How to Speak Like a Pro

Author: Leon Fletcher

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307775627

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

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More than snakes, more than deep water, even more than death, people cite public speaking as their greatest fear. But with more than seventy percent of our jobs requiring the effective presentation of ideas to a group, you need to know “how to speak like a pro.” • Seven tips to control stage fright • How to select your subject, gather ideas, and present information • How to start, organize, and end your speech • The importance of practicing—and the dangers of over-practicing • How to seem spontaneous, yet be prepared • How to deal with distractions—from hecklers to crying babies • Eight easy-to-follow steps to preparing and presenting a speech and more With handy checklists after each chapter!
Accelerated German Learn German the Fast Way and Speak Like a Native

Author: Christian Stahl

Publisher: Christian Stahl


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 177

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Are you planning on coming to Germany for vacation, studies or work? This book will show you a different and holistic way to learn German fast. We have developed a method that combines practical steps and essential learning techniques into one holistic approach that has been proven successful to many of our students. We call it accelerating German. Learn German fast by using new methods that are not boring, but involve action and real life situations. This book is written by a German linguist and we have made great efforts preparing this book and to show you new and practical ways to learn this interesting language. This book offers step by step tools to help beginners achieve fluency! Table of Contents Introduction Pronouncing German Words The German Alphabet Learn the Language Structure and Grammar Correct Pronunciation & Cognates Learning Nouns and Adjectives Days, Numbers Telling Time & Date Articles and the infamous four German Noun Cases Expressions of Time and Date Article Genders, Definitives, and Infinitives Compound Nouns and Their Gender (Lovely) Pronouns! German Tenses and Verb Tenses How to Decline the Easy Way Word Order and Building Sentences Get those Adverbs! German Idioms! Get to Know the Accelerated Learning Methods Implement the New Methods Step-By-Step Discover and Read 3 Short Stories Prepared for Learners Exercises to Practice German PHRASEBOOK: 700 Realistic German Phrases for Most Situations Formal & informal introductions Greetings and How to address Germans Phrases for Greeting Friends & Family Restaurants & Eating Out Phrases Shopping and Renting Asking Directions Driving & Parking Phrases Transportation Phrases Medical Issues & Emergencies Banking Phrases & Terms Christmas Phrases & Expressions Illness & Wellness Sports Terms & Phrases University and Education Computer and Social Media Airport and Flights Car Problems Foods & Diet Phrases for Business & Negotiations Arts Entertainment and Recreation Crime and Help Phrases Taxi & Hiring a Car General Repairs Going to Church Seasons, Festivals and Public Holidays Legal Terms & Words
The New Talk Power

Author: Natalie Rogers

Publisher: Capital Books

ISBN: 189212324X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 374

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A proven system for helping every terrified public speaker become a confident and accomplished presenter - complete with infallible speech templates and rehearsal exercises.
Essential Guide to Public Speaking for Beginners

Author: Alice Dean


ISBN: 9798550585580


Page: 114

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Have you got an important speech coming up in front of a large number of people, and is just thinking about it leaving you in a cold sweat and with serious feelings of anxiety?Maybe you have just changed jobs. For the first time, you have been asked to speak in public as part of your role, and you don't have a clue how to do that well or even where to start researching?Perhaps you have done a couple of public speeches, but you feel that they could have gone a little better, so you are looking for some more tips and advice on the subject so that you nail it next time you are up in front of an audience.If this is you, then you have come to the right place! The Essential Guide to Public Speaking for Beginners has been created to suit your objectives, by providing you with simple, effective, and easy to follow tips and tricks about public speaking.So many of us suffer with the fear of speaking in public to a large audience. It can be extremely daunting to think about and can result in all sorts of feelings of panic and anxiety about what might go wrong.What is even more frustrating is that other people seem to have no issue when it comes to speaking in public. They seem calm, collected, and completely in control.In fact, only a very small number of people actually feel this way while many others are able to tackle their feelings of inner doubt and instead portray and confidence in front of others.This book contains the various tips and techniques you can use to become more confident in your own public speaking skills by becoming more knowledgeable in what a good public speaker looks like, and how to exude confidence in front of your peers.Inside Essential Guide to Public Speaking for Beginners, discover: ●The well-kept secrets that every good public speakers knows and utilizers●Tips and tricks to become more confident in your own abilities as a public speaker ●How to give off an air of confidence even if you aren't feeling the same way insideAnd much more!Don't let fear or inexperience hold you back any longer. Buy this book and become an expert at public speaking today!
Spanish Language for Beginners

