Basics Interactive Design: User Experience Design

Author: Gavin Allanwood

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9782940496136

Category: Design

Page: 184

View: 942

By putting people at the centre of interactive design, user experience (UX) techniques are now right at the heart of digital media design and development. As a designer, you need to create work that will impact positively on everyone who is exposed to it. Whether it's passive and immutable or interactive and dynamic, the success of your design will depend largely on how well the user experience is constructed.User Experience Design shows how researching and understanding users' expectations and motivations can help you develop effective, targeted designs. The authors explore the use of scenarios, personas and prototyping in idea development, and will help you get the most out of the latest tools and techniques to produce interactive designs that users will love.With practical projects to get you started, and stunning examples from some of today's most innovative studios, this is an essential introduction to modern UXD.
User Experience Design

Author: Gavin Allanwood

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350021709

Category: Computers

Page: 176

View: 135

Applicable to a wide spectrum of design activity, this book offers an ideal first step, clearly explaining fundamental concepts and methods to apply when designing for the user experience. Covering essential topics from user research and experience design to aesthetics, standards and prototyping, User Experience Design explains why user-centered methods are now essential to ensuring the success of a wide range of design projects. This second edition includes important new topics including; digital service standards, onboarding and scenario mapping. There are now 12 hands-on activities designed to help you start exploring basic UX tasks such as visualising the user journey and recognising user interface patterns. Filled with straightforward explanations and examples from around the world, this book is an essential primer for students and non-designers needing an introduction to contemporary UX thinking and common approaches. Designed specifically for newcomers to UX Design, the companion website offers extra material for hands-on activities, templates, industry interviews, contributor notes and sources of guidance for those seeking to start a career in the industry.
Basics Interactive Design: Interface Design

Author: Dave Wood

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9782940411993

Category: Computers

Page: 192

View: 644

AVA's Basics Interactive Design titles are designed to provide visual arts student with a theoretical and practical exploration of each of the fundamental topics within the discipline of Interactive Design. Packed with examples from students and professionals and fully illutrated with clear diagrams and inspiring imagery, they offer an essential exploration of the subject. Basics Interactive Design: Interface Design is the first book in the new Basics series. From a visual communication direction, it focuses on the design of effective, user-focused front-end designs for a range of digital media interfaces. Using case studies and interviews to delve deeper, the design of effective visual communication for user interfaces is clearly explained, giving the reader the knowledge needed to design better websites, apps for smartphones and tablts and DVD interfaces.
Basics Interactive Design: Interface Design

Author: Dave Wood

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474229456

Category: Computers

Page: 192

View: 900

If you want to design successful user interfaces then you need clear and effective visual communication. Interface Design will help you achieve this using a range of incisive case studies, interviews with professional designers and clear hands-on advice to help you produce user-focused front-end designs for a range of digital media interfaces. This book introduces the major elements of graphic design for digital media – layout, colour, iconography, imagery and typography, and shows how these visual communication basics can combine to produce positive interactive user experiences. With practical advice on improving communication between designers and developer, and a tantalizing look at designing interactivity for all five senses, this is a must-have introduction to developing interfaces that users will love.
Ui/ux Design Basics and Fundamentals

Author: Nathan CLARK

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1790883741


Page: 203

View: 563

WHY TO LEARN THIS BOOK?Take a moment to think about your favorite website or mobile app or electronic device. What makes you love it? Is it really intuitive to use? Did it feel familiar the first time you used it? Maybe it even has an uncanny way of knowing what you'll want to do next?Well, odds are, a User Experience (UX) designer spent hours researching and designing it so you can have a seamless experi-ence UX design is a combination of tools, methods, and frameworks with which you can solve design problems in a methodical way while focusing on the users of a product or service.UX designers use a mix of information architecture and graph-ic design skills to create products that are beautiful and simple to navigate. They think critically about a user's goals and in-tentions when visiting their website or app, and how they can better serve them through design User experience design (UX) is a set of technologies which increase user satisfaction by improving usability and concepts related to interaction between human users and computers. User experience is a significant aspect in creating different kinds of prod-ucts and services. The web is one of the most important fields in which a user experi-ence design is applied So Became As A UI/UX Designer



