British Road Bridges

Author: Mark Chatterton

Publisher: Hadleigh Books

ISBN: 9781910811641


Page: 22

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British Road Bridges - An Introduction looks at some of the various types of road bridges that are found in Great Britain. These include the following bridges:- Tower Bridge, the Humber Bridge and the Tamar Bridge. It also looks at the various types of bridge construction including cantilever, suspension and swing bridge
An Encyclopaedia of British Bridges

Author: David McFetrich

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781526752963

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 448

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Bridges have a universal appeal as examples of man’s mastery of nature, from picturesque packhorse bridges to great spans stretching across broad estuaries, and the development of the technology that allows ever more audacious constructions is never-ending. Of the million or more bridges throughout Great Britain, David McFetrich has selected those that are significant in terms of their design, construction or location, or of their connections with people or events of history. His definitive book contains 1,600 separate entries for individual bridge sites or related groups of bridges covering more than 2,000 different structures, 165 general entries about different types of bridge and such topics as collapses and failures, and a summary of about 200 record-holding bridges in 50 different categories. The concise text is supported by more than 900 illustrations and diagrams. The result is a fascinating and readily accessible compendium. The Institute Of Civil Engineers (ICA) are also on board.
The Architecture of British Bridges

Author: Ronald Yee

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781785007958

Category: Architecture

Page: 224

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During the Industrial Revolution, Britain was at the forefront of bridge innovation. Pioneering designers such as George and Robert Stephenson, Thomas Telford and Isambard Kingdom Brunel created Britain's rich bridge heritage that features many world firsts and we can learn much from their ground-breaking designs. Written by an experienced bridge architect, this book includes an introduction to bridge aesthetics; it gives an outline of British bridge development and advice on parapet treatment and bridge lighting. This book offers a comprehensive overview of how the best of British bridges marry aesthetic considerations with engineering ingenuity.
The Manual of Bridge Engineering

Author: M. J. Ryall

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 0727727745

Category: Bridges

Page: 1012

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- Bridge type, behaviour and appearance David Bennett, David Bennett Associates · History of bridge development · Bridge form · Behaviour - Loads and load distribution Mike Ryall, University of Surrey · Brief history of loading specifications · Current code specification · Load distribution concepts · Influence lines - Analysis Professor R Narayanan, Consulting Engineer · Simple beam analysis · Distribution co-efficients · Grillage method · Finite elements · Box girder analysis: steel and concrete · Dynamics - Design of reinforced concrete bridges Dr Paul Jackson, Gifford and Partners · Right slab · Skew slab · Beam and slab · Box - Design of prestressed concrete bridges Nigel Hewson, Hyder Consulting · Pretensioned beams · Beam and slab · Pseduo slab · Post tensioned concrete beams · Box girders - Design of steel bridges Gerry Parke and John Harding, University of Surrey · Plate girders · Box girders · Orthotropic plates · Trusses - Design of composite bridges David Collings, Robert Benaim and Associates · Steel beam and concrete · Steel box and concrete · Timber and concrete - Design of arch bridges Professor Clive Melbourne, University of Salford · Analysis · Masonry · Concrete · Steel · Timber - Seismic analysis of design Professor Elnashai, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine · Modes of failure in previous earthquakes · Conceptual design issues · Brief review of seismic design codes - Cable stayed bridges - Daniel Farquhar, Mott Macdonald · Analysis · Design · Construction - Suspension bridges Vardaman Jones and John Howells, High Point Rendel · Analysis · Design · Construction - Moving bridges Charles Birnstiel, Consulting engineer · History · Types · Special problems - Substructures Peter Lindsell, Peter Lindsell and Associates · Abutments · Piers - Other structural elements Robert Broome et al, WS Atkins · Parapets · Bearings · Expansion joints - Protection Mike Mulheren, University of Surrey · Drainage · Waterproofing · Protective coating/systems for concrete · Painting system for steel · Weathering steel · Scour protection · Impact protection - Management systems and strategies Perrie Vassie, Transport Research Laboratory · Inspection · Assessment · Testing · Rate of deterioration · Optimal maintenance programme · Prioritisation · Whole life costing · Risk analysis - Inspection, monitoring, and assessment Charles Abdunur, Laboratoire Central Des Ponts et Chaussées · Main causes of deterioration · Investigation methods · Structural evaluation tests · Stages of structural assessment · Preparing for recalculation - Repair and Strengthening John Darby, Consulting Engineer · Repair of concrete structures · Metal structures · Masonry structures · Replacement of structures
The Historic Bridges of Buckinghamshire