Author: Living Languages

Publisher: Living Languages


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Are you trying to learn Spanish in a quick & efficient manner? Then it’s your lucky day. You just arrived at the right place. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to understand a single word of a different language, and it’s a fact; communication is a key – a very big one. Even in actual times, when Spanish is gaining a big momentum, you can’t afford to stay behind the others. But, that’s not a problem anymore. We’ve got you covered on this. Today, we are introducing the ‘magic-tool’ you have always needed. The Ultimate Spanish Language Master Book for Beginners. The only guide you need to speak, write & communicate like an expert (without being one). Most of the books or audiobooks have been written to please teachers. This book has been designed and written to please readers and listeners. The focus is on using a scientifically proven method to learn while having fun. You will learn everything from scratch to master your skills from A to Z. Including: • Common Phrases • Overcome Basic Mistakes • Pronunciation Tips • Basics & How’s & everything you need to get started fast. However, that’s not all. This book will help you to: Learn How to Remain A One-By-One Conversation (Fluently)–You will be able to talk with someone without noticing you are speaking another language. Learn From Common Mistakes–That’s right, we included several situations when most people fail. You will learn where others failed. Speed-Up Your Learning Process–You won’t need to spend five years to learn Spanish; with this book, you can do it in less than a few months. Learn passively–Make the most of listening to the language. A whole chapter on how to make the most of listening. Isn’t it awesome? Today, you can get it for just a fraction of the price–as we are launching our brand new version. But now, it only depends on you! Are you up for this challenge? There isn’t any prior experience needed to start learning. We’ve made this process as fast & easy as possible for YOU to become fluent. ✓ Buy this Book Now!
The Beginner's Guide to Interpreting Ethnic DNA Origins for Family History

Author: Anne Hart

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595283064

Category: History

Page: 263

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Genealogists are now using molecular genealogy--comparing and matching people by matrilineal DNA lineages--mtDNA or patrilineal Y-chromosome ancestry and/or racial percentages tests. People interested in ancestry now look at genetic markers to trace the migrations of the human species. Here's how to trace your genealogy by DNA from your grandparents back 10,000 or more years. Anyone can be interested in DNA for ancestry research, but of interest to Jews from Eastern Europe is to see how different populations from a mosaic of communities reached their current locations. From who are you descended? What markers will shed light on your deepest ancestry? You can study DNA for medical reasons or to discover the geographic travels and dwelling places of some of your ancestors. How do Europeans in general fit into the great migrations of prehistory that took all to where they are today based on their genetic DNA markers and sequences? Where is the geographic center of their origin and the roots of all people? Specifically, how can you interpret your DNA test for family history as a beginner in researching ancestry and your own family history?
How to Interpret Family History and Ancestry DNA Test Results for Beginners

Author: Anne Hart

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595316847

Category: Medical

Page: 657

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How many DNA testing companies will show you how to interpret DNA test results for family history or direct you to instructional materials after you have had your DNA tested? Choose a company based on previous customer satisfaction, and whether the company gives you choices of how many markers you want, various ethnic and geographic databases, and surname projects based on DNA-driven genealogy. Before you select a company to test your DNA, find out how many genetic markers will be tested. For the maternal line, 400 base pairs of sequences are the minimum. For the paternal line (men only) 37 markers are great, but 25 markers also should be useful. Some companies offer a 12-marker test for surname genealogy groups at a special price. Find out how long the turnaround time is for waiting to receive your results. What is the reputation of the company? Do they have a contract with a university lab or a private lab? Who does the testing and who is the chief geneticist at their laboratory? What research articles, if any, has that scientist written or what research studies on DNA have been performed by the person in charge of the DNA testing at the laboratory? Who owns the DNA business that contracts with the lab? How involved in genealogy-related DNA projects and databases or services is the owner?
Learn German for Beginners

Author: Pro Language Learning


ISBN: 1800763131

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 116

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Discover the Best and Fastest Way to Learn German With This Guide Designed Specifically for Beginners. Would you like to: Learn how to speak German fluently? Learn proper and accurate German pronunciation? Master the German vocabulary and daily used phrases? But you: Don't have much time on your hands? Think that learning German is tedious and boring? You don't have to worry, because this beginner's guide for learning German has everything you need to get started. Especially if you have never learned German before. Every lesson you can find inside has been made by experts and adapted for persons that don't know a single word of German but are willing to learn. Even if you don't have much time on your hands, the lessons are designed so that you can stop whenever you want and continue at a later time. The topics are fascinating and interactive so that the learning will be easy and fun! Here is what this beginner's guide can offer you: Step-by-step guide for learning German: Follow easy step-by-step directions and learn how to speak German like a native. Vocabulary exercises: Find out how to easily enrich your German vocabulary with fun and simple activities. Common daily phrases: Learn the most common phrases in the German language and when to use them. Ease of access: Learn German in the car, learn German at home, learn German on the road. Learn German whenever and wherever you want. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to learn German, this guide is perfect for you. With these step-by-step guides and exercises, you'll speak German like a native in no time. So what are you waiting for? Scroll up, click on "Buy Now" and Get Your Copy Now!
Learn Spanish

