Cosmic Marriage

Author: Reinhold Ebertin

Publisher: American Federation of Astr

ISBN: 9780866900898

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 188

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Reinhold Ebertin's first edition of this book was revised and updated in 1974 and contains a treasure of information on comparative charts for marriage. This detailed textbook presents numerous examples of the relationship between the cosmos, man and marital compatibility. Keys are given on how to recognize whether a cosmic marriage will develop harmoniously or not. Rules of comparative analysis and significant aspects include the Ascendant, Midheaven and Moon's Node. Most of the examples are given using the traditional delineation of chart connections, however midpoints and the use of Ebertin's 90 degree wheel in Cosmobiology are given as well.
Queer Theory and the Prophetic Marriage Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible

Author: Stuart Macwilliam

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134945658

Category: History

Page: 247

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The Hebrew Bible offers a metaphor of marriage that portrays men and women as complementary, each with their distinct and 'natural' roles. Queer Theory and the Prophetic Marriage Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible draws on contemporary scholarship to critique this hetero-normativity. The book examines the methodological issues involved in the application of queer theory to biblical texts and draws on the concept of gender performativity - the construction of gender through action and behaviour - to argue for the potential of queer theory in political readings of the Bible. The central role of metaphor in reinforcing gender performativity is examined in relation to the books of Jeremiah, Hosea and Ezekiel. The book offers a radical reassessment of the relationship between biblical language and gender identity.
You Are a Goddess

Author: Sophie Bashford

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781788171779

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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Discover the Goddess energies that lie within you through nine Goddess archetypes—an empowering guide on finding healing, strength, and transformation, for readers of Warrior Goddess Training The Goddess is guiding your life . . . You know 'the Goddess' as a divine feminine figure of myth, art and faith—but are you aware that, in truth, the Goddess is a life force that lives in you? Did you know that your multi-faceted experiences of life as a woman are influenced by Goddess consciousness? Do you sense that you have a hidden feminine energy that longs to be seen, accepted, valued—and used for a healing purpose? In this highly engaging and stirring book, leading intuitive Sophie Bashford takes you on a journey to meet nine Goddess archetypes, which will help you to: • Understand the many ups and downs, emotions and cycles of your life through the ‘eyes of the Goddess’ • Discover how the Goddesses can ignite your spiritual growth and uncover your feminine healing gifts • Learn how to work with each Goddess for self-healing, positive inner change and empowerment • Get in touch with a divine feminine support and healing system comprising nine archetypes, including Kali, Mary Magdalene, Aphrodite and Isis Sharing intuitively channeled messages, beautiful guided meditations and moving personal experiences, Sophie leads you into safe territories where your darkest fears can be healed, your deepest dreams awakened and your entire life transformed.
Ideas Against Ideocracy

Author: Mikhail Epstein

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501350603

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 280

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This groundbreaking work by one of the world's foremost theoreticians of culture and scholars of Russian philosophy gives for the first time a systematic examination of the development of Russian philosophy during the late Soviet period. Countering the traditional view of an intellectual wilderness under the Soviet regime, Mikhail Epstein provides a comprehensive account of Russian thought of the second half of the 20th century that is highly sophisticated without losing clarity. It provides new insights into previously mostly ignored areas such as late-Soviet Russian nationalism and Eurasianism, religious thought, cosmism and esoterism, and postmodernism and conceptualism. Epstein shows how Russian philosophy has long been trapped in an intellectual prison of its own making as it sought to create its own utopia. However, he demonstrates that it is time to reappraise Russian thought, now freed from the bonds of Soviet totalitarianism and ideocracy but nevertheless dangerously engaged into new nationalist aspirations and metaphysical radicalism. We are left with not only a new and exciting interpretation of recent Russian intellectual history, but also the opportunity to rethink our own philosophical heritage.
The Primeval Flood Catastrophe

Author: Y. S. Chen

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199676200

Category: History

Page: 314

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Against the long-standing and prevalent belief that Mesopotamian Flood traditions came from very early time in Mesopotamian cultural history, this book argues that the traditions emerged relatively late in Sumerian traditions. Through a systematic examination of the relevant cuneiform sources Y. S. Chen charts the evolution of the Flood traditions.
How to Overcome Death

Author: Glen C. Cutlip

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462801501

Category: Self-Help

Page: 108

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The overcoming of death is a serious undertaking because death is a part of the nature one one's being; and therefore, not what it appears to be. When Death is reconciled with life, it becomes a means of interdimensional travel. We realize that it wasnt there in the first place. Therefore, the overcoming of death is to take place within one's present consciousness, for death is the counterpart of life in the first place. Therefore, the resurrection unto life is from the death that is hidden in life. It is the dead that appear to be living that are resurrected unto life. Death is something that is a part of ones present consciousness, not something off somewhere in the so-called afterlife The resurrection of the dead is unto conscious life or immortality, or back into the realm of unconscious death; for life and death occupy the same space. It is a matter of seeing death as it is, not just as it appears to be. In that death is not what it appears to be, the overcoming of death is not what it appears to be. Therefore, it is a real possibility. It can be realized within ones lifetime. The Overcoming of Death is the means of bringing the realization of conscious immortality to the awareness of ones present consciousness in this lifetime. It reveals why it is that losing life is finding it, and how it is that it is the dead that are living that hear the voice of the Son of God and are resurrected from the dead.