The KetoDiet Cookbook

Author: Martina Slajerova

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 9781592337019

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

View: 545

The KetoDiet Cookbook holds 150 easy recipes that are perfect to jumpstart your metabolism and kick start your weight loss.
The Wholesome Yum Easy Keto Cookbook

Author: Maya Krampf

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9781984826626

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 805

This cookbook features 100 super-simple, I-can't-believe-that's-keto recipes including flourless chocolate chip peanut butter waffles, sheet pan sausage breakfast sandwiches, crispy keto chicken fingers, spaghetti squash ramen soup, keto garlic bread sticks, cinnamon roll pizza, and much more.
The Keto For One Cookbook

Author: Dana Carpender

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 9781592338689

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

View: 518

With Keto For One, get 100 delicious dishes for every meal of the day—perfectly proportioned and macro-balanced. Single-serve cooking is one of the biggest challenges when trying to adhere to an eating plan. Most recipes are portioned for 4–6 servings, which means you’ll be eating the same thing for a week or trying to adjust recipes and struggling to figure out proper cooking times and fractions of measurements. With keto, you also have the additional challenge of balancing your macronutrients—a few too many carbs or not enough fat and your recipe is no longer in the ketogenic zone. No more fussing with recipes. No more eating leftovers. No more wasted food (or money!). No more cobbling together snacks and calling it a meal. No more temptation to give into carb-laden, nutrient-void, single-serving convenience foods. Just delicious recipes from "low-carb queen" and best-selling author Dana Carpender. Enjoy delicious keto burgers and smoothies, as well as quick skillet stir-fries and plenty of tasty meals that can be pulled together quickly or ahead of time.
The Keto for Two Cookbook

Author: Lindsay Boyers

Publisher: Adams Media

ISBN: 9781507212448

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

View: 529

100 two-serving, easy and delicious low-carb recipes from hearty breakfasts to satisfying snacks to mouth-watering dinners—perfectly sized for both couples and singles following the keto diet. Finally, keto recipes that are just the right size! Preparing your own meals is essential to succeeding on the keto diet. But the typical keto recipes usually serve four or more, and with the average household size now less than three people, that’s just too much food, especially if your goal is to lose weight and are looking for help with portion control. In The Keto for Two Cookbook, you will find 100 easy and delicious two-serving keto recipes to minimize waste and monitor your portions. It’s perfect for both singles and couples who are following the keto diet. Including recipes for every meal of the day, this cookbook is full of fantastic and flavorful low-carb recipes that fit your appetite and help you maintain your keto goals.
Keto Recipes Cookbook for Beginners: Keto Breakfast, Keto Cookies & Keto Burgers

Author: Sarah Albert

Publisher: Abbott Properties

ISBN: 9783987562716

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 26

View: 493

This eBook includes the recipes of: - Ever Keto Mac and Cheese - Keto Meatloaf - Bacon Wraps - Keto Special Taco Cups - Best Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies - Wrapped Keto Meatloaf Made with Bacon - Cream and Cookies Fat Bomb - Keto Burger - Cookie Dough Keto Fat Bombs - Keto Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs - Keto Breakfast Casserole
Keto Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Recipe Book

Author: Jenna Hughson

Publisher: Usama Ahmed

ISBN: 9788832521160

Category: Health & Fitness


View: 636

Want the best instant pot recipes? This keto diet recipe book is the ultimate solution for those looking to use their Instant Pot wisely. Jenna Hughson has put together some of the finest keto Instant Pot recipes on the market. You will have the ability to eat to your heart's delight with this magnificent keto recipe book. With this delicious keto cookbook, you get everything and more all in one place!
Keto Air Fryer Recipes Cookbook

