Teaching Critical Psychology

Author: Craig Newnes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351806275

Category: Psychology

Page: 282

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This edited volume may be the 'definitive text' on methods and content in teaching psychology from an international and critical perspective. Chapters from internationally renowned contributors working clinically, educationally and in the community with a range of client groups, outline critical teaching by and for professionals and service recipients. This timely book offers a unique, research-based and philosophically coherent approach to teaching psychology including teaching methods, the lecture content of radical approaches to modern psychology and debates as to whether the aim of teaching is to liberate or control. Themes include the nature of pedagogy, the importance of teaching and learning style, the relevance of context and content and the ways in which traditional teaching forms a part of the disciplinary rather than critical project. Teaching Critical Psychology offers guidance in teaching pupils, students, peers and those on academic programmes at under-graduate and post-graduate level.
Mnelisi's Guide to Raising Poultry

Author: mnelisi mthuli

Publisher: mnelisi mthuli

ISBN: 9780620724586

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 51

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Mnelisi's Guide to Raising Poultry, This is a chicken farming book for both starters and advanced farmers, the book is for both layers and broilers. The 1st chapter of the book goes through the farming systems : Deep litter system, Battrey Caged , free range chicken farming ,organic chicken farming and pastured chicken farming. The 2nd chapter covers almost all the chicken farming tools that a farmer will need to run a commercial chicken farm and a backyard chicken farm. 3rd chapter covers a list of comming chicken diaseses , biosecurity and tips to keep your chickens healthy. 4th Chapter covers Feeds for chickens, the following feeds are covered : Pre-starter feed, starter feed, Grit, Oyster shell, Grower feed, Worms feed, Layer feed, Broiler feed, Finisher feed, Scrach Grains, All Purpose feed, Supplements and Grass for chickens. The 5th chapter covers Water: the impartance of chicken water, cleaning of chicken water, testing water, killing bacteria's on water. The 6th chapter covers layers, issues that you will face on layer business , list of good layers. The 7th chapter cover broliers. The 8th chapter is for the chicken shelter. 9Th is the chapter that tasks about chicks, how to raise chicks.