Feng Shui Master in Metropolis

Author: Qiu Hu

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647620820

Category: Fiction


View: 217

Revolving Star Passage Technique, Universe level of all living things. When he saw the beautiful CEO giving him a high reward for his live broadcast, he used his martial arts to step on the muddy water again. Rushing into the evil realm, chasing after his imperial sister and flirting with lolis ... In fact, the storm was getting bigger and bigger, until...
Feng Shui: The Living Earth Manual

Author: Stephen Skinner

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462900053

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

View: 212

The ancient Chinese art of Feng-Shui, the basis of man's relationship with the land, has practitioners and followers throughout the Western world, from rural communities to big cities. Not just an Eastern practice any more, Feng-Shui can be found around the globe. Feng-Shui is an art that stresses the importance of living in harmony with nature. The Chinese believe that the earth has channels of energy known as 'dragon-lines', comparable with the meridians of the human body, and the buildings, towns and rooms should be designed and constructed so as not to obstruct these channels. According to the principles of Feng-Shui, living in harmony with the earth's field of energy will promote prosperity, peace and happiness. Living Earth Feng Shui is a fascinating book which outlines how Feng-Shui can be applied on a small or large scale, in the busiest cities or the smallest room. Author Stephen Skinner outlines its history and philosophy, clearly showing how it can be used to determine the site and arrangement of dwelling places in order to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants. This is the perfect book for those new to Feng-Shui or someone who is interested in expanding their knowledge.
Feng Shui Before & After

Author: Stephen Skinner

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: UOM:39076002101876

Category: Architecture

Page: 100

View: 528

Feng Shui Before and After uses the ancient art of feng shui to help you improve the energetic quality and visual appeal of your home or office. The book tells you how to find your most and least fortunate directions, your element and star number, and how to use the "magic square" to discover which sectors of your house relate to specific areas of your life. This book will show you how to transform your home or office, restoring harmony and maximizing the flow of good energy or "ch'i" in your life by doing things as simple as rearranging furniture, redecorating using the right colors, or adding a mirror, plant, or wind-chime. With beautiful "before and after" color photographs and informative text, this title contains everything you need to improve any area's feng shui.
Feng Shui for the Curious and Serious Volume 2

Author: Phil N. Nguyen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469118833

Category: Reference

Page: 307

View: 115

Feng Shui For The Curious and Serious Volume 2 will teach you the application of feng shui in your house and will also show you how to use feng shui principles to bring you and your family good health, good fortunes, and a happier and more prosperous life. This book will provide you with detail guidelines and information on how to analyze your surrounding environment,analyze the landscape such as mountains, plants, and trees, discuss how your environment affect your health and fortunes, how to look and distinguish houses with positive or negative feng shui, how to arranged and feng shui your living space such as your bedroom, living room, dinning room, kitchen, and your bed to bring you good health and good fortune, and how to use your birth date and birth sign to elicit and maximize your good fortunes. This book will not only show you how to activate and gain good health and good fortunes, but will also show you how to maintain your good fortunes and how to prevent misfortunes. This book give you very detail information and guidelines on how to find and look for a home with good feng shui and how to arrange your home with feng shui that is conducive to good health and good fortune. This book also provide you with detail guidelines on how to remedy bad feng shui and show you how to avoid to prevent misfortune.
Super Great Fortune Teller

Author: Gu FanYuanYing

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647622480

Category: Fiction

Page: 397

View: 883

A little Taoist was forced to leave Taoist Temple. Fortunately, he found a cheat book and went into the city to start his own spiritual journey. At first,he got a lot of money from a boss of a big company to help him complete his practice more smoothly. Along his way of practicing, he was admired by both the gangsters and the bosses of companies. The young Taoist has since become a great master, and has ruled the city.☆About the Author☆Gu Fanyuanying, an outstanding online novelist. He has already written four works, of which "Super Great Fortune Teller" is still being updated. His works have attracted wide attention and welcomed because of their colorful plots and the characteristics.
Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui (Revised and Updated)

Author: Karen Kingston

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9781101906590

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 562

In this revised and updated edition of her classic, bestselling book, Karen Kingston draws on her wealth of experience as a clutter clearing, space-clearing, and feng shui practitioner to show you how to transform your life by letting go of clutter. Her unique approach lies in understanding that clutter is stuck energy that has far-reaching physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects. You'll be motivated to clutter clear as never before when you realize just how much your junk has been holding you back! You will learn: - Why people keep clutter - How clutter causes stagnation in your life - How to clear clutter quickly and effectively - How to live clutter-free
Facts and Fiction of Fengshui