Author: Andy Vickler

Publisher: UX

ISBN: 1955786364


Page: 0

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Introducing a new type of book that will change your life: the user experience (UX) book. UX books are a category of design books that focus on the usability and user interface of products, mobile apps, and websites. They help readers understand how their product looks and functions from their perspective as users. The UX book is for anyone who needs to create interfaces for companies or individuals in order to make them more usable, engaging, or beautiful. The UX book is for aspiring and experienced designers, developers, product managers, and marketers who need to design products that people will use. Today's business world requires designers to evolve beyond the traditional interfaces of PDFs with multiple columns of text and images. And that means learning how to create apps and websites that meet today's sophisticated user needs. The principle of the book is to offer students a workable and applicable design pattern for developing an interaction from a user's behavior and design point of view. The designers and developers will be able to understand the constraints of the system and design a custom solution that can be easily implemented in any problem domain. The book is written with academic rigor, practicality in the relevance of today's user interface design, while remaining accessible to students. The book will teach you about all these aspects in an interactive way that makes learning easy and enjoyable. The information is presented in a way that will allow you to understand the design techniques and best practices that have been used in the industry. We hope that you enjoy learning about UX and are able to apply this knowledge to your own or your clients' products. We also hope that this book will encourage you to learn more about UX design and how to make use of our free learning resources. In this book, the basic concepts you need to achieve success and a significant presence for your business on the internet are all covered and explained in a way that can be digested and applied the first time you read it. This book holds incredibly useful information if you're developing a website for your business of any sort; whether it be a site for you to blog about your travels or an attempt to finally give your local business an online presence! This book's comprehensive guidance is sure to help you reach the industry standard as quick as you can! Are you a web designer interested in learning more about user experience? Would you like to customize your website to suit your customers' needs and optimize their user experience? Are you looking to get more details on the various resources used in optimizing user experience? User experience, or UX, can be defined as any interaction with a service or a product. How the user feels, navigates, and completes the desired task are considered. UX design considers every component of the interaction. This principle can be applied to anything. The purpose of UX Design is to provide users with experiences that are simple, relevant, efficient, and enjoyable. Consider heading to your favorite grocery store. You want to buy something, so you stroll down the aisles (how are they spaced?), listen to music (what sort of music and why?), inspect the shelf (is it made of wood, metal, or plastic?), interact with a cashier, and then leave. Everything in this easy and insignificant procedure is based on experience. You've interacted with an entire brand, including colors, feelings, music, arrangements, workers, and so on. Everything is based on personal experience. It is the same case with user experience in web design. Grab a copy of this informative book, develop the user experience skills you need, and make your customers happy!
Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Digital Media

Author: Victoria Allen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781471874741

Category: Study Aids

Page: 352

View: 721

Exam Board: Cambridge Level: KS4 Subject: Digital Media First Teaching: September 2016 First Exam: June 2018 Support your teaching of the new Cambridge Technicals 2016 suite with Cambridge Technical Level 3 Digital Media, developed in partnership between OCR and Hodder Education; this textbook covers each specialist pathway and ensures your ability to deliver a flexible course that is both vocationally focused and academically thorough. Cambridge Technical Level 3 Digital Media is matched exactly to the new specification and follows specialist pathways in digital content for interactive media, and moving image and audio production. - Ensures effective teaching of each specialist pathway offered within the qualification. - Focuses learning on the skills, knowledge and understanding demanded from employers and universities. - Provides ideas and exercises for the application of practical skills and knowledge. - Developed in partnership between Hodder Education and OCR, guaranteeing quality resources which match the specification perfectly Hodder Education have worked with OCR to make updates to our Cambridge Technicals textbooks to bring them more closely in line with the model assignment course requirements. We would like to let you know about a recent change to this textbook, updated pages which are now available free of charge as a PDF when you click on the 'Amended Pages' link on the left of this webpage.
The Ontology of Design Research

Author: Miguel Ángel Herrera Batista

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000219579

Category: Art

Page: 162

View: 999

This book seeks to establish the meaning of design research, its role in the field, and the characteristics that differentiate research in design from research in other fields. The author introduces a model to explain the relationship between the components of the ontological reality of design: the designed object, the designer, and the user. Addressing design research across disciplines, the author establishes a foundational understanding of research, and research paradigms, for the design disciplines. This will be crucial for the emerging field of design research to find its own identity and move forward, building its own knowledge base as it finds its positioning between science and art. The book will be of interest to scholars working in design history, design studies, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, architecture, fashion design, and service design.
UX for the Web

