CP Violation in {B_s}^0 -> J/psi.phi Decays

Author: Sabato Leo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319079295

Category: Science

Page: 137

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This thesis reports on the final measurement of the flavor-mixing phase in decays of strange-bottom mesons (B_s) into J/psi and phi mesons performed in high-energy proton-antiproton collisions recorded by the Collider Experiment at Fermilab. Interference occurs between direct decays and decays following virtual particle-antiparticle transitions (B_s-antiB_s). The phase difference between transition amplitudes (“mixing phase”) is observable and extremely sensitive to contributions from non-standard-model particles or interactions that may be very hard to detect otherwise – a fact that makes the precise measurement of the B_s mixing phase one of the most important goals of particle physics. The results presented include a precise determination of the mixing phase and a suite of other important supplementary results. All measurements are among the most precise available from a single experiment and provide significantly improved constraints on the phenomenology of new particles and interactions.
Studies of CP-Violation in Charmless Three-Body b-Hadron Decays

Author: Daniel O'Hanlon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030022068

Category: Science

Page: 215

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This book highlights two essential analyses of data collected during the LHCb experiment, based on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The first comprises the first observation and studies of matter-antimatter asymmetries in two three-body b-baryon decays, paving the way for more precise measurements of the relatively unknown decay properties of b-baryon decays. The second is an analysis of a charged B meson decay to three charged pions, where previously large matter-antimatter asymmetries were observed in a model-independent analysis. Here a model of the decay amplitude is constructed using the unitarity-conserving ‘K-matrix’ model for the scalar contributions, so as to gain an understanding of how the previously observed matter-antimatter asymmetries arise; further, the model’s construction yields the most precise and comprehensive study of this decay mode to date.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation

Author: Hai-Yang Cheng

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9810243766

Category: Science

Page: 554

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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation, held in Taipei, Taiwan, December 3-7, 1999. The main focus of the conference was to discuss the state of the art and future prospects of the field, at a high technical level. The fifth conference is to be held in May 2002 in Philadelphia. The Fourth took place in Central Japan in February 2001.zation.
CP Violation and the Limits of the Standard Model

Author: John F Donoghue

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814549141


Page: 796

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TASI is the premier U.S. summer school in theoretical elementary particle physics. This volume is a collection of lectures given at TASI 1994. These lectures provide an overview of many basic topics in the field, as well as specific discussions of the theme of this year's course, which involved the frontiers of the present Standard Model. The volume should be extremely useful to students and young researchers as it provides pedagogical presentations of important topics. Contents:CP/CPT Experiments with Neutral Kaons or Experimental Study of Two Complex Numbers η+- and η00 (S V Somalwar)Chiral Lagrangians and Kaon CP Violation (E de Rafael)The Strong CP Problem (S M Barr)QCD at TASI '94 (R K Ellis)Constructing CP-odd Observables (G Valencia)Fundamental Constants from b and c Decay (S Stone)An Introduction to the Theory of Heavy Mesons and Baryons (B Grinstein)Phenomenology from the Lattice (S R Sharpe)Introduction to the Physics of Higgs Bosons (S Dawson)Baryogenesis: Electroweak and Otherwise (M Dine)Modern Cosmology and Structure Formation (R H Brandenberger)Introductory Lectures on Low Energy Supersymmetry (P Ramond)The Low Energy World from Strings (Unification Predictions for the Parameters of the Supersymmetric Standard Model) (G G Ross) Readership: Researchers in high energy physics. keywords:
Parity And Time Reversal Violation In Compound Nuclear States And Related Topics: Proceedings Of The International

