Children in Agony

Author: Sibnath Deb

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 8180693252

Category: Child abuse

Page: 404

View: 487

This book deals with the multidimensional problems of children in general and disadvantaged children in particular around the world, with special reference to India.
Children in Pain

Author: Joseph P. Bush

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781468464139

Category: Psychology

Page: 476

View: 271

Our present understanding of the psychosocial aspects of pain in children is reviewed in this monograph by leading scientists and practitioners. The contributions are integrated within a developmental perspective to provide an introduction to the conceptual and methodological tools necessary for comprehension of new work in the field. This volume offers a survey of major new developments in the area of pediatric pain and points out the directions in which clinical work and conceptualization are moving. Children in Pain argues consistently and persuasively that both models of pain assessment, intervention techniques, and research designs must demonstrate a sophisticated appreciation for developmental considerations. Topics explored include assessment of pediatric pain; coping and adaptation in children's pain; developmental issues among infants and toddlers and among preschool and school-age children, as well as among adolescents; recurrent abdominal pain; burn injury and treatment; chronic and recurrent pain in hemophilia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and sickle cell disease; developmental aspects of the biobehavioral treatment of migraine in childhood; and helping children cope with painful medical procedures.
Agony of the Black Child

Author: Prince Kelvin Ikonne

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1506148646

Category: Drama

Page: 258

View: 314

...why should the black child lose his direction in life? Could it be traced to his inability to uncover the secrets of his environment and history, or probably out of the broken legacies of his predecessors? The most crucial question for the black child now is no longer how, where, when and why........but who? "Agony of the Black Child" is a novel that represents nothing but the death and the rebirth of the true black consciousness.....!
Testamentary Claims by Adult Children - The Agony of the 'Wise and Just Testator'

Author: Richard Sutton


ISBN: OCLC:1304198809


Page: 26

View: 410

The New Zealand Family Protection Act 1955 asks the courts to decide whether a will-maker has made “adequate provision...for the proper maintenance and support” of their adult child. The courts, applying these words, determine the extent to which conventional social values are applied by law to errant will-makers. In this article, the authors explore the results of the courts' work, with particular reference to two recent decision of the Court of Appeal, Williams v Aucutt and Auckland City Mission v Brown. The article begins by considering some essential theoretical questions, before looking at the Law Commission's radical proposal to limit adult children's claims under the Act and discussing the Court of Appeal's response to that proposal. The authors conclude that, as long as it is properly confined, the Court's jurisdiction might still be useful to modify the results of the occasional irrational or frail exercise of will-making power.
On Children and Death

Author: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439125422

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

View: 687

On Children and Death is a major addition to the classic works of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, whose On Death and Dying and Living with Death and Dying have been continuing sources of strength and solace for tens of millions of devoted readers worldwide. Based on a decade of working with dying children, this compassionate book offers the families of dead and dying children the help -- and hope -- they need to survive. In warm, simple language, Dr. Kübler-Ross speaks directly to the fears, doubts, anger, confusion, and anguish of parents confronting the terminal illness or sudden death of a child.
The Wondrous Story of Anesthesia

Author: Edmond I Eger II

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461484417

Category: Medical

Page: 944

View: 808

Edited and written by an international "who's who" of more than 100 authors, including anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, bench scientists, a surgeon, and representatives of industry, this text provides a comprehensive history of anesthesia, unique in its focus on the people and events that shaped the specialty around the world, particularly during the past 70 years when anesthesia emerged from empiricism and developed into a science-based practice.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families

Author: Philip Graham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107328853

Category: Psychology


View: 399

Now firmly established as the standard text on the subject, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families, 3rd edition incorporates new and updated material on many topics not covered in previous editions, including the use of low intensity treatment methods with families, the use of new technologies to deliver cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the development of mindfulness techniques for children and the use of CBT with ethnic minority groups. The international panel of contributors ensures the highly authoritative and relevant nature of the content, making this text an invaluable source for all child and adolescent mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, family and individual psychotherapists, paediatricians and general psychiatrists.

Author: Taachal

Publisher: Author Taachal


Category: Science

Page: 138

View: 828

Every conscious person on the earth is curious to know how the species of human beings along with other living systems as well as the whole universe came into existence. The theory of Darwin which ignited the imaginations of many generations of thinking people all over the world even to this day is no more than a hypothesis, except for the concept of speciation which can be a working principle to understand about minor changes that a species undergoes over a period of time. In this new theory of evolution, in what can be called as a syncretism of the ideas of the East and the West, the author takes a convincing turn from the realm of external attributes or the form of an organism to the realm of internal attributes or the life of an organism to unfurl a new hypothesis which can give more logical answers to the mysteries of evolution.
Evil and the Problem of Jesus

Author: Gary Commins

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781666793932

Category: Religion

Page: 235

View: 297

Evil and the Problem of Jesus approaches age-old questions about God's relationship with evil (theodicy) from an entirely fresh angle. Rather than tweaking airy abstractions, it makes Jesus' interactions with evil our primary source for thinking about theodicy. This Christ-centered approach reveals the failure of traditional theodicy to be intellectually convincing or spiritually satisfying. Unlike that fossilized intellectual heritage, Christodicy (evil-and-Jesus) provides original insights into divine power, presence, and love that help us reengage the God Jesus reveals and the evil Jesus challenges. Presenting Jesus as a model for how to be fully human, it crafts new ways to envision our own multidimensional relationships with God and with evil. Written with both breadth and focus, the book includes pastoral experiences of tragedy, suffering, and evil; retraces philosophical, multifaith, and biblical insights; and explores the ways the Gospels describe Jesus' complex interactions with evil. Evil and the Problem of Jesus asks pointed questions and offers thoughtful conceptual frameworks to help people live more faithfully, compassionately, wisely, and justly in response to the evils around us, among us, and within us.