Building Bots

Author: William Gurstelle

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781556524592

Category: Robots

Page: 258

View: 740

A guide to designing and building warrior robots, including information on choosing materials, radio control systems, electric motors, robot batteries, motor speed controllers, gasoline engines, and drive trains.
Building Bots with Microsoft Bot Framework

Author: Kishore Gaddam

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781786469649

Category: Computers

Page: 424

View: 692

Build intelligent and smart conversational interfaces using Microsoft Bot Framework About This Book Develop various real-world intelligent bots from scratch using Microsoft Bot Framework Integrate your bots with most popular conversation platforms such as Skype, Slack, and Facebook Messenger Flaunt your bot building skills in your organization by thoroughly understanding and implementing the bot development concepts such as messages (rich text and pictures), dialogs, and third-party authentication and calling Who This Book Is For This book is for developers who are keen on building powerful services with great and interactive bot interface. Experience with C# is needed. What You Will Learn Set up a development environment and install all the required software to get started programming a bot Publish a bot to Slack, Skype, and the Facebook Messenger platform Develop a fully functional weather bot that communicates the current weather in a given city Help your bot identify the intent of a text with the help of LUIS in order to make decisions Integrate an API into your bot development Build an IVR solution Explore the concept of MicroServices and see how MicroServices can be used in bot development Develop an IoT project, deploy it, and connect it to a bot In Detail Bots help users to use the language as a UI and interact with the applications from any platform. This book teaches you how to develop real-world bots using Microsoft Bot Framework. The book starts with setting up the Microsoft Bot Framework development environment and emulator, and moves on to building the first bot using Connector and Builder SDK. Explore how to register, connect, test, and publish your bot to the Slack, Skype, and Facebook Messenger platforms. Throughout this book, you will build different types of bots from simple to complex, such as a weather bot, a natural speech and intent processing bot, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) bot for a bank, a facial expression recognition bot, and more from scratch. These bots were designed and developed to teach you concepts such as text detection, implementing LUIS dialogs, Cortana Intelligence Services, third-party authentication, Rich Text format, Bot State Service, and microServices so you can practice working with the standard development tools such as Visual Studio, Bot Emulator, and Azure. Style and approach This step-by-step guide takes a learn-while-doing approach, delivering the practical knowledge and experience you need to design and build real-world Bots. The concepts come to you on an as-needed basis while developing a bot so you increase your programming knowledge and experience at the same time.
Building Slack Bots

Author: Paul Asjes

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781786460936

Category: Computers

Page: 182

View: 641

Create powerful, useful, fast, and fun chat bots that make Slack better About This Book This is the first developer's guide to programming for Slack It covers everything you need to create chat bots for Slack's conversational UI It's full of realistic examples, usable code, and lucid explanations on everything you need to know Who This Book Is For This is a book for software developers who want to build Slack bots for their own company's use or for customers. You need to know JavaScript. What You Will Learn Receive and send messages sent in Slack Respond to user commands Process natural language Perform useful tasks on commands such as fetching data from external sources Use webhooks and slash commands Create a Google Classroom and add customized information for each individual class In Detail Slack promises that its users will "be less busy." Slack bots interact with users in Slack chatrooms, providing useful immediate information, and automating work. This book gives you everything you need to build powerful and useful Slack bots. You'll see how to hook into the Slack API to create software that can read and post to chatrooms, respond to commands and hints given in natural conversational language, and build fun and useful bots for your own place of work, both as a front end to your own service and to distribute and share as apps. You can even sell your bots and build a business as a Slack bot developer. Throughout the book, you'll build useful and fun example applications that you can modify for your own situations. These range from simple, fun applications to liven up discussions to useful, data-driven apps to help you make decisions quickly and manage work. Style and approach This is a friendly step-by-step guide to building powerful, friendly Slack bots.
Building Telegram Bots

Author: Nicolas Modrzyk

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484241974

Category: Computers

Page: 288

View: 109

Learn about bot programming, using all the latest and greatest programming languages, including Python, Go, and Clojure, so you can feel at ease writing your Telegram bot in a way that suits you. This book shows how you can use bots for just about everything: they connect, they respond, they enhance your job search chances, they do technical research for you, they remind you about your last train, they tell the difference between a horse and a zebra, they can tell jokes, and they can cheer you up in the middle of the night. Bots used to be hard to set up and enhance, but with the help of Building Telegram Bots you’ll see how the Telegram platform is now making bot creation easier than ever. You will begin by writing a simple bot at the start and then gradually build upon it. The simple yet effective Telegram Bot API makes it very easy to develop bots in a number of programming languages. Languages featured in the book include Node.js, Java, Rust, and Elixir. This book encourages you to not only learn the basic process of creating a bot but also lets you spend time exploring its possibilities. By the end of the book you will be able create your own Telegram Bot with the programming language of your choice. What You Will LearnCarry out simple bot design and deployment in various programming languages including Ruby, D, Crystal, Nim, and C++ Create engaging bot interactions with your users Add payments and media capabilities to your bots Master programming language abstraction Who This Book Is For Engineers who want to get things done. People who are curious. Programming beginners. Advanced engineers with little time to do research.
Building Trading Bots Using Java

