Fiber Optics Illustrated Dictionary

Author: J.K. Petersen

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351836166

Category: Science

Page: 1184

View: 319

Within a few short years, fiber optics has skyrocketed from an interesting laboratory experiment to a billion-dollar industry. But with such meteoric growth and recent, exciting advances, even references published less than five years ago are already out of date. The Fiber Optics Illustrated Dictionary fills a gap in the literature by providing instructors, hobbyists, and top-level engineers with an accessible, current reference. From the author of the best-selling Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, this comprehensive reference includes fundamental physics, basic technical information for fiber splicing, installation, maintenance, and repair, and follow-up information for communications and other professionals using fiber optic components. Well-balanced, well-researched, and extensively cross-referenced, it also includes hundreds of photographs, charts, and diagrams that clarify the more complex ideas and put simpler ideas into their applications context. Fiber optics is a vibrant field, not just in terms of its growth and increasing sophistication, but also in terms of the people, places, and details that make up this challenging and rewarding industry. In addition to furnishing an authoritative, up-to-date resource for relevant industry definitions, this dictionary introduces many exciting recent applications as well as hinting at emerging future technologies.
The Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary

Author: J.K. Petersen

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351836111

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1088

View: 290

From fundamental physics concepts to the World Wide Web, the Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, Second Edition describes protocols, computer and telephone devices, basic security concepts, and Internet-related legislation, along with capsule biographies of the pioneering inventors who developed the technologies that changed our world. The new edition offers even more than the acclaimed and bestselling first edition, including: Thousands of new definitions and existing definitions updated and expanded Expanded coverage, from telegraph and radio technologies to modern wireline and mobile telephones, optical technologies, PDAs, and GPS-equipped devices More than 100 new charts and illustrations Expanded appendices with categorized RFC listings Categorized charts of ITU-T Series Recommendations that facilitate online lookups Hundreds of Web URLs and descriptions for major national and international standards and trade organizations Clear, comprehensive, and current, the Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, Second Edition is your key to understanding a rapidly evolving field that, perhaps more than any other, shapes the way we live.
NFPA's Illustrated Dictionary of Electrical Terms

Author: H. Brooke Stauffer

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0877655987

Category: Reference

Page: 308

View: 639

If you don't know the exact meaning of technical terminology or electrical/electronic slang, you risk delays, misunderstandings, and errors in your work. To complicate issues, such non-standard language doesn't match the official names as defined in applicable codes and standards. Written by NECA's H. Brooke Stauffer, this text defines electrical terms used in industry, and provides a standard source for electrical construction terminology. For the latest word on electrical jargon, order your copy today.
The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics

Author: Stan Gibilisco

Publisher: TAB/Electronics

ISBN: UOM:39015050518268

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 822

View: 150

Continuing in the tradition of its best-selling predecessors, this updated dictionary of electronics terms covers a broader range of subjects in an easier-to-use format than any other source of its kind. No comparable reference offers such a vast range of definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, illustrations, schematics, diagrams, and conversion tables. More than 28,000 definitions--plus over 1,000 clear and functional illustrations--make the Eighth Edition the ultimate reference for technicians, hobbyists, and students. Many new terms and illustrations from robotics, artificial intelligence, and personal computing as they relate to electronics are included. Definitions spelled out in plain English with minimal technical jargon make the Dictionary accessible to beginning, intermediate, and advanced electronics professionals. You'll find coverage of the latest terminology in: Wireless technology; Lasers; Digital Television; Radio; IC Technology; Digital and Analog Electronics; Audio and Video Power Supplies; Fiber Optic Communications. Existing definitions have been updated, obsolete material has been deleted, and all entries have been reviewed by an editorial review board to assure their accuracy. You can look for a better source of definitions in electronics...but you won't find one!
Fiber Optics Standard Dictionary

Author: Martin H. Weik

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: UOM:49015003042851

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 388

View: 781

Revision of Fiber optics and lightwave communications standard dictionary. This second edition is not an extension of the first, but an entirely new reference source covering terminology approved and in use. It presents the most recent terms and definitions in fiber optics, lightwave communications, fiber optic sensors, and other related topics. Based on fiber optic terminology standards developed at the international, national, defense, technical society, and industrial levels, it includes information on theory, principles, technology, and applications. Thoroughly cross referenced, and illustrated. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
Electromagnetic Waves

Author: Carlo G. Someda

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420009540

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1212

View: 975

Adapted from a successful and thoroughly field-tested Italian text, the first edition of Electromagnetic Waves was very well received. Its broad, integrated coverage of electromagnetic waves and their applications forms the cornerstone on which the author based this second edition. Working from Maxwell's equations to applications in optical communications and photonics, Electromagnetic Waves, Second Edition forges a link between basic physics and real-life problems in wave propagation and radiation. Accomplished researcher and educator Carlo G. Someda uses a modern approach to the subject. Unlike other books in the field, it surveys all major areas of electromagnetic waves in a single treatment. The book begins with a detailed treatment of the mathematics of Maxwell's equations. It follows with a discussion of polarization, delves into propagation in various media, devotes four chapters to guided propagation, links the concepts to practical applications, and concludes with radiation, diffraction, coherence, and radiation statistics. This edition features many new and reworked problems, updated references and suggestions for further reading, a completely revised appendix on Bessel functions, and new definitions such as antenna effective height. Illustrating the concepts with examples in every chapter, Electromagnetic Waves, Second Edition is an ideal introduction for those new to the field as well as a convenient reference for seasoned professionals.
Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, Third Edition

Author: Ernest Burden

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071772938

Category: Architecture

Page: 576

View: 451

Now in full color--a thoroughly updated edition of the premier illustrated architectural dictionary Revised and expanded, the Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, Third Edition, features 8,000 definitions, 4,000 illustrations, and biographies of hundreds of architects accompanied by classic examples of their work. This new, full-color edition includes terms relating to green, ecological, and sustainable architecture. Everything critically important to those in the field of architecture and design is covered, including: Architectural styles Details Building elements Architectural forms Building systems Green building Meticulously written, heavily cross-referenced, and filled with more than 3,000 new and updated definitions and 1,000 new photographs, this impressive visual resource is the best way to gain a full understanding of architectural elements and the new language of green and sustainable architecture.
The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics

Author: Rufus P. Turner


ISBN: PSU:000014509964

Category: Electronics

Page: 662

View: 277

Definitions, abbreviations and acronyms, illustrations, schematics and diagrams, symbols and conversion tables cover a broad range of subjects of relevance to students, hobbyists, and professionals. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management

Author: Jose Lopez Soriano

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439841624

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 316

View: 581

With the majority of IT projects being delivered late, over budget, or cancelled altogether, it is clear that traditional project management methodologies do not provide an effective framework for today's IT projects. It is evident that a new Return-on-Investment (ROI) oriented approach is required that focuses on the ROI of a project fro
Green IT Strategies and Applications

Author: Bhuvan Unhelkar

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439837818

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 480

View: 542

Bhuvan Unhelkar takes you on an all-encompassing voyage of environmental sustainability and Green IT. Sharing invaluable insights gained during two battle-tested decades in the information and communication technologies industry, he provides a comprehensive examination of the wide-ranging aspects of Green IT-from switching-off monitors, virtualizin