How to Snare a Millionaire Now

Author: Lisa Johnson Mandell

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468912838

Category: Self-Help


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"It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man." Maybe even a little easier. We all fantasize about a life of luxury—why not use your natural talents and assets to make your dream come true? Relationship expert Lisa Johnson Mandell, author of the original 'How to Snare a Millionaire' and co-author of 'Become Your Own Matchmaker' with Bravo TV's Millionaire Matchmaker, writes from her own personal experience. Lisa received more than 50 marriage proposals before she finally settled down in a blissful marriage to the successful man of her dreams. Her experience as a professional journalist helped her in interviewing myriad millionaires and their wives, as well as experts in every related field. The result of her efforts is 'How to Snare a Millionaire NOW, The Sequel to the Ultimate Guide on Marrying for Love and Money.' In it, Lisa gives up-to-the-minute information on all things necessary to marry a knight in shining platinum armor. She tells you what he's looking for, where to find him, and how to approach him. Then she fills you in on his care and feeding, and explains what you need to do if you want to keep him, legally and forever. You can start picking out your bridesmaids' dress colors now.
How to Snare a Millionaire

Author: Lisa Johnson

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781466882423

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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We all want to be pampered, spoiled, indulged, coddled, and basically have riches lavished upon us by wealthy admirers. Unfortunately, millionaires don't fall from the sky directly onto our laps with marriage proposals. As Lisa Johnson knows, one has to work to get them. That's why she has written How to Snare a Millionaire, a book that provides everything one needs to know for dating and marrying a millionaire, from where to find them to how to keep them.
Love and Marriage Across Social Classes in American Cinema

Author: Stephen Sharot

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319417998

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 273

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This book is the first comprehensive and systematic study of cross-class romance films throughout the history of American cinema. It provides vivid discussions of these romantic films, analyses their normative patterns and thematic concerns, traces how they were shaped by inequalities of gender and class in American society, and explains why they were especially popular from World War I through the roaring twenties and the Great Depression. In the vast majority of cross-class romance films the female is poor or from the working class, the male is wealthy or from the upper class, and the romance ends successfully in marriage or the promise of marriage.

Author: Louisa Graves


ISBN: 9781456613570

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 302

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If you're a busy gal on the go, you're sure to enjoy best-selling author Louisa Graves, new doctor-recommended book, Age-Proof: Beauty Alternatives You Need to Know. Uncover powerful, yet safe, age-defying solutions that are scientifically proven and can help you to look and feel your best. This concise guide provides myriad DIY age-proofing beauty recipes, home remedies, low-glycemic meals, snacks and natural alternatives that can help uplift mood, boost brain power, balance hormones, ignite weight loss, rejuvenate skin and body, and much more. Enhance your health and wellbeing with proven alternatives that really work. The information is revolutionary and concise, and the product suggestions are accessible and affordable. Discover how to make your own healthy 'head to toe' beauty recipes and remedies * rid your body of toxins and reduce stress * improve wellbeing * reduce brain fog and increase mood with delicious foods and snacks * enjoy drug-free hormone-balancing alternatives that are safe * ignite fat burning * enjoy uninterrupted sleep * build bone density and firm muscles - in just 10 minutes a day * rejuvenate and firm sagging, mature skin * access doctor and spa-quality skin care products that cost a fraction of the price * avoid toxic skin care and household products * make your own healthy cleaning products * reduce enlarged pores, blemishes, prevent acne and fade stretch marks and pigmentation spots * rejuvenate hands * halt thinning hair * banish cracked heels, dark circles, cellulite, and more. Hundreds of Louisa's personal favorite age-proofing recipes and delicious low-glycemic meals and snacks are noted throughout and at the back of the book. In addition, the author provides a resource guide where you can locate ingredients, supplements and cutting-edge skin care and health products. Thousands of women report that they feel more energized and empowered, look and feel more beautiful, and ready to take on life's day to day challenges with a more uplifted attitude and much less stress, after having incorporated Louisa's proven suggestions.
To Snare a Fox