Author: Shekhar Varshney

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484225202

Category: Computers

Page: 283

View: 786

Build an automated currency trading bot from scratch with java. In this book, you will learn about the nitty-gritty of automated trading and have a closer look at Java, the Spring Framework, event-driven programming, and other open source APIs, notably Google's Guava API. And of course, development will all be test-driven with unit testing coverage. The central theme of Building Trading Bots Using Java is to create a framework that can facilitate automated trading on most of the brokerage platforms, with minimum changes. At the end of the journey, you will have a working trading bot, with a sample implementation using the OANDA REST API, which is free to use. What You'll Learn Find out about trading bots Discover the details of tradeable instruments and apply bots to them Track and use market data events Place orders and trades Work with trade/order and account events Who This Book Is For Experienced programmers new to bots and other algorithmic trading and finance techniques.
Building an Enterprise Chatbot

Author: Abhishek Singh

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484250341

Category: Computers

Page: 399

View: 388

Explore the adoption of chatbots in business by focusing on the design, deployment, and continuous improvement of chatbots in a business, with a single use-case from the banking and insurance sector. This book starts by identifying the business processes in the banking and insurance industry. This involves data collection from sources such as conversations from customer service centers, online chats, emails, and other NLP sources. You’ll then design the solution architecture of the chatbot. Once the architecture is framed, the author goes on to explain natural language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), and natural language generation (NLG) with examples. In the next sections, you'll design and implement the backend framework of a typical chatbot from scratch. You will also explore some popular open-source chatbot frameworks such as Dialogflow and LUIS. The authors then explain how you can integrate various third-party services and enterprise databases with the custom chatbot framework. In the final section, you'll discuss how to deploy the custom chatbot framework on the AWS cloud. By the end of Building an Enterprise Chatbot, you will be able to design and develop an enterprise-ready conversational chatbot using an open source development platform to serve the end user. What You Will LearnIdentify business processes where chatbots could be usedFocus on building a chatbot for one industry and one use-case rather than building a ubiquitous and generic chatbot Design the solution architecture for a chatbotIntegrate chatbots with internal data sources using APIsDiscover the differences between natural language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), and natural language generation (NLG) Work with deployment and continuous improvement through representational learning Who This Book Is ForData scientists and enterprise architects who are currently looking to deploy chatbot solutions to their business.
She's Building a Robot

Author: Mick Liubinskas

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 9781642503425

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 190

View: 660

An Inspirational Book for Girls Who Love STEM “This book is an inspiration to the next-gen of women innovators all over the world.”— Charlotte Yarkoni, CVP Cloud & AI, Microsoft AZ is a young girl who finds herself in a robot building competition. Can she use girl power to overcome crashes, explosions, and hackers to beat school bully and three-time champ, Dalk? Smart and strong is the new pretty. In this funny, action-packed book about robots for kids, talented AZ fights gender and learns tough lessons on leadership. With the help of her quirky friends, Li and 10, the team builds a feisty robot named Ada. Together, they work hard, solve puzzles, grow in confidence, and learn the importance of friendship and collaboration. All science girls welcome! Written to raise awareness about the challenges faced by women in science and engineering, She’s Building a Robot celebrates voices from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic background. Perfect for bedtime stories or girls who code, She’s Building a Robot gives young women the opportunity to relate to smart characters, promotes girl empowerment, and shows that there’s room in STEM for girls. If you’re looking for young girl gifts, robot books for kids, or stories for children—or enjoyed books like The Fourteenth Goldfish, Women in Science, and Hidden Figures Young Reader’ Edition—then She’s Building a Robot is your next read!
Build Better Chatbots

