Jacob's Journey, Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Author: Deanna Kleiman

Publisher: Twinsbooks

ISBN: 061560112X

Category: Diabetes

Page: 28

View: 378

This is a fun, educational book about what it's like living with Type 1 Diabetes. Jacob tells the story of how he was diagnosed, how he takes care of himself and how he lives life to the fullest every day. Having diabetes doesn't stop him from doing anything he wants to do. This colorful, easy to read book is great for anyone who wants to know more about Type 1 Diabetes.
Type 1 Diabetes in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

Author: Ragnar Hanas

Publisher: Class Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781859591536

Category: Diabetes

Page: 417

View: 920

The number of children with Type 1 diabetes is steadily increasing, and while research continues to search for a cure, the expectation is that those afflicted should enjoy a long life and healthy lifestyle. Medical research has conclusively proved that looking after your own diabetes - and keeping your blood glucose level down - is the key to avoiding the pitfalls and long-term risks.
Contextual Therapy for Family Health

Author: Alexandra E. Schmidt Hulst

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134853533

Category: Psychology

Page: 170

View: 639

This book provides readers with a compelling case for the inclusion of contextual therapy in comprehensive healthcare settings by presenting its applications to individual and family health across the lifespan. Part I gives an overview of contextual therapy, including case conceptualization, assessment, intervention, and supervision. Part II provides specific recommendations for incorporating contextual therapy in diverse and multidisciplinary settings. Case studies illustrate how concepts such as justice, loyalty, and balanced giving and receiving influence families’ adjustment to chronic illnesses and mental health disorders. Accounting for the trend toward increased collaboration between providers in traditional mental health and medical settings, this book will empower clinicians to expand their current range of assessment methods, intervention techniques, and supervision experiences
Inspirational Diabetes Stories

Author: Josie Jacob


ISBN: 9798610582214


Page: 82

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This book is written to motivate diabetics, and to give their parents, families, partners and friends an insight into what their beloved diabetic thinks, and how she/he feels. Story-tellers are 6 different people who have been living with diabetes for decades, and regardless of diabetes, today as adults, live fulfilling and quality lives; work, travel, and have families of their own. First story is told by a young and successful thirty-year-old woman who describes her path: her parents' attitude to diabetes and the way it shaped her attitude in adulthood. The story of the stigmatization of children with diabetes, falling in love, going out in the evening ... and finally, pregnancy with diabetes.Second story is telling us that despite growing up in a completely dysfunctional family, a child with diabetes can grow into a healthy, responsible and positive person.Third story is told from a male angle, and is more systematic and less emotionally charged. Perspective of a 40-year-old man who got diabetes when he was a baby, is very different from the previous ones, although the problem is the same. He also describes the attitude of his parents, but he also talks about his work, and his colleagues' attitude towards his diabetes. He specifically referred to the pharmaceutical industry and alternative medicine.Fourth story is told by a woman who, at a certain point in her life, was completely dependent on others, and unable to cope with the challenges of adulthood with diabetes. This is a person who developed chronic complications of diabetes, so in this book she describes the attitude towards that fact as well. Particularly interesting in this story is her experience with falling in love and choosing a life partner, and how diabetes affected her love life.Fifth story teller is a young man who got diabetes during the period of adolescence. He gives us an insight into the feelings of a 16-year-old diabetes patient who cannot cope with the challenges that diabetes brings, and just wants to be a normal teenager. Sixth story is told by a mother of a child with Type 1 diabetes. Positive and inspiring, her thoughts, attitudes and actions should help other parents of children with diabetes to find their own path of dealing with diabetes. Through these true life stories of six real people who have been living well with diabetes for several decades, you will encounter topics such as building responsibility of children with diabetes and strength of adult character, falling in love, obsessions, overriding fears, priorities, awareness of human life span, "otherness", "caring", living by someone else's or own rules, desire for healing, self-understanding, self-worth, burnout, not accepting diabetes, feeling guilty, and many others.
No Days Off