Author: Andy Lawson

Publisher: Andy Lawson


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 79

View: 834

With the hopes of improving our lives using Fengshui, it has since became more of a reason and less of a word used by people around the world to explain the existence of fish tanks and water fountain features in their homes, and also to conveniently explain why some people do things that other people don’t and can’t understand. Some people wonder why, some Fengshui cures work for some, but not for others. If we were to pinpoint the culprit for non-working cures, misconceptions of Fengshui are the main culprits that are behind the non-working cures. In the era of information technology, many Fengshui enthusiasts turn to the internet for information regarding Fengshui. With so much information about Fengshui being easily available, practically anyone can claim to have some knowledge about Fengshui. And even though one may not be a Fengshui practitioner – it is not uncommon for someone with some knowledge about Fengshui go on to “give advice” to others about Fengshui, creating a cycle of “anything goes” when it comes to Fengshui advice. This book was written with the objective of bringing you into the world of Fengshui, the basics behind this intangible art, the misconceptions about Fengshui and the masters, the cures that we can apply in our own home or office, and what we need to know to understand this art better. Most importantly, this book compiles simple and basic secrets that many masters are not willing to share. Put together from the cases the author handled, this book provides you with the perspectives of both Fengshui masters and Fengshui clients. This book also explains why some cures don’t work, and why some cures do. This book will be sharing with you the case studies and examples to illustrate the points without too many technical details that may confuse you. This book will be able to allow you to look at Fengshui from a different point of view. No matter if you are a believer, a sceptic, or a neutral, this book aims to serve as a reading pleasure that makes Fengshui less of a debatable subject.
Fengshui in China

Author: Ole Bruun

Publisher: NIAS Press

ISBN: 8791114799

Category: Feng shui

Page: 328

View: 341

Focusing on fengshui's significance in China, this book depicts the history of its reinterpretation in the West. It includes a historical account of fengshui over the last 150 years with anthropological fieldwork on contemporary practices in two Chinese rural areas. It is suitable for academic researchers and post-graduate students.
The book of Feng Shui

Author: Ernest Eitel

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783748156185

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 49

View: 412

The system of Feng-shui is of comparatively modern origin. Its diagrams and leading ideas are indeed borrowed from one of the ancient classics, but its method and practical application are almost wholly based on the teachings of Choo-he and others, who lived under the Sung dynasty (A.D. 1126-1278), and whose commentaries to the classics are read in every school. Choo-he's mode of thinking has in fact been adopted by modern Confucianism, and forms the philosophical basis of the whole system of Feng-shui Li, or the general order of nature, So, her numerical proportions, Hi, her vital breath or subtle energies, and Ying, her forms of appearance, constitute what is popularly called the system of Feng-shui. No Chinese work on Feng-shui, however--or at least none that I have seen or heard of--follows out this division methodically, though they all mention these four principles and give them here and there due prominence. On the other hand, this division of four branches of the Feng-shui system is not my own. A distinguished Cantonese scholar, a member of the Imperial College, mentions, in a preface which he wrote to a popular geomantic: work, that the whole system of Feng-shui might advantageously be divided into the above-mentioned four parts. From this preface I have taken the hint, and propose now to set before my readers the system of Feng-shui, following out this fourfold plan, and working it out so that it should give them an insight into the whole system of Chinese natural science generally.
Feng Shui Your Life

Author: Jayme Barrett

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 0806976292

Category: Feng-shui

Page: 290

View: 612

Jayme Bartett, the feng shui consultant to the rich and powerful of Beverly Hills, has written the most comprehensive and life changing book on the subject.
The Culture of Fengshui in Korea

Author: Hong-key Yoon

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739113488

Category: Feng shui

Page: 360

View: 764

Hong-Key Yoon's book explores the nature of geomantic principles (fengshui) and the culture of practicing them in Korean cultural contexts. He clearly analyzes the nature and historical background of geomancy, the principles for selecting auspicious sites, and provides an extensive interpretation of geomantic principles as practiced in Korea. The impacts of geomancy on traditional cartography, religion, urban development, and finally iconographical warfare are all discussed in great detail.