Author: Marshall G. Hall

Publisher: Windgather Press

ISBN: 9781911188933

Category: Social Science

Page: 168

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Bridges have always played an important role in the social and economic history of human development and Buckinghamshire has a great wealth of them. Through delightful photographs, stories, and historical facts, this book looks at the historic bridges that make up the chronology of Buckinghamshire. Bridges in this book are more than 100 years old, mostly lie on public roads or rights-of-way, are publicly accessible, and have a significant proportion of the original bridge intact. Trade systems and road networks must solve the challenges of geography’s waterways, and bridges, causeways, fords, and flood systems were necessarily a key aspect of the experience of historical travel. Bridges and river crossings anchored the Buckinghamshire road network in the landscape, and once established it proved remarkably durable. Settlements, villages, and eventually cities have traditionally sprung up at bridgeheads or where a river could be crossed at any time of the year. Some examples in Buckinghamshire are Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, and Cookham. The most ancient, vital, and interesting architectural structures linked to use of these crossings are bridges, and people hold a deep fascination for them. There are thousands of bridges in Buckinghamshire, varying vastly in size, style, and materials. Many are stone, a few are wooden, and there are numerous brick and more modern steel and concrete constructions.
Bridge Deck Analysis

Author: Damien L. Keogh

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0203984145

Category: Architecture

Page: 288

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The definitive text in the field of Bridge Deck behaviour and analysis Bridge Deck Analysis is an essential reference for civil and structural engineers. It provides bridge designers with the knowledge to understand the behaviour of bridge decks, to be familiar with, and to understand the various numerical modelling techniques, to know which technique is most suited. The book covers the grillage analogy, dedicates a chapter to the modelling and analysis of integral bridge forms and also provides guidance of the application of the finite element method.
A Bridge Too Far

Author: Cornelius Ryan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444717259

Category: History

Page: 576

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Arnhem 1944: the airborne strike for the bridges over the Rhine. The true story of the greatest battle of World War II and the basis of the 1977 film of the same name, directed by Richard Attenborough. The Battle of Arnhem, one of the most dramatic battles of World War II, was as daring as it was ill-fated. It cost the Allies nearly twice as many casualties as D-Day. This is the whole compelling story, told through the vast cast of characters involved. From Dutch civilians to British and American strategists, its scope and ambition is unparalleled, superbly recreating the terror and suspense, the heroism and tragedy of this epic operation. 'I know of no other work of literature of World War II as moving, as awesome and as accurate in its portrayal of human courage.' - General James A Gavin
Design Guide for Composite Highway Bridges

Author: David C. Iles

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0415274532

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 256

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Composite construction, using a reinforced concrete slab on top of steel girders, is an economical and popular form of construction for highway bridges. This book covers the design of continuous composite bridges, with both compact and non-compact sections, and simply supported composite bridges with the 'slab-on-beam' form of construction. Part One provides advice on the general considerations for design, the initial design process, and the verification of structural adequacy in accordance with BS 5400. The determination of design forces throughout the slab is described, and key features relating to slab design are identified. Advice on structural detailing is also given. Part Two provides worked examples for a four-span bridge, three-span bridge and for the deck slab of a simply supported bridge. Each example is presented as a series of calculation sheets, with accompanying commentary and advice given on facing pages. Design Guide for Composite Highway Bridges is a compilation of guidance previously given in separate SCI publications. As such it will act as an authoritative guide for new designers and as a reference text for the bridge design office.
Repair of Concrete Bridges

Author: G. P. Mallett

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 0727720074

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 194

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Provides a review of the repair, maintenance and protection of concrete bridges. This book summarizes information from conference papers, research and technical reports, and others. It aims to increase the expertise of structural engineers and safeguard the investment. It presents solutions to the problems and pitfalls that engineers encounter.