Author: Max Domi

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781982155896

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

View: 901

INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER One of the NHL’s most talented young stars shares his inspiring coming-of-age story about following his dreams after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. “Max, you have type 1 diabetes,” the doctor said. My mom and I looked at each other. For her, time stood still for a second as our entire future as a family shifted. But I had no clue what the diagnosis meant. So I said the first thing that came to mind. “Can I still play hockey?” As a kid, when Max Domi was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he only ever had one answer: a hockey player. Growing up the son of a professional hockey player, Max saw from an early age what it took to make the NHL: grit, talent, and the support of a team. Over countless hours in the garage, at the rink, and in the gym, Max chased his dream. It seemed that Max was born to be on the ice. But then, when he was twelve years old, Max started getting sick. And sicker. Finally, he and his family learned the awful truth: Max had type 1 diabetes. Overnight, Max and his family found their lives upended. All Max wanted was to be a normal kid, but suddenly, the simplest things—a game of basketball with friends, a family meal, a school field trip—were complicated with a thousand different considerations. Would people notice or make fun of him if he carried his blood-testing kit everywhere? Would his teammates think he was weak if his blood sugar went low at hockey practice? How much insulin did he need after a meal? And all the while, the fear of what might happen if things went wrong hung over his head. Max had to grow up quickly. As he struggled to find his new normal, Max slowly began to realize that overcoming his disease demanded the same qualities that it took to be a hockey player—mental and physical toughness, maturity, and the love and care of family and friends. Bit by bit, he learned—sometimes the hard way—not just to control his diabetes, but to turn it into an advantage. If managing his disease was going to demand that Max be stronger, more prepared, and more disciplined than anyone else, then he wouldn’t just be good at those things: he’d be the best. He’d do whatever it took to move himself closer to his dream of playing in the NHL. Inspiring, heartwarming, and exciting, No Days Off is a memoir about what it’s like to be a kid whose world is turned upside down, and what it takes to face adversity.
The 'Lemon Principle' Guide to Becoming a Whole-Life Warrior

Author: Leslie Jacobs

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982232078

Category: Self-Help

Page: 180

View: 358

Got Lemons? Of course you do! Who doesn’t have lemons? Life is hard! The key is Mindset: The way you choose to deal with your Lemons, your life’s challenges, and your personal struggles. So, when life hands or throws you your ‘Lemons’, What Then? What are your ‘Lemons’ and how do you choose to deal with them? Leslie will help you, with practical wisdom and strategies, to live the life you choose, ‘Lemons’ and All! Leslie Jacobs is a Whole-Life Warrior, speaker, and author of The ‘Lemon Principle’ Guide to Becoming a Whole-Life Warrior. Leslie has developed the tried and true 'Lemon Principle' Method to help you develop your skills for making the best choices when dealing with the numerous ‘Lemons’ that life inevitably and regularly presents to you. In 2002, Leslie and her family made global headlines and history, becoming the first family in the world to have lifesaving medical-information microchips implanted inside their bodies, sparking controversy. This ground-breaking event was covered live on NBC “Today”; featured in Time, People, and major global media. Leslie was prepared to handle life’s ups and downs with Clarity, Will, and Courage. She courageously faced her husband’s recurring Cancer and still faces his progressing Neuromuscular Degeneration, plus her family’s battles with fatal Pancreatic Cancer, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Hip/Spine Surgeries, Autoimmune Diseases, and Dementia. But when her only child, Derek, the computer prodigy at the center of it all, tragically died at age 18, this was Leslie’s ultimate test in her quest to become a true Whole-Life Warrior. Leslie shares her life-lessons, and a practical, effective, and straightforward three-step system, including the simple “Divide and Conquer: Dirty Laundry Strategy” technique to ‘Let Every Lemon Make You Stronger!’ Leslie’s self-help guide offers a way to train yourself to conquer your inner “Lemons” and successfully face life’s ordinary and extraordinary challenges. When you train yourself to be a Whole-Life Warrior you will have the ability to maintain clear-controlled-calm thinking every time you get hit with life’s aggravating and frustrating interruptions, road blocks, and unwanted intrusions, be they minor detours or major obstacles. “I AM A WHOLE-LIFE WARRIOR” Mantra I am a Whole-Life Warrior. Today I continue my journey, yet Each day I may set a new course. I am strong, I am determined, I am confident; I see and think with Clarity, my Will is steadfast, Courage arises from my heart so that I can take control of my own life. I learn from the past, but don’t live in the past. I plan for the future, but don’t worry about the future. I strive to appreciate and be grateful for what I do have. I live in the present, taking full responsibility for my choices and actions. I go forward and create the life I want. Today I continue my journey. Excerpt: Whenever you are tested, as you most certainly will be, you are given a chance to learn not only how to cope, but also how to evolve. This ability can help you to deal internally and externally with whatever Lemons are awaiting you in the future. When you hone your basic skills of Clarity, Will, and Courage, you acquire a level of mental power that will allow you to, with hard work and effort, have the capacity to persevere as a Whole-Life Warrior. Let Every Lemon Make You Stronger! TheLemonPrincipleGuide.com WholeLifeWarrior.com LeslieJacobsAuthor.com
Cheating Destiny

Author: James S. Hirsch

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 061891899X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 350

