How Computer Games Help Children Learn

Author: D. Shaffer

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230601994

Category: Education

Page: 242

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How can we make sure that our children are learning to be creative thinkers in a world of global competition - and what does that mean for the future of education in the digital age? David Williamson Shaffer offers a fresh and powerful perspective on computer games and learning. How Computer Games Help Children Learn shows how video and computer games can help teach children to build successful futures - but only if we think in new ways about education itself. Shaffer shows how computer and video games can help students learn to think like engineers, urban planners, journalists, lawyers, and other innovative professionals, giving them the tools they need to survive in a changing world. Based on more than a decade of research in technology, game science, and education, How Computer Games Help Children Learn revolutionizes the ongoing debate about the pros and cons of digital learning.
Coding for Kids

Author: Raymond Deep

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 170848647X


Page: 137

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If you want that your children learn how to code, then keep reading... Are they excited about technology and video games, and ready to learn the power of the software behind them? If SO, Coding for Kids is here to take you on a journey and help get your kids started on coding for success. The word is out there is a long-term shortage of people in STEM fields. Why not give your child a leg up in today's world and get them interested in computer programming at a younger age? This might sound like a daunting task. But the reality is, new tools and teaching methods are teaching millions of children to code by giving it to them in small bites that their minds can handle. Sure, building a real video game is going to be complex, but you would be surprised how easy it is for children to learn how to build simple video games and get totally excited about it. In this book, we will take you from start to finish to help get your child started. Some of the topics discussed include: An introduction to Scratch 3. Learn what it is and how it can help your child learn coding skills at the appropriate level for their age. Tips for successful coding and avoiding frustration. Specific examples giving children the exact steps they need to get started with simple but instructive projects. Learn how to include motion, looks, sound, and events in a Scratch project. Discover how to animate characters and change scenes or levels in a game. See the exact steps needed to build a script and tie it to a specific object or character in a game. What's a sprite? How do you create an if statement? What are the loops? If your child doesn't know now, they will by the time you finish this book. Learn the importance of planning. Find out what pseudocode is and how to storyboard your projects. An overview of what coding can do for you and career opportunities. Ten interactive games and activities, and key scripts used to create them. 25 suggested self-directed activities to further learning. Even if your children have never approached to a programming language, this book is full of detailed images that will guide them step by step into the fantastic world of Scratch 3. Even if they don't know how practically find and use the tools, this book contains alto the links and the instructions that will allow them using all the instruments in the right way! Even if you are skeptical about the importance of programming, this book will change your mind because your children will improve tremendously their logical skills and will be excited trying to solve the coding challenges contained in this book. Get your child started on a path to computing excellence! You can't afford to wait, everyone else is going it, and your child will be left behind if they don't at least learn the basics of coding, don't wait a minute more... SCROLL UP THE PAGE AND CLICK BUY NOW BUTTON!
Young Children, Videos and Computer Games

Author: Jane Wilson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 075070702X

Category: Education

Page: 206

View: 489

Debate ranges over the effects of the growing utilization by the young of interactive screen-based technologies and the effects of these on vulnerable young chldren. This text is based on two years' research on 100 children, with entertainment screen technology in their homes, following them from home to school and examining the difference in culture in the two environments. The question is asked whether children are developing the necessary IT and other skills required from the maturing learner as we approach the 21st century. Issues such as gender, parenting, violence, censorship and the educational consequences of their screen-based experiences are at the forefront of the text's coverage.
Playful Teaching, Learning Games:New Tool for Digital Classrooms

Author: Myint Swe Khine

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789460914607

Category: Education

Page: 133

View: 831

Educators around the world acknowledge the fact that we live in the knowledge society and ability to think systematically is one of the necessary skills in order to function effectively in the 21st century. In the past two decades, popular culture introduced digital games as part of leisure activities for children and adults. Today playing computer games is routine activity for children of all ages. Many have agreed that interactive computer games enhance concentration, promote thinking, increase motivation and encourage socialisation. Educators found their way in introducing game-based learning in science education to entice the students in teaching difficult concepts. Simulation games provide authentic learning experience and virtual world excites the students to learn new phenomena and enliven their inquisitive mind. This book presents recent studies in game-based learning and reports continuing attempts to use games as new tool in the classrooms.
Computer Coding for Kids

Author: Carol Vorderman

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241010440

Category: Computers

Page: 220

View: 450

A simple visual guide to get kids computer coding in no time Computer coding is firmly back on the agenda as a key skill for children to start learning. Computer Coding for Kids is a unique step-by-step guide, perfect for kids interested in computer programming and how computers work. Now available with text that lights up as you read along and playful images and sounds. Avoiding computer jargon, this book guides children through creating computer programs starting with the very basics. Computer Coding for Kids is the only programming book that teaches both Scratch and Python programming languages, with illustrated, simple, step-by-step explanations that make the complex art of computer programming clear for the complete beginner. Starting with simple explanations of programming basics, it progresses to more advanced projects where children can build their own games. Computer Coding for Kids is ideal for kids looking to take your first steps into programming or those that are already interested and hungry to learn more.
Active Learning for Fives

Author: Debby Cryer

Publisher: Dale Seymour Publications

ISBN: UVA:X002759923

Category: Active learning

Page: 464

View: 679

This publication has over 500 activities for children 60 - 72 months old. The activities are easy to read and do with one child or a small group.