Author: Auerbach Naftali

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814547390


Page: 412

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The book contains the Proceedings of the 2010 Conference of the Italian Systems Society. Papers deal with the interdisciplinary study of processes of changing related to a wide variety of specific disciplinary aspects. Classical attempts to deal with them, based on generalising approaches used to study the movement of bodies and environmental influence, have included ineffective reductionistic simplifications. Indeed changing also relates, for instance, to processes of acquisition and varying properties such as for software; growing and aging biological systems; learning/cognitive systems; and socio-economic systems growing and developing through innovations. Some approaches to modelling such processes are based on considering changes in structure, e.g., phase-transitions. Other approaches are based on considering (1) periodic changes in structure as for processes of self-organisation; (2) non-periodic but coherent changes in structure, as for processes of emergence; (3) the quantum level of description. Papers in the book study the problem considering its transdisciplinary nature, i.e., systemic properties studied per se and not within specific disciplinary contexts. The aim of these studies is to outline a transdisciplinary theory of change in systemic properties. Such a theory should have simultaneous, corresponding and eventually hierarchical disciplinary aspects as expected for a general theory of emergence. Within this transdisciplinary context, specific disciplinary research activities and results are assumed to be mutually represented as within a philosophical and conceptual framework based on the theoretical centrality of the observer and conceptual non-separability of context and observer, related to logically open systems and Quantum Entanglement. Contributions deal with such issues in interdisciplinary ways considering theoretical aspects and applications from Physics, Cognitive Science, Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Architecture, Philosophy, Music and Social Systems.
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Quantum Theory and Symmetries

Author: Edward Kapuścik

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812777857

Category: Science

Page: 656

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This book presents the up-to-date status of quantum theory and the outlook for its development in the 21st century. The covered topics include basic problems of quantum physics, with emphasis on the foundations of quantum theory, quantum computing and control, quantum optics, coherent states and Wigner functions, as well as on methods of quantum physics based on Lie groups and algebras, quantum groups and noncommutative geometry.
Heavy Flavour Physics Theory and Experimental Results in Heavy Quark Physics

Author: C.T.H Davies

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780429525025

Category: Science

Page: 415

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This book provides a thorough introduction to the phenomenology of heavy flavour physics, those working on the B-factories, LHCb, BTeV, HERA and the Tevatron. It explains how heavy quark theory could be implemented on the lattice, and discusses the status of CP-violation in the neutral kaon system.
Flavor Physics For The Millennium (Tasi 2000) - Proceedings Of The Theoretical Advanced Study Institute In Elementary Particle Physics

Author: Jonathon L Rosner

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814491495

Category: Science

Page: 884

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This book is devoted to the broad subject of flavor physics, embracing the question of what distinguishes one type of elementary particles from another. The articles range from the forefront of formal theory (treating the physics of extra dimensions) to details of particle detectors. Although special emphasis is placed on the physics of kaons, charmed and beauty particles, top quarks, and neutrinos, the articles also dealing with electroweak physics, quantum chromodynamics, supersymmetry, and dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking. Violations of fundamental symmetries such as time reversal invariance are discussed in the context of neutral kaons, beauty particles, electric dipole moments, and parity violation in atoms. The physics of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix and of quark masses are described in some detail, both from the standpoint of present and future experimental knowledge and from a more fundamental viewpoint, where physicists are still searching for the correct theory.
Baryon Number Violation At The Electroweak Scale - First Yale-texas Workshop

Author: Krauss Lawrence M

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814554138


Page: 232

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The aim of the Workshop was to bring together scientists involved in approaching topical problems in mathematical physics by probabilistic methods. Main topics included: Kinetic Theory, Random Systems and Stochastic Mechanics, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, and Quantum Theory. The book will be an important source for researchers and graduate students in mathematical physics looking for an up to date survey of the subject.
Lepton And Photon Interactions At High Energies - Proceedings Of The Xxii International Symposium

Author: Richard Brenner

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814478564

Category: Science

Page: 532

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The Lepton-Photon symposiums — as represented by the contributions in this volume — are among the most popular conferences in high energy physics since they give an in-depth snapshots of the status of the field as provided by leading experts.The volume covers the latest results on flavor factories, quantum chromodynamics (QCD), electroweak physics, dark matter searches, neutrino physics and cosmology, from a phenomenological point of view. It also offers a glimpse of the immediate future of the field through summaries on the status of the next generation of high energy accelerators and planned facilities for astroparticle physics.The review nature of the articles makes the volume particularly useful to students, as well as being of interest to established researches in high-energy physics and related fields.