Primary Care E-Book

Author: Terry Mahan Buttaro

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323594578

Category: Medical

Page: 1512

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There’s no better preparation for Nurse Practitioners and others in the adult primary care field! Primary Care: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, 6th Edition provides the concise yet thorough information that you need in today's fast-paced, interprofessional, collaborative environment. With authorship reflecting both academic and clinical expertise, this comprehensive, evidence-based primary care text/reference shows you how to deliver effective, truly interdisciplinary health care. It covers every major adult disorder seen in the outpatient office setting and features a unique interprofessional collaborative approach with referral/consultation highlights and more. New to this edition is an increased emphasis on rationales for recommendations, pharmacotherapeutics and drug decision-making, and diagnostic direction providing guidance in management, prescribing medications, and ordering diagnostic tests. Comprehensive, evidence-based, accurate, and current content focused on the needs of adult primary care providers. UNIQUE! Interprofessional collaborative approach with referral/consultation highlights. UNIQUE! Initial Diagnostics boxes provide quick reference to key decision-making content. NEW and UPDATED! Increased emphasis on rationales for treatment recommendations, pharmacotherapeutics and drug decision-making, and diagnostic direction. NEW and UPDATED! Revamped and new introductory chapters: NEW and UNIQUE! Patient/Family Education and Health Literacy chapter. NEW and UNIQUE! New Human Trafficking chapter. NEW chapters covering wellness, risk management, and LGBTQ patient care highlight risks, disparities in healthcare, and information to increase the well-being and care for all patients. Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Where We Are Today chapter now includes content on the importance of interprofessional collaboration to underscore the significance of this paradigm shift and stress that NPs and other adult primary care providers must increasingly view themselves as part of a team, especially in management of patients with multiple co-morbidities. Translating Research into Clinical Practice chapter refocused to emphasize DNP scholarly projects and quality improvement projects. UNIQUE! Patient/Family Education and Health Literacy chapter. Genetic Considerations in Primary Care chapter refocused on the graduate-level primary care genetics competencies. Palliative Care chapter refocused on pain management with special sensitivity to the opioid epidemic. NEW! Red Flag features highlight issues not to be missed. NEW! Consistent chapter format and features reflect the systematic approach used in adult primary care practice to promote improved clinical reasoning skills, facilitate learning, and foster quick clinical reference. UPDATED! Content on routine health screenings and immunizations converted to tables for quick reference.
Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging - E-Book

Author: Theris A. Touhy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323698047

Category: Medical

Page: 464

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Gain the nursing skills you need to provide wellness-based care for older adults! Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging, 6th Edition uses a holistic approach to describe compassionate care along a continuum of wellness. Designed to promote healthy aging regardless of the patient’s situation or disorder, this text provides best-practice guidelines in covering physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and cognitive health. New to this edition are Next Generation NCLEX®-style case studies, updates on measuring clinical judgment, expanded coverage of core competencies, and more. Written by gerontological nursing experts Theris Touhy and Kathleen Jett, this concise text provides a solid foundation in every aspect of healthy aging. Focus on health and wellness provides the evidence-based information and strategies needed to promote healthy aging. Key concepts, learning activities, and discussion questions in every chapter emphasize the information needed to enhance care. Recommended competencies from the AACN and the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing are integrated throughout. Discussion of disease processes is placed in the context of healthy adaptation, nursing support, and responsibilities. Easy-to-use information on nursing techniques and communication appears with the associated disorders, symptoms, and situations. Tips for Best Practice and Resources for Best Practice boxes provide insight into proven methods of nursing care. Discussions of nursing and interprofessional actions help students learn to enhance wellness, maintain optimal function, and prevent unnecessary disability. Coverage of age, cultural, racial, and gender differences highlights these important considerations in caring for older adults. NEW! Updates reflect the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Model. NEW! Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN)-style case studies provide optimal preparation for the Next Generation NCLEX Examination. NEW! Specialized information addresses the unique needs of older adults such as atypical disease presentation, geriatric syndromes, neurocognitive disorders, quality of life with chronic illness, legal and ethical issues, and mental health challenges such as depression and substance abuse. NEW! Coverage of competencies of expanding nursing roles in the care of older adults addresses the continuum of care. NEW! Gerontological expertise is incorporated into nursing actions and complements other nursing texts (including med-surg, community health, mental health, and assessment books) used in programs without a freestanding gerontological nursing course. NEW! Expanded content includes information on COPD guidelines, medication use and misuse, Alzheimer’s Disease, wound care guidelines, diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing, joint replacement, caregiver strain, hospice and transitional care, and more.
OECD Economic Surveys: Germany 2020

