Author: Janetta Bensouilah

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000477085

Category: Medical

Page: 145

View: 527

This comprehensive, evidence-based guide promotes an integrative approach to using complementary therapies with conventional medicines. It increases awareness of the sound scientific basis to aromatherapy with a wealth of data, and contains practical information for treatment. Contents include: Skin structure and function * Essential oil sciences in context * Aromadermatology and safety issues * The essentials of aromatic formulations * Skin-care essentials * Skin and the psyche * Skin infections * Childhood skin complaints * Inflammatory disorders * Wound care * Nails, hair and sebaceous glands ‘With the growing interest in aromatherapy, it is important that therapists and healthcare professionals are able to offer a valid rationale when integrating essential oils into clinical care. Sound knowledge of bio-chemical principles and the ability to critically appraise and apply relevant research are fundamental requirements. This book offers a comprehensive, in-depth view of current knowledge. The authors have skilfully woven research and clinical application. A range of therapeutic possibilities is explored and offers practitioners alternative approaches to the management of skin conditions. These include detailed discussions on different methods of application. I hope that this book will become a standard text on both pre-qualifying and CPD courses in aromatherapy.’ – Angela Avis, in her Foreword ‘This well-illustrated, thorough and authoritative text is written in a language and style that is clear and accessible to a variety of healthcare practitioners. A thorough understanding of dermatology underpins the book, and both current research and clinical knowledge are elegantly applied to the skin conditions discussed.’ – Robert Tisserand, in his Foreword

Author: Janetta Bensouilah

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1857757750

Category: Aromatherapy

Page: 270

View: 680

Presenting a comprehensive overview of the role of aromatherapy in the treatment of dermatological conditions, this text explores a range of therapeutic possibilities, offering practitioners alternative approaches to the management of skin conditions.
Essential Oils

Author: Jennifer Peace Rhind

Publisher: Singing Dragon

ISBN: 0857010727

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 741

Revised and significantly expanded, the new edition of this handbook provides full information on the use of essential oils in the field of contemporary aromatherapy, based on the research evidence behind their therapeutic applications. The author provides the historical and cultural context for our understanding of aromatherapy, with an overview of its relationships with Greek, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. She gives a detailed account of how essential oils are created, how and where aromatherapy is used, the underlying pharmacology, and the current research. The characteristics of over 100 essential oils, absolutes and resinoids are provided in detail, including botanical and chemical information, usage and combinations. This will be an indispensable text for all students and practitioners of aromatherapy and related disciplines, as well as anyone interested in the use of essential oils for health and well-being.
Aromatherapy, Massage and Relaxation in Cancer Care

Author: Dr Peter A. Mackereth

Publisher: Singing Dragon

ISBN: 9780857012289

Category: Medical

Page: 232

View: 796

Aromatherapy, massage and relaxation are three of the most commonly used therapies in cancer care. This book offers an integrated approach to using these therapies and provides an evidence-based foundation for complementary therapists working in cancer care settings. International in its scope, the book provides essential information about the ethical and professional context in which therapists can practice and vital facts regarding medical treatment and potential side effects.
Aromatica Volume 1

Author: Peter Holmes

Publisher: Singing Dragon

ISBN: 9780857012579

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 416

View: 662

The first of two volumes, this is a comprehensive clinical text on the principles behind the clinical use of essential oils. It builds an important foundation for essential oil therapy and includes profiles of the most important 30 essential oils used in practice. This detailed and practical database of clinical experience of essential oil therapeutics takes a truly holistic approach, focussing on the psychological, the physiological and the energetic or Chinese medical aspects. Skilfully blending the evidence of scientific research with that of clinical practice, the book builds a comprehensive therapeutic profile for each oil it presents to the reader. Based on the different administration methods used and the absorption pathways activated, it clearly differentiates the psychological, physiological and topical uses of these essential oils. An extensive Materia Medica section is included. Reliable clinical reference material is offered for all complementary therapists, including aromatherapists, medical herbalists, Chinese Medicine practitioners, energy medicine therapists and massage therapists.
Dermal Replacements in General, Burn, and Plastic Surgery

Author: Lars-Peter Kamolz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783709115862

Category: Medical

Page: 227

View: 664

The skin is the largest human organ system. Loss of skin integrity due to injury or illness results in a substantial physiologic imbalance and ultimately in severe disability or death. The most common cause of significant skin loss is thermal injury, followed by trauma and chronic ulcerations. Over the past decades extraordinary advances have been made in the understanding of cellular and molecular processes of wound healing and the pathobiology of chronic wounds. This knowledge has led to wound care innovations that facilitate more rapid closure of wounds with better functional and aesthetic outcome. A sensible and resource-saving utilization of these innovative technologies requires a broad knowledge of these processes and innovations. This book intends to give an overview about today's wound care developments in tissue engineering and skin replacement. It presents a variety of indications and diversities of clinical applications to help the surgeon select a specific procedure for each clinical situation.
Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling

