Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology

Author: Nicolas G. Adrien

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849318904

Category: Science

Page: 468

View: 485

Computational hydraulics and hydrologic modeling are rapidly developing fields with a wide range of applications in areas ranging from wastewater disposal and stormwater management to civil and environmental engineering. These fields are full of promise, but the abundance of literature that now exists contains many new terms that are not always defined. Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology: An Illustrated Dictionary defines more that 4,000 basic terms and phrases related to water conveyance with emphasis on computational hydraulics and hydrologic modeling. Compiled by Nicolas G. Adrien, a noted consulting engineer with three decades of experience, this dictionary includes detailed references to actual modeling studies, nearly 100 illustrations, 150 equations and formulas, and many notations. It also includes a chapter of application examples and another containing more than 6,000 related terms with a list of resources where interested readers can find additional definitions. Other dictionaries and glossaries related to these areas tend to be either dated or much narrower in scope. This dictionary offers broad, practice-based coverage of terms culled directly from the latest texts, references, and actual engineering reports. Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology: An Illustrated Dictionary stands alone in providing ready access to the vocabulary of these subjects.
French-English and English-French glossary of hydrogeology and groundwater hydraulics

Author: Jean Margat

Publisher: Editions Brgm

ISBN: STANFORD:36105020693714

Category: English language

Page: 263

View: 908

Plus de 20 ans de développement des métiers liés à l'eau, un accroissement très significatif des travaux sur les ressources en eau et leur qualité, la nécessité d'une approche pluridisciplinaire de ces domaines ont montré la nécessité d'une révision et d'un enrichissement du lexique publié en 1972 par Jean Margat. Ce lexique axé sur l'hydrogéologie, l'hydraulique souterraine et l'hydrologie de surface comporte également des termes relatifs à l'évaluation et la gestion des ressources en eau, à l'environnement et à la conduite de projets, soit plus de 5 000 termes. Cet ouvrage s'adresse à l'ensemble des professionnels des milieux académiques et appliqués dans les techniques liées à l'eau ainsi qu'à tous ceux qui sont appelés à lire et à rédiger des textes dans ces domaines. The water-related sector has, over the past 25 years, undergone considerable development accompanied by increased awareness of our water resources and their quality and of the need for a multidisciplinary approach. This called for a major revision and enrichment of the Glossary of Hydrogeology and Groundwater Hydraulics by Jean Margat that was published in 1972. The new Glossary, with over 5000 terms, focuses essentially on hydrogeology, groundwater and surface hydrology, but also includes entries related to water-resource assessment and management the Environment and project management. It is an essential reference work for all professionals in the water resource domain, whether academic or applied, and a must for all who read and/or write texts associated with hydrogeology and groundwater hydraulics.
Glossary of Hydrology

Author: William Edward Wilson


ISBN: UOM:39076002070410

Category: Hydrology

Page: 260

View: 890

Intended for hydrologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, environmentalists, geoscientists, and others, this glossary defines more than 4,000 terms and acronyms related to hydrology; many definitions are drawn from the same publisher's Glossary of Geology (1997). Terms are defined in clear language fre
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology

Author: D. J. Poehls

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0080925278

Category: Science

Page: 528

View: 113

The scientific disciplines of hydrology and hydrogeology are expanding as the Earth's water is being recognized by governments and individuals as a shrinking resource—no entity can afford to take water for granted. At the present time, there is no single reference source for definitions. The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology is a practical, comprehensive reference guide with complete definitions of terms in hydrogeology and other fields closely related to water practices. This concise reference not only defines terms and concepts, but also provides a clear explanation of key elements so that an in-depth understanding of processes may be obtained. * With more than 2,000 entries, from "absolute permeability" to the "Z-R relationship", this dictionary features the most up-to-date vocabulary in hydrology and hydrogeology. This dictionary would be of use to practicing scientists and professionals in all the fields of water science. * More than 340 graphs, tables and diagrams complement the entries in order to clarify terms, methods, or processes * Essential reference for students, academics, consultants, and practitioners in hydrology, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, environmental law, and the government
A Dictionary of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Author: Harry C Friebel


ISBN: 0983908516

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 460

View: 713

Whether you're a Civil, Water Resources (Hydrology & Hydraulics), Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, Environmental Engineer or from another discipline, A Dictionary of Civil & Environmental Engineering will help you prepare and pass the Professional Engineering (PE) exam. TERMS YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND AND PASS THE CIVIL & ENVIRONMENTAL PE EXAMINATIONS Expanded and now includes over 20,000 terms, phrases, acronyms and definitions from the fields of: Civil, Water Resources, Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation and Environmental Engineering, plus many others. Finally, a dedicated dictionary for Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Examination - terms examinees have been asking for. Affordable, up-to-date dictionary for all five (5) of the PE Civil Depths and the PE Environmental examinations. Comprehensive definitions providing reliable, easy-to-understand descriptions. Considered a must-have by Principles and Practice of Engineering examinees. Over 10,000 copies sold of Dr. Friebel's original PE examination dictionary: A Dictionary of Civil, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering. A Dictionary of Civil and Environmental Engineering is the first ever dictionary written exclusively for all five (5) Disciplines of the Civil and Environmental PE examinations. Created by expert Hydraulic Engineer and Water Resources/Environmental Engineering PE review course instructor Dr. Harry C. Friebel, this comprehensive dictionary guides you through the journey of studying for the PE examination - no more wondering or guessing what a particular term means. During the examination, this dictionary will supplement your understanding of the questions being asked (especially those qualitative questions) providing the necessary edge of getting additional problems correct, increasing your chances of passing the examination and maximizing your potential as a professional engineer. Think you don't need a dictionary, think again! This dictionary was written with the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Civil and Environmental examinations in mind. Typically, a PE examinee spends well over a thousand dollars on review books, courses and sample examinations. Many previous examinees believe they did not pass the examination the first time due to missing a single problem or two. What if one of those questions could have been answered correctly with a dictionary? Do you really want to chance not understanding what a word means in any of your examination questions? What is it worth to increase your chances of getting additional problems correct? Think of this dictionary as insurance! Hopefully you won't need it, but what if you do? Be wary of anyone stating a dictionary is not necessary for the exam. If you don't think the good people of National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) that put the examination together are not aware of the exact terms defined (and NOT defined) in your review manual glossary, you're kidding yourself. I have received testimonial after testimonial from former students thanking me for recommending that they bring a dictionary to the exam. Don't believe me? Go on Amazon and read the reviews for yourself. Terms can (and do) appear on the examination that you may not be familiar with. What if they are not defined in your reference books, then what? Everyone's vocabulary is different and what's familiar to you, may not be familiar to the person sitting next to you and vice versa. This dictionary may very well be the difference in you passing your examination. I wrote this dictionary with only one objective, to help you pass the PE Civil examination!
Vocabulary Instruction

Author: Edward J. Kame'enui

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781462503988

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 370

View: 419

This highly regarded work brings together prominent authorities on vocabulary teaching and learning to provide a comprehensive yet concise guide to effective instruction. The book showcases practical ways to teach specific vocabulary words and word-learning strategies and create engaging, word-rich classrooms. Instructional activities and games for diverse learners are brought to life with detailed examples. Drawing on the most rigorous research available, the editors and contributors distill what PreK-8 teachers need to know and do to support all students' ongoing vocabulary growth and enjoyment of reading. New to This Edition*Reflects the latest research and instructional practices.*New section (five chapters) on pressing current issues in the field: assessment, authentic reading experiences, English language learners, uses of multimedia tools, and the vocabularies of narrative and informational texts.*Contributor panel expanded with additional leading researchers.