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264424234


Page: 129

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The German economy entered a deep recession in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. A strong government response has reinforced health system capacity while protecting jobs and firms. The response to the crisis has included increases in investment to meet structural challenges from the energy transition and digital transformation.
Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice

Author: Susan B. Bastable

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9781284229271

Category: Medical

Page: 746

View: 538

"Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice, Sixth Edition prepares nurse educators, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse practitioners and students for their ever-increasing role in patient teaching, health education, and health promotion. One of the most outstanding and unique features of this text is that it focuses on multiple audiences therefore making it applicable to both undergraduate and graduate nursing courses.The Sixth Edition features coverage of relevant topics in nursing education and health promotion such as health literacy, teaching people with disabilities, the impact of gender and socioeconomics on learning, technology for teaching and learning, and the ethical, legal, and economic foundations of the educational process"--
Ebersole & Hess' Toward Healthy Aging E-Book

Author: Theris A. Touhy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323597906

Category: Medical

Page: 536

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Ensure you thoroughly understand the intricate details of providing effective care for adults as they age. Ebersole & Hess’ Toward Healthy Aging, 10th Edition is the only comprehensive gerontological nursing text that effectively communicates how to provide holistic care, promote healthy lives, and address end-of-life issues and concerns. Grounded in the core competencies recommended by the AACN in collaboration with the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, the tenth edition has been extensively revised and updated with shorter, more streamlined chapters and pedagogical features to facilitate learning. It covers the areas of safety and ethical considerations, genetics, communication with the patient and caregiver, promoting health in persons with conditions commonly occurring in later-life world-wide addressing loss and palliative care and much more. Special sections provide an honest look at the universal experience of aging and the nurse’s role in the reduction of health disparities and inequities as a member of the global community. Plus, it contains a variety of new learning features that focus on applying research and thinking critically in when providing care to aging adults across the care continuum.
Maternal Child Nursing Care - E-Book

Author: Shannon E. Perry

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323825870

Category: Medical

Page: 1643

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Master the essentials of maternity and pediatric nursing with this comprehensive, all-in-one text! Maternal Child Nursing Care, 7th Edition covers the issues and concerns of women during their childbearing years and children during their developing years. It uses a family-centered, problem-solving approach to patient care, with guidelines supported by evidence-based practice. New to this edition is an emphasis on clinical judgment skills and a new chapter on children with integumentary dysfunction. Written by a team of experts led by Shannon E. Perry and Marilyn J. Hockenberry, this book provides the accurate information you need to succeed in the classroom, the clinical setting, and on the Next Generation NCLEX-RN® examination. Focus on the family throughout the text emphasizes the influence of the entire family in health and illness. Expert authors of the market-leading maternity and pediatric nursing textbooks combine to ensure delivery of the most accurate, up-to-date content. Information on victims of sexual abuse as parents and human trafficking helps you prepare to handle these delicate issues. Nursing Alerts highlight critical information that could lead to deteriorating or emergency situations. Guidelines boxes outline nursing procedures in an easy-to-follow format. Evidence-Based Practice boxes include findings from recent clinical studies. Emergency Treatment boxes describe the signs and symptoms of emergency situations and provide step-by-step interventions. Atraumatic Care boxes describe how to manage pain and provide competent care to pediatric patients with the least amount of physical or psychological stress. Community Focus boxes emphasize community issues, provide resources and guidance, and illustrate nursing care in a variety of settings. Patient Teaching boxes highlight important information nurses need to communicate to patients and families. Cultural Considerations boxes describe beliefs and practices relating to pregnancy, labor and birth, parenting, and women’s health. Family-Centered Care boxes draw attention to the needs or concerns of families that you should consider to provide family-centered care.