An Empirical Study of EFL Writing at Primary School

Author: Ruth Trüb

Publisher: Narr Francke Attempto Verlag

ISBN: 9783823303510

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 293

View: 808

This book presents a research study investigating young foreign language learners' ability to compose communicative texts in English. It reviews current research on young learners' EFL writing, reports on the learners' EFL writing competence, describes text quality at different CEFR language levels, and discusses current teaching practices and the learners' perception of EFL writing.
English Linguistics

Author: Christian Mair

Publisher: Narr Francke Attempto Verlag

ISBN: 9783823302865

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 383

View: 333

bachelor-wissen "English Linguistics" is a compact and easy-to-use introduction to English linguistics which - is tailored to the needs of students of English at German, Austrian and Swiss universities - contains graded exercises to motivate students to carry out independent research, and - bridges the gap between linguistics and the literary and cultural-studies components of the typical BA in English Studies. Bachelor-wissen "English Linguistics" goes beyond the usual introduction in offering accompanying web resources which provide additional material and multi-media illustration. The new edition includes current theoretical approaches in the fields of sociolinguistics and World Englishes.
Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing

Author: Rosa M. Manchón

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9781614511335

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 669

View: 322

The Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing is an authoritative reference compendium of the theory and research on second and foreign language writing that can be of value to researchers, professionals, and graduate students. It is intended both as a retrospective critical reflection that can situate research on L2 writing in its historical context and provide a state of the art view of past achievements, and as a prospective critical analysis of what lies ahead in terms of theory, research, and applications. Accordingly, the Handbook aims to provide (i) foundational information on the emergence and subsequent evolution of the field, (ii) state-of-the-art surveys of available theoretical and research (basic and applied) insights, (iii) overviews of research methods in L2 writing research, (iv) critical reflections on future developments, and (iv) explorations of existing and emerging disciplinary interfaces with other fields of inquiry.
Learning Foreign Languages in Primary School

Author: María del Pilar García Mayo

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781783098125

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 198

View: 648

This book presents research on the learning of foreign languages by children aged 6-12 years old in primary school settings. The collection provides a significant and important contribution to this often overlooked domain and aims to provide research-based evidence that might help to inform and develop pedagogical practice. Topics covered in the chapters include the influence of learner characteristics on word retrieval; explicit second language learning and language awareness; meaning construction; narrative oral development; conversational interaction and how it relates to individual variables; first language use; feedback on written production; intercultural awareness raising and feedback on diagnostic assessment. It will be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, teachers and stakeholders who are interested in research on how children learn a second language at primary school.
Assessment for Learning in Primary Language Learning and Teaching

Author: Maria Britton

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781800410664

Category: Education

Page: 134

View: 485

This volume provides a detailed account of the practical use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) in primary language classrooms. It gives an in-depth account of the ways in which eight experienced primary language teachers incorporated this type of assessment into their practice and discusses the possible impact of AfL on primary language learning. Key themes discussed in the volume include the relationship between AfL and language learning in childhood, which assessment methods are appropriate for primary-aged language learners, which methods support learner agency and engagement in the learning processes, and possible paths for future action, with a focus on implementation and researching AfL in primary language contexts. The findings of this book are relevant to global contexts and it will be of interest to postgraduate students and researchers in the fields of language education, language assessment and teacher education, as well as to primary and language teachers and school leaders.
Foreign Language Enjoyment and Spoken Language in the EFL Primary Classroom

Author: Delilah Cawello

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 9783346512819

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 120

View: 767

Master's Thesis from the year 2021 in the subject Didactics - English - Pedagogy, Literature Studies, grade: 2.3, , language: English, abstract: Shopping dialogues, conversations, giving directions, introducing oneself, songs, rhymes, and chants. All of these terms refer to spoken language activities that primary school children stated that they strongly enjoy in the English lesson. It is a well-known fact that the most important competence in foreign language learning (FLL) is speaking. Besides listening comprehension or reading and writing, oral speech production helps the learner to acquire a language most effectively. It is not only essential for succeeding but also places the focus on the learner who actively performs and speaks in the new language to learn it. The result of active involvement is substantial enjoyment. In primary schools, this is especially the case when the activities conducted are designed in such a way that they elicit foreign language (FL) learners’ interest by meaningful implementations or authentic content that applies to their own life.
The effects of morphological instruction in the higher EFL classroom

Author: Michail Barkas

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 9783668720244

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 23

View: 941

Project Report from the year 2018 in the subject English - Pedagogy, Didactics, Literature Studies, grade: 1,3, University of Bonn (Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Keltologie), language: English, abstract: The present study was realised during the first phase of teachers‘ vocational training in Germany and seeks to observe the effects of morphological instruction in a class of the qualification level. A diagnostic test that was carried out based on some spelling mistakes in writing tasks during the first month of the training, suggested that learners lacked knowledge in some basic spelling changes in the area of derivational morphology. Also, when they were asked to draw lines between morphemes in some words, in order to control to what extent they can identify word components the degree of uncertainty was high. Given the fact that no explicit instruction on morphology ever took place in the class, it was decided to observe whether learners of higher classes can benefit from a morphological instruction and what conclusions can be drawn from the results.