Author: Rashid Khan

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484231111

Category: Computers

Page: 113

View: 485

Learn best practices for building bots by focusing on the technological implementation and UX in this practical book. You will cover key topics such as setting up a development environment for creating chatbots for multiple channels (Facebook Messenger, Skype, and KiK); building a chatbot (design to implementation); integrating to IFTT (If This Then That) and IoT (Internet of Things); carrying out analytics and metrics for chatbots; and most importantly monetizing models and business sense for chatbots. Build Better Chatbots is easy to follow with code snippets provided in the book and complete code open sourced and available to download. With Facebook opening up its Messenger platform for developers, followed by Microsoft opening up Skype for development, a new channel has emerged for brands to acquire, engage, and service customers on chat with chatbots. What You Will Learn Work with the bot development life cycle Master bot UX design Integrate into the bot ecosystem Maximize the business and monetization potential for bots Who This Book Is For Developers, programmers, and hobbyists who have basic programming knowledge. The book can be used by existing chatbot developers to gain a better understanding of analytics and the business side of bots.
Designing Bots

Author: Amir Shevat

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781491974834

Category: Computers

Page: 348

View: 202

From Facebook Messenger to Kik, and from Slack bots to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and email bots, the new conversational apps are revolutionizing the way we interact with software. This practical guide shows you how to design and build great conversational experiences and delightful bots that help people be more productive, whether it’s for a new consumer service or an enterprise efficiency product. Ideal for designers, product managers, and entrepreneurs, this book explores what works and what doesn’t in real-world bot examples, and provides practical design patterns for your bot-building toolbox. You’ll learn how to use an effective onboarding process, outline different flows, define a bot personality, and choose the right balance of rich control and text. Explore different bot use-cases and design best practices Understand bot anatomy—such as brand and personality, conversations, advanced UI controls—and their associated design patterns Learn steps for building a Facebook Messenger consumer bot and a Slack business bot Explore the lessons learned and shared experiences of designers and entrepreneurs who have built bots Design and prototype your first bot, and experiment with user feedback
Hands-On Chatbots and Conversational UI Development

Author: Srini Janarthanam

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781788298339

Category: Computers

Page: 392

View: 445

Conversation as an interface is the best way for machines to interact with us using the universally accepted human tool that is language. Chatbots and voice user interfaces are two flavors of conversational UIs. Chatbots are real-time, data-driven answer engines that talk in natural language and are context-aware. Voice user interfaces are ...
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots

Author: Gareth Branwyn

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 9780789745484

Category: Computers

Page: 639

View: 579

This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. A real-world business book for the explosion of eBay entrepreneurs! Absolute Beginner's Guide to Launching an eBay Business guides you step-by-step through the process of setting up an eBay business, and offers real-world advice on how to run that business on a day-to-day basis and maximize financial success. This book covers determining what kind of business to run, writing an action-oriented business plan, establishing an effective accounting system, setting up a home office, obtaining starting inventory, arranging initial funding, establishing an eBay presence, and arranging for automated post-auction management.
Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere

Author: Husan Mahey

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781839216565

Category: Computers

Page: 554

View: 510

Discover Automation Anywhere best practices and strategies for building scalable automation solutions for your organization Key FeaturesBuild RPA robots using the latest features of cloud-based Automation Anywhere A2019Explore real-world scenarios with AA A2019 to understand the wide range of capabilities available for your RPA projectsBuild complete software robots to automate business processes with the help of step-by-step walkthroughsBook Description With an increase in the number of organizations deploying RPA solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is quickly becoming the most desired skill set for both developers starting their career and seasoned professionals. This book will show you how to use Automation Anywhere A2019, one of the leading platforms used widely for RPA. Starting with an introduction to RPA and Automation Anywhere, the book will guide you through the registration, installation, and configuration of the Bot agent and Control Room. With the help of easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll build your first bot and discover how you can automate tasks with Excel, Word, emails, XML, and PDF files. You’ll learn from practical examples based on real-world business scenarios, and gain insights into building more robust and resilient bots, executing external scripts such as VBScripts and Python, and adding error handling routines. By the end of this RPA book, you’ll have developed the skills required to install and configure an RPA platform confidently and have a solid understanding of how to build complex and robust, yet performant, bots. What you will learnExplore effective techniques for installing and configuring an Automation Anywhere A2019 platformBuild software robots to automate tasks and simplify complex business processesDesign resilient bots that are modular and reusableUnderstand how to add error handling functionality and discover troubleshooting techniquesDesign bots to automate tasks in Excel, Word, emails, XML, and PDF filesImplement effective automation strategies using RPA best practicesWho this book is for This Automation Anywhere RPA book is for automation engineers, RPA professionals, and automation consultants who are looking to explore the capabilities of Automation Anywhere for building intelligent automation strategy for enterprises. A solid understanding of programming concepts and exposure to the Automation Anywhere platform is necessary to get started with this book.