Author: Fernández Language Institute


ISBN: 1801547874

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 558

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THIS BOOK INCLUDES: Learn Spanish for Beginners Learn Spanish for Intermediate Users Learn Spanish for Advanced Users You Are About To Learn Spanish Right From The Basics To The Advanced Level In The Fastest Way Possible! Did you know that Spanish is the official language for 21 states in the globe? Not only is it the main language for these states, but also serves as the only way to communicate for many people. So whether you're planning to start travelling the world, or have already found yourself in situations or environments that demand basic or advanced understanding of Spanish like your job, then you'd be doing yourself a lot of justice making an effort to learn the language. But even so, you might still think: But Spanish sounds so difficult! How can I learn the language within the shortest time? Are there special areas I need to focus on to optimize my learning or speaking of the language? What if I'm only interested in certain areas like sports, food, clothes and music? If that's you, then this 3 in 1 book is all you need. It contains the most practical learning tools, and important features spanning beginner, intermediate and advanced levels; well delineated and designed to give you the easiest time learning Spanish. Here's a bit of what you'll learn from it: Basic to advanced Spanish grammar so you know exactly how to construct proper sentences in Spanish How to use articles, adjectives, prepositions, verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, interjections, tenses, and many other elements of speech in Spanish How to use numbers properly while speaking Spanish, without sounding like a two-year old How to speak basic and advanced sentences and hold conversations by mastering words and phrases that you can use in everyday places like hotels, schools, overseas and many other places and situations How to start and hold conversations in Spanish without sounding off and like you are trying too much, including being able to ask questions, using syntax and more How to hold intelligent conversations about different topics like sports, music, food, drinks, directions, clothes, the weather and more How to understand and master stress and accents in Spanish How to make comparisons in Spanish without sounding like a clown How to troubleshoot your Spanish speak so that you become better at it with time Common myths about learning a new language that you should not believe How to apply powerful tips that will make you learn with speed High-frequency vocabulary with time-saving panels to ensure you don't have to look words up Powerful exercises that will help you express yourself with greater effectiveness as you speak Spanish A sneaky way of mastering the essential parts in Spanish to smoothen your learning curve and ultimately become a fluent Spanish speaker How to not literally murder Spanish grammar in your speak Common Spanish words, phrases and sentences that you can use in different scenarios to get you started and help you put what you learn into practice ...And MUCH MORE! Spanish can be easy or difficult to learn, depending on the guide, and this guide is here to not only make it easy, but interesting and fun as well! So get your own copy today and get started! Click Buy Now to get started!
Learn Spanish for Beginners

Author: Pro Language Learning

Publisher: Pro Language Learning


Category: Foreign Language Study


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Spanish Made Simple – Speak Spanish Fluently with Real-Life Conversations and Everyday Phrases for Absolutely Beginners Would you like to: - Easily understand Spanish conversations? - Develop confidence when speaking with natives? - Travel abroad and speak Spanish instead of English? But you: - Are overwhelmed with other daily tasks? - Feel like you need to live with locals in order to actually learn it? Right from the first lesson, you will start understanding Spanish better. This book is made for you to follow daily lessons by improving your understanding and speaking abilities. That way even if you start from scratch you will learn quickly a new vocabulary and build Spanish-speaking habits. The best part? This book was made by someone who has a very hectic and busy schedule. I was looking to make the ultimate guide for those of us with 15-30 minutes available a day… and sometimes even less. That way, no matter how busy you are you can still learn Spanish and become fluent quickly. Here is what this beginner's guide can offer you: - Knowledge for Absolute Beginners: Learn the fundamentals that will serve you for the rest of your Spanish learning journey. - Vocabulary Practices: Learn the essentials words and phrases that will make you understand Spanish speakers while traveling in a matter of days - Speaking Spanish with Confidence: The interactive lessons will help you build confidence when you speak with native Spanish speakers - Daily Practices: You will be able to learn anywhere – at the airport, in your car, or even while waiting at the grocery store This is not just a short basic course. This book will take you from an absolute beginner to a fluent Spanish speaker. You need to follow the guide and properly apply the words. If you do that in a few weeks you will already understand and speak Spanish. Scroll up, click on "Buy Now" and Get Your Copy Now!
Public Speaking for Beginners

Author: SBL

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468966336

Category: Education


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Do you know that most people are scared of public speaking? Yes, that’s right; many people when asked to deliver a speech would immediately decline it and reason out or even refer somebody to do it. Why are they scared of public speaking? It’s simple; they don’t know how to do it. I have created this simple course to equip you with the basic fundamental skills of public speaking. This course will be your guide to conquering your fear of public speaking. If you have never tried to speak in front of people because you’re scared, confused or shy, this course is for you. If you are an advanced learner trying to look for some more ideas, try it, you might get some additional ideas and insights for your next public speaking engagement.