View: 426

Examines the disease that is becoming America's fastest-growing epidemic, revealing the author's own bout with Type 1 diabetes, the science behind the disease, and the social and economic impact of diabetes in the United States.
The Ketogenic Bible

Author: Jacob Wilson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781628601046

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

View: 923

The Ketogenic Bible is the most complete, authoritative source for information relating to ketosis. This book is a one-stop-shop that explains the history, the science, and the therapeutic benefits of the ketogenic diet, outlines the general guidelines for following this diet, and provides a wide variety of keto recipes. Readers will come away with a firm understanding of the ketogenic diet, its potential uses, and the ways it can be implemented. Using a scientific approach, the authors have drawn from both extensive research and practical experience to bring readers an all-encompassing approach.
Adapted Physical Education and Sport

Author: Joseph P. Winnick

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492598039

Category: Education

Page: 833

View: 651

This top-selling text, now in its seventh edition, is the go-to text to prepare students to teach people with disabilities. Adapted Physical Education and Sport provides comprehensive and clear guidance for professionals working with people with unique physical education needs, differences, and abilities. New to This Edition No other adapted physical education text has sold more copies than this book—but the contributors are not resting on their laurels. The text is loaded with new and updated material: Enhanced coverage of universal design for learning, with strategies and applications presented throughout the text A new chapter devoted entirely to adventure sports and activities A chapter on adapted sport that has been further developed to reflect the progress in the field Enhanced coverage of sport-specific injuries and prevention Also new to this edition are related online learning aids delivered through HKPropel, including assignable learning and enrichment activities to help students apply the book’s foundational knowledge. The HKPropel resources also include an instructor guide with teaching tips and strategies, ideas for an introductory course in adapted physical education and sport, and a sample syllabus. Other tools include a test bank, video clips demonstrating 26 of the fitness tests from The Brockport Physical Fitness Test Manual, and forms, tables, and calculators related to the Brockport Physical Fitness Test. In addition, the team of 30 highly renowned contributors includes 12 new voices who add their perspectives to the content. More Features Adapted Physical Education and Sport offers readers much more: Chapter-opening scenarios that introduce one or more of the chapter’s concepts Application examples that explore real-life situations and show how to apply the text concepts to solve relevant issues Print, video, and online resources in the text and through HKPropel Appendixes that include definitions based on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), contact information for organizations associated with adapted physical education and sport, information related to the Brockport Physical Fitness Test, a scale to evaluate adapted physical education programs, and more The book’s contents are aligned with the IDEA legislation and will help current and future educators identify the unique needs of children with disabilities, adapt physical education to meet those needs, and develop effective individualized education programs (IEPs) for those students. Adapted Physical Education and Sport is the ideal book for those who want the foundational knowledge that leads to the practical development and implementation of top-quality physical education and sport programs for people with disabilities. Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is not included with this ebook but may be purchased separately.
When Food is Your Frenemy

Author: Jacob F. Bustos

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 9781642793383

Category: Self-Help

Page: 97

View: 128

If you’re morbidly obese, you are not alone. When Food is Your Frenemy helps those who are morbidly obese or who struggle with self-image make the necessary changes to live full and healthy lives. Jacob F. Bustos himself was morbidly obese and had to accept the harsh reality that he needed to make a change. He realized that the relationship he had with food was a love/hate relationship. While the bariatric process he underwent was a life-saving procedure, his battle with self-image continued. In 2015, Jacob also underwent a traumatic skin removal surgery that nearly ended his life. During this event, he had a very personal experience with his Maker that affirmed his mission to feed people with healthier options. When Food is Your Frenemy is a life story for those who are struggling to know the real battle that not only Jacob faces, but almost everyone does at some point with food being such a big part of all of our lives. When Food is Your Frenemy is also a cookbook to promote healthy eating with recipes that are not only healthy, but really transform ordinary foods into healthier versions.
Sadikot's International Textbook of Diabetes

Author: Kamlakar Tripathi

Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

ISBN: 9789352700325

Category: Medical

Page: 1002

View: 679

This book is a complete guide to the diagnosis and management of diabetes. Divided into eight sections, the text begins with an overview of the history, epidemiology and pathogenesis of the disease. The next chapters discuss different types diabetes, diagnosis, managements techniques, and monitoring. The following sections cover chronic and acute complications, and diabetes in special situations such as in pregnancy and during Ramadan. The book concludes with discussion on transplant, gene and stem cell therapy, psychosocial aspects, and public health and economics. The comprehensive text is further enhanced by clinical photographs, diagrams and exhaustive references. Key points Comprehensive guide to diagnosis and management of diabetes Covers different types of diabetes and potential complications Includes discussion on diabetes in special situations such as in pregnancy or during Ramadan Features clinical photographs, diagrams and exhaustive references