Author: Marli Ritter

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781787126169

Category: Computers

Page: 306

View: 462

Learn how UX and design thinking can make your site stand out from the rest of the internet. About This Book Learn everything you need to know about UX for your Web Design. Design B2B, B2C websites that stand out from the competitors with this guide Enhance your business by improving customer accessibility and retention. Who This Book Is For If you're a designer, developer, or just someone who has the desire to create websites that are not only beautiful to look at but also easy to use and fully accessible to everyone, including people with special needs, UX for the Web will provide you with the basic building blocks to achieve just that. What You Will Learn Discover the fundamentals of UX and the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process. Learn how UX can enhance your brand and increase user retention Learn how to create the golden thread between your product and the user Use reliable UX methodologies to research and analyze data to create an effective UX strategy Bring your UX strategy to life with wireframes and prototypes Set measurable metrics and conduct user tests to improve digital products Incorporate the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to create accessible digital products In Detail If you want to create web apps that are not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to use and fully accessible to everyone, including people with special needs, this book will provide you with the basic building blocks to achieve just that. The book starts with the basics of UX, the relationship between Human-Centered Design (HCD), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process; it gradually takes you through the best practices to create a web app that stands out from your competitors. You'll also learn how to create an emotional connection with the user to increase user interaction and client retention by different means of communication channels. We'll guide you through the steps in developing an effective UX strategy through user research and persona creation and how to bring that UX strategy to life with beautiful, yet functional designs that cater for complex features with micro interactions. Practical UX methodologies such as creating a solid Information Architecture (IA), wireframes, and prototypes will be discussed in detail. We'll also show you how to test your designs with representative users, and ensure that they are usable on different devices, browsers and assistive technologies. Lastly, we'll focus on making your web app fully accessible from a development and design perspective by taking you through the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Style and Approach This is an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide with full of examples to that will help you in creating good UX for your web applications.
UX For Dummies

Author: Kevin P. Nichols

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118852798

Category: Computers

Page: 384

View: 138

Get up to speed quickly on the latest in user experiencestrategy and design UX For Dummies is a hands-on guide to developing andimplementing user experience strategy. Written byglobally-recognized UX consultants, this essential resourceprovides expert insight and guidance on using the tools andtechniques that create a great user experience, along withpractical advice on implementing a UX strategy that aligns withyour organisation's business goals and philosophy. You'll learn howto integrate web design, user research, business planning and dataanalysis to focus your company's web presence on the needs of yourcustomers, gaining the skills you need to be effective in the fieldof user experience design. Whether it's the interface, graphics, industrial design,physical interaction or a user manual, being anything less than onpoint can negatively affect customer satisfaction and retention.User experience design fully encompasses traditional human-computerinteraction design, and extends it to address all aspects of aproduct or service as perceived by users. UX For Dummiesprovides comprehensive guidance to professionals looking tounderstand and apply effective UX strategies. Defines UX and offers assistance with determining users andmodelling the user experience Provides details on creating a content strategy and buildinginformation architectures Explores visual design and designing for specific channels Delves into UX testing and methods for keeping your siterelevant The UX field is growing rapidly as companies realise thatmeeting your business goals requires a web presence aligned withcustomer needs. This alignment demands smart strategy and evensmarter design. Consultants, designers and practitioners must allbe on board if the result is to be cohesive and effective. UXFor Dummies provides the information and expert advice you needto get up to speed quickly.
Design, User Experience, and Usability. Interaction Design

Author: Aaron Marcus

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030497132

Category: Computers

Page: 599

View: 814

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, DUXU 2020, held as part of the 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2020, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in July 2020. The conference was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From a total of 6326 submissions, a total of 1439 papers and 238 posters has been accepted for publication in the HCII 2020 proceedings. The 40 papers included in this volume were organized in topical sections on UX design methods, tools and guidelines, interaction design and information visualization, and emotional design.
Design, User Experience, and Usability: Interactive Experience Design

Author: Aaron Marcus

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319208893

Category: Computers

Page: 708

View: 891

The three-volume set LNCS 9186, 9187, and 9188 constitutes the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, DUXU 2015, held as part of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2015, in Los Angeles, CA, USA, in August 2015, jointly with 13 other thematically similar conferences. The total of 1462 papers and 246 posters presented at the HCII 2015 conferences were carefully reviewed and selected from 4843 submissions. These papers address the latest research and development efforts and highlight the human aspects of design and use of computing systems. The papers accepted for presentation thoroughly cover the entire field of Human-Computer Interaction, addressing major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of application areas. The total of 132 contributions included in the DUXU proceedings were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in this three-volume set. The 64 papers included in this volume are organized in topical sections on designing the social media experience, designing the learning experience, designing the playing experience, designing the urban experience, designing the driving experience, designing the healthcare patient's experience, and designing for the healthcare professional's experience.