Author: James Mackie

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462807833

Category: Fiction

Page: 454

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To Snare A Fox To Snare A Fox To Snare a Fox is a rip roaring adventure novel about international drug trafficking on a grand scale involving oil supply boats, cargo ships and oil rigs. Follow the scented trail of the Fox around the world as DEA agent Jim Douglas tries to track down this illusive, clever, ruthless international criminal. In 1989, the Americans invaded Panama and arrested President Noriega for drug trafficking into the USA. During the battle that followed, two DEA (Drug Executive Administration), agents, working out of the American Embassy arrested a general who was about to deliver a truck load of narcotics to a British national, called the Fox, whose boat was tied up in the harbour. The two agents: Jim Douglas and Sam Pollard disguised themselves, masquerading as Panamanian army officers and drove the truck to the harbour in the old town area, for a fateful meeting with the Fox. Their plan was to arrest the Fox while he exchanged a suitcase of money for the drugs, but they had not taken into consideration the ruthless, devious intentions of the Fox. When some time later, a group of follow up CIA agents found the two men, they had been shot. Pollard was dead. Douglas had been shot in the back twice. He was alive but barely breathing. The Fox escaped with the drugs and found sanctuary in Columbia, until the invasion blew over. Months later, agent Jim Douglas made a full recovery. It had been a startling, incredible recover from serious body wounds but, although his body had been healed, his mind was still wounded, by the trauma of seeing his fellow agent and friend die. Douglas had suffered from the Foxs gun, and would never forget the cold, steel, blue eyes and the cruel, merciless face of the man who had shot him. Nor would he forget the promise that he had made to Pollard, as he lay dying, lying beside him on the groun
Marilyn Monroe

Author: Charles Casillo

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250096883

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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Based on new interviews and research, this ground-breaking biography explores the secret selves behind Marilyn Monroe’s public facades. Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty still captivates. Her love life still fascinates. Her story still dominates popular culture. Now, drawing on years of research and dozens of new interviews, this biography cuts through decades of lies and secrets and introduces you to the Marilyn Monroe you always wanted to know: a living, breathing, complex woman, bewitching and maddening, brilliant yet flawed. Charles Casillo studies Monroe’s life through the context of her times—in the days before feminism. Before there was adequate treatment for Marilyn’s struggle with bipolar disorder. Starting with her abusive childhood, this biography exposes how—in spite of her fractured psyche—Marilyn’s extreme ambition inspired her to transform each celebrated love affair and each tragedy into another step in her journey towards immortality. Casillo fully explores the last two years of her life, including her involvement with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, and the mystery of her last day. Just a few of Casillo's revelations: *Despite reports of their bitter rivalry, Elizabeth Taylor secretly reached out and tried to help Marilyn during one of her darkest moments. *The existence of Marilyn’s semi-nude love scene with Clark Gable—long thought to be lost. *A few nights before she died, Marilyn encountered Warren Beatty at a party and disclosed some of the reasons for her final despair. *A meticulously detailed account of the events of her last day, revealing how a series of miscommunications and misjudgments contributed to her death.
Snow White Red-Handed

Author: Maia Chance

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698140011

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Miss Ophelia Flax is a Victorian actress who knows all about making quick changes and even quicker exits. But to solve a fairy-tale crime in the haunted Black Forest, she’ll need more than a bit of charm… 1867: After being fired from her latest variety hall engagement, Ophelia acts her way into a lady’s maid position for a crass American millionaire. But when her new job whisks her off to a foreboding castle straight out of a Grimm tale, she begins to wonder if her fast-talking ways might have been too hasty. The vast grounds contain the suspected remains of Snow White’s cottage, along with a disturbing dwarf skeleton. And when her millionaire boss turns up dead—poisoned by an apple—the fantastic setting turns into a once upon a crime scene. To keep from rising to the top of the suspect list, Ophelia fights through a bramble of elegant lies, sinister folklore, and priceless treasure, with only a dashing but mysterious scholar as her ally. And as the clock ticks towards midnight, she’ll have to break a cunning killer’s spell before her own time runs out…
The Millionaire's Daughter