Author: Lesley Braun

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780729579100

Category: Medical

Page: 1236

View: 109

A must-have health companion for herbalists, naturopaths, complementary medicine practitioners and students Herbs and Natural Supplements, 3rd Edition: An evidence-based guide presents evidence-based information on the 130 most popular herbs, nutrients and food supplements used across Australia and New Zealand. This exhaustive textbook is organised alphabetically by each herb or nutrient’s common name. Herbs and nutrients are then accompanied by critical information such as daily intake, main actions and indications, adverse reactions, contraindications and precautions, safety in pregnancy and more. This new edition of Herbs and Natural Supplements has been expanded with new chapters on pregnancy and wellness. It also features 10 new monographs for Arginine, Dunaliella, Elde, Goji, Pelargonium, Prebiotics, Red Yeast Rice, Rhodioloa, Shatavari and Taurine. • provides current, evidence-based information on herbal, nutritional and food supplements used in Australia and New Zealand • is user-friendly and easily organised by easy-to-find A-Z herbal monographs • appendices offering important additional information for the safe use of herbal and nutritional supplements, including a list of poison information centres, associations, manufacturers and more • offers clear, comprehensive tables including herb/natural supplement - drug interactions • lists the pharmacological actions of all herbs and natural supplements • a glossary of terms relevant to herbs and natural supplements • two comprehensive new chapters: Herbs and Natural Supplements in Pregnancy and Introduction to Wellness • all chapters completely updated and expanded • ten new monographs taking the total to 130 • now also available as an eBook! A code inside Herbs and Natural Supplements, 3rd Edition: An evidence-based guide enables a full text download, allowing you to browse and search electronically, make notes and bookmarks in the electronic files and highlight material
Healing with Essential Oils

Author: Heather Dawn Godfrey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781644113905

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

View: 152

• Explains what an essential oil is and examines the botany of how they evolved and the various roles they play, from protecting the plant to aiding its propagation • Provides in-depth profiles for 58 common essential oils, identifying the phytochemicals that contribute to each oil’s scent and healing qualities and its therapeutic applications, with an emphasis on antimicrobial and antiviral properties • Discusses the healthiest and safest ways to use essential oils for self-care and the safe and appropriate use of essential oils for children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems Exploring the journey of essential oils from living plant to bottle, as well as how to apply them in your own life for healing and balance, Heather Dawn Godfrey explains what an essential oil is and examines the botany of how they evolved and the various roles they play--from protecting the plant to aiding its propagation. She presents an easy-to-understand introduction to essential oil chemistry, detailing how essential oils are collected through various methods of extraction to preserve their healing properties. She then explores the healthiest and safest ways to use essential oils for self-care, including guidelines for children and the elderly as well as individuals with compromised immune systems. The author provides in-depth individual profiles for 58 common essential oils. Each profile includes a description of the plant the essential oil is extracted from, the phytochemicals and terpenes that comprise the essential oil, and the oil’s aromatherapeutic applications. Godfrey explains how each chemical contributes to the essential oil’s overall scent profile and therapeutic qualities, with particular focus on its antimicrobial, antiviral, restorative, and life-enhancing properties. She also details their subtle energetic properties, including their connections to the chakras and elements. Presenting an accessible yet scientifically based guide to healing with essential oils, this book provides a must-have reference for those who use essential oils at home, for health and well-being practitioners, for scent artists and blend creators, or for anyone wanting to explore the dynamic qualities of essential oils for themselves.
Smoking - what all healthcare professionals need to know

Author: Graham F Cope

Publisher: M&K Update Ltd

ISBN: 9781907830594

Category: Medical

Page: 156

View: 559

Most people are aware of the risks of smoking in relation to lung cancer, heart disease and pregnancy but ignorant of its many other dangers. Smoking – what all healthcare professionals need to know is based on many years of detailed research. It presents substantial evidence that smoking actually affects every organ system in the body and is instrumental in many diseases. This book will enable a wide range of healthcare professionals (including general practitioners, nurses, surgeons, psychiatrists, dentists, physiotherapists, urologists, gastroenterologists, audiologists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists) to provide helpful, accurate advice and feedback to reduce smoking among their patients. Preventative medicine is an increasing priority today, and programmes to reduce smoking (whether at the national level or aimed at the individual) have been shown to be effective – both in terms of improving patient outcomes and reducing health service expenditure. This book should therefore be required reading for all healthcare professionals.
Design of Nanostructures for Versatile Therapeutic Applications

Author: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu

Publisher: William Andrew

ISBN: 9780128136683

Category: Science

Page: 690

View: 585

Design of Nanostructures for Versatile Therapeutic Applications focuses on antimicrobial, antioxidant and nutraceutical applications of nanostructured materials. Many books discuss these subjects, but not from a pharmaceutical point-of-view. This book covers novel approaches related to the modulation of microbial biofilms, antimicrobial therapy and encapsulate polyphenols as antioxidants. Written by an internationally diverse group of academics, this book is an important reference resource for researchers, both in biomaterials science and the pharmaceutical industry. Assesses the most recently developed nanostructures that have potential antimicrobial properties, explaining their novel mechanical aspects Shows how nanoantibiotics can be used to more effectively treat disease Provides a cogent summary of recent developments in nanoantimicrobial discovery, allowing readers to quickly familiarize themselves with the topic
Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems

Author: Raj K. Keservani

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351137249

Category: Medical

Page: 423

View: 868

Focusing on nanoparticulate nanocarriers and recent advances in the field of drug delivery, the volume begins with chapters that provide an informative introduction to polymeric nanoparticles—their general physicochemical features and characteristics, their applications in drug delivery systems, and the challenges involved. Specific applications are discussed, with attention paid to treatment of particular diseases and disorders and the targeting of specific organs. Part 2 looks at more specific applications and techniques of nanoparticulate nanocarriers for drug delivery, such as the use of magnetic nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles in therapeutics, and superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) for the treatment of cancer. Part 3 discusses lipid-based nanoparticulates for various applications, including skin care. The last section of the book explores some of the newer nanoarchitectures, including dendrimers in gene delivery and carbon nanotubes for drug delivery. Together, the insightful research presented here provides valuable information for those involved in this area, including scientists and researchers and faculty and upper-level students, as well as for industry professionals.