 161

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This book explores to how involved African American fathers are in their children’s schooling. The author purposefully and unapologetically focuses on the contributions African American fathers make in their children’s educational and personal lives, highlighting their unique parenting styles.
Asian American Parenting and Parent-Adolescent Relationships

Author: Stephen T. Russell

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441957283

Category: Psychology

Page: 136

View: 822

The relationships between children and their parents are the building blocks for f- ily relationships throughout life. The nature of the parent-child relationship begins with parenting—the practices and strategies that parents engage in as they raise their children. Parenting during childhood sets the stage for parent-adolescent relati- ships. These relationships make a critical difference during the teenage years: we know that when parent-adolescent relationships are healthy and strong, adolescents are more likely to have high aspirations and achievement, and to make healthier choices when it comes to risk-taking. Most of the research in this ?eld has been based in the United States and has been conducted through studies of European American families. Yet a growing body of research suggests important ethnic differences in styles of parenting and the qua- ties characterizing the parent-adolescent relationship. In this area of research, most existing studies have examined ethnic and cultural group differences using widely accepted measures and concepts of parenting. Comparative studies assume that dimensions of parenting such as parental warmth or control have the same meaning across cultures; however, given that conceptualizations of adolescent-parent re- tionships have been developed and tested on samples comprised largely of European Americans, we cannot rule out the possibility that the way we understand parenting has been shaped by the predominantly Western- and U. S. -focused research in this ?eld.
Asian American Parenting

Author: Yoonsun Choi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319631363

Category: Psychology

Page: 212

View: 614

This important text offers data-rich guidelines for conducting culturally relevant and clinically effective intervention with Asian American families. Delving beneath longstanding generalizations and assumptions that have often hampered intervention with this diverse and growing population, expert contributors analyze the intricate dynamics of generational conflict and child development in Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and other Asian American households. Wide-angle coverage identifies critical factors shaping Asian American family process, from parenting styles, behaviors, and values to adjustment and autonomy issues across childhood and adolescence, including problems specific to girls and young women. Contributors also make extensive use of quantitative and qualitative findings in addressing the myriad paradoxes surrounding Asian identity, acculturation, and socialization in contemporary America. Among the featured topics: Rising challenges and opportunities of uncertain times for Asian American families. A critical race perspective on an empirical review of Asian American parental racial-ethnic socialization. Socioeconomic status and child/youth outcomes in Asian American families. Daily associations between adolescents’ race-related experiences and family processes. Understanding and addressing parent-adolescent conflict in Asian American families. Behind the disempowering parenting: expanding the framework to understand Asian-American women’s self-harm and suicidality. Asian American Parenting is vital reading for social workers, mental health professionals, and practitioners working family therapy cases who seek specific, practice-oriented case examples and resources for empowering interventions with Asian American parents and families.
All-American Father (Mills & Boon Vintage Superromance)

Author: Anna DeStefano

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472061751

Category: Fiction

Page: 204

View: 933

Failure is not an option What' s a single father to do when his twelve-year-old daughter is caught shoplifting a box of expired condoms? Derrick Cavenaugh sure doesn' t know, so the ex-all-American football star turns to Bailey Greenwood for help, but she' s got troubles of her own....
Ted Shawn, Father of American Dance

Author: Walter Terry

Publisher: New York : Dial Press

ISBN: UCSC:32106019469045

Category: Dance

Page: 218

View: 489

"The first revealing, in-depth, full-length biography of the most important male figure in American dance: Ted Shawn (1891-1972), dancer, choreographer, teacher (of Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman), innovator, partner with his wife Ruth St. Denis in the famed Denishawn Company, founder of Jacob's Pillow. Using exclusive materials (oral, written, photographic), America's most important dance critic explores Shawn's enormous influence on the entire spectrum of the dance. It was Ted Shawn who brought the concept of virility to male dancing in America and made it thereby (especially through his later all-male dance groups) both exciting as theater and respectable as a career."--Book jacket.