Author: Dorothy Eden

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504034807

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A New York Times–bestselling author brings Gilded Age New York and Victorian England alive in this “vastly entertaining” saga of a bold American heiress (Publishers Weekly). The daughter of one of New York City’s brash new millionaires and an impoverished socialite, Christabel Spencer inherited both her father’s passionate nature and her mother’s beauty and breeding. An American debutante in Paris and London, Chrissie waltzed with European princes and English lords, all of whom found her combination of looks and wealth irresistible. Despite her father’s dream of having an English aristocrat for a son-in-law, Chrissie is determined not to marry for social status alone. She cannot live without love—and will find it at any cost. Featuring a cast of unforgettable characters, The Millionaire’s Daughter is the heartwarming, surprising tale of a young woman caught in the crosscurrents of ambition and desire.
The Seduction Game

Author: Emma Shortt

Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence

ISBN: 9781622663279

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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When millionaire bad boy Will Thornton tries to buy computer-geek Kate Kelly’s building out from under her, she refuses to sell. Will might be uber rich, but she won’t be bullied. Trouble is, she doesn’t expect Will to look like one of her fantasy heroes, or to make her heart beat way too fast. Fine. She can control herself long enough to wait him out. Hopefully. There may be millions of dollars on the line, but Will is confident he can make Kate sell. 'Charming' is his middle name, and he plays the game better than anybody. Problem is, the snarky little computer-wiz is nothing like he imagined. She's impossibly cute...and a match for him in every way. It’s game on. But in a seductive battle of the sexes, only one can come out on top...
Working Girls

Author: Katherine Mullin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191037832

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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Working Girls: Fiction, Sexuality, and Modernity investigates the significance of a new form of sexual identity at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. Young women of the lower-middle and working classes were increasingly abandoning domestic service in favour of occupations of contested propriety. They inspired both moral unease and erotic fascination. Working Girls considers representations of four highly glamorised yet controversial types of women worker: telegraphists and typists (in newly-feminised offices), shop assistants (in the new department stores), and barmaids (in the new 'gin palaces' of major British cities). Economically emancipated (more or less) and liberated (more or less) from the protection and constraints of home and family, shop-girls, barmaids, typists, and telegraphists became mass media sensations. They energised a wide range of late-Victorian and Modernist fiction. This study will bring late-Victorian and Modernist British writers into intimate conversation with a substantial new archive of ephemeral sources often regarded as remote from high art and its concerns: popular fiction; music hall and musical comedy; beauty pageants and fairground exhibitions; visual art and early film; careers manuals; magazine and periodical journalism; moral reform crusades, Royal Commissions, and attempts at protective legislation. Working Girls argues that these seductive yet perilous young women helped writers negotiate anxieties about the state of literary culture in the United Kingdom. Crucially, they preoccupy novelists who were themselves beleaguered by anxieties over cultural capital, the shifting pressures of the literary marketplace, or controversies about the morality of fiction (often leading to the threat of censorship). In articulating questions about sexual integrity, Working Girls articulate often submerged questions about textual integrity and the role of the modern novel.
The Millionaire's Love-Child

Author: Elizabeth Power

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781552546482

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 749

It was every mother's worst nightmare. Annie's son had been swapped at birth! But it got worse: her charismatic ex-boss, Brant Cadman, was raising her real son—and she his! Brant made Annie an irresistible proposition—marry him. Annie knew both their sons needed their mom and dad. Plus, she couldn't deny the intense physical attraction between them…because once they'd shared a night of love….
How to become a billionaire by selling nothing

Author: Aditya Magal

Publisher: Random House India

ISBN: 9788184006186

Category: Humor

Page: 387

View: 487

A billionaire stock investor with a dragon-sized ego finds himself in an outrageous pickle when an eccentric entrepreneur approaches him to invest in his company which makes a revolutionary new product–NOTHING. While the billionaire dismisses him with 1 lakh rupees to seek psychiatric help, the entrepreneur instead uses the money to start manufacturing NOTHING, assigning him a stake in the company as a sign of gratefulness. Caught in a precarious situation, the billionaire must now debate the validity of the stake he has unintentionally picked up in the company as it becomes more and more valuable each day with everyone from politicians to filmstars to aam aadmis parading the power of Nothing. Things escalate into a circus when another company sues for what they believe is a blatant patent plagiarism of their original idea. Rambunctious, packed with tons of sarcasm, spoofs, and sketches, How to Become a Billionaire by Selling Nothing looks at the inherent madness of human nature and the ridiculous lengths people go to while doing business.