Author: Cordelia Heller

Publisher: PublishDrive

ISBN: PKEY:6610000158072

Category: Cooking

Page: 115

View: 941

Do you have a very tight schedule, are you and/or is your family on a ketogenic diet and you don't have enough time to cook healthy food? Are you willing to go into ketosis or lose weight through healthy eating without stress and you don't know how to go about it? You don't have to bother anymore because this is the right book for you. It contains over 100 excellent low-carb, keto diet recipes which you can cook with an Air Fryer to help you attain ketosis within a short period of time while enjoying your meal. Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that makes it simple to cook healthy meals swiftly so you can eat delicious low-carb foods. This means that it takes lesser time to put dinner on the table after a long hour/day at work Benefits of Keto Air Fryer Being on a keto diet and using an Air Fryer has so many benefits one can derive apart from its time-saving merits. Here are a few benefits of keto Air Fryer: It saves cooking oil usage It lowers the fat content in food It reduces the high risk of heart disease and inflation because it lowers the rate of vegetable oil intake. Migrating to an air fryer may be a simple means to reduce calories and endorse weight loss because it requires less oil. Swapping deep foods for air fried foods helps to trim waistline Acrylamide compound which usually leads to the development of cancer is formed during high-heat cooking methods like frying of carbohydrate-rich foods. The use of an Air fryer usually reduces the formation of such compounds. Regularly eating fried foods has been associated with conditions such as type II diabetes and high blood pressure, air-fried foods are recommended to cut your intake of all fried foods to help prevent type II diabetes and promote better health. It also helps to reduce the high risk of heart failure derived from eating deep fried foods always. It reduces the greater risk of obesity When you use this book, you stand a chance of living healthy, stay on keto; lose weight between your busy schedules, stay fit, save money and time.
Keto Cookbook for a Low-Carb Lifestyle

Author: Jennifer Rose


ISBN: 9798558508895


Page: 127

View: 911

Want to get rid of your fat, improve health and enjoy mouth-watering meals? Then this effortless keto recipes cookbook is the perfect solution for you! Going keto does not mean you have to sacrifice your favorite food. This easy keto diet cookbook will take care of your menu making it rich, healthy and incredibly delicious. It is more than a set of keto recipes, actually it's a simple and friendly guide to start your keto diet and your new keto lifestyle. In this low-carb keto cookbook you will find: Basics of a ketogenic diet for beginners Main benefits and principles of the keto diet List of keto-friendly food to be used in your low-carb meals as well as the list of food to avoid Simple and and carefully selected ketogenic recipes for weight loss and healthy cooking EACH recipe contains nutrition values, number of servings and cooking time EVERY recipe includes detailed prep instructions and helpful tips to streamline the cooking process ALL recipes feature a full-color picture for your keto perfection And more No matter if you're a solo eater, or if you are cooking for the whole family or friends - you'll always find dozens of recipes to satisfy everyone. The Keto diet cookbook includes: 100+ low-carb recipes for easy cooking Lots of protein recipes - Poultry, Pork & Beef Fascinating Fish & Seafood recipes Delicious Side Dishes & Snacks Great variety of Breakfast and Soup & Salad recipes Most-Wanted keto recipes for Desserts & Drinks 7-day Keto Meal Plan for healthy eating Try it and make sure that low-carb lifestyle is Your path! So, don't wait, add this amazing keto cookbook to your cart now and ENJOY!
The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

Author: Urvashi Pitre

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN: 1641520434

Category: Cooking

Page: 194

View: 426

Master the ketogenic diet with fast and easy recipes from the ONLY OFFICIAL ketogenic Instant Pot� cookbook. Keeping up with the ketogenic diet to lose weight can be challenging, but cooking for it doesn't have to be. On a mission to make keto convenient, Urvashi Pitre--the bestselling author behind Two Sleevers and The Indian Instant Pot� Cookbook--combines delicious low-carb recipes with the home cook's favorite appliance: the Instant Pot�. The Keto Instant Pot� Cookbook is the only authorized ketogenic diet Instant Pot� cookbook for tried and true recipes ridiculously easy and fast. The ultimate Instant Pot� cookbook for keto-friendly recipes, The Keto Instant Pot� Cookbook includes: A Guide to Keto Made Easy providing essential information from diet basics to setting the right macros to meet your weight loss goals Instant Pot� Cookbook 101 with step-by-step instructions and useful tips for using this Instant Pot� cookbook and others! Over 65 Satisfyingly Simple Instant Pot� Cookbook Recipes requiring only 45 minutes to make from start to finish for most recipes Eliminate the stress of sticking to the ketogenic diet with Urvashi Pitre and The Keto Instant Pot� Cookbook: the go-to Instant Pot� cookbook to make keto speedy, easy, and good.
The Keto Sheet Pan Cookbook

Author: Sarah Anne Jones

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 9781510749825

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 625

75 One-Pan Keto Recipes! We're all so busy, eating healthy can be quite a challenge. Here are quick, easy, and delicious meals for your whole family. The ketogenic diet (commonly referred to as “keto”) is a way of eating that restricts carbohydrate consumption and forces your body to use fat as its main energy source. It also helps naturally to suppress the appetite, lower blood sugar, and improve overall health and energy. Carbs are easy and delicious, it’s true. Most of us would say that we’ll never let them go, no matter what. But once you’ve tasted the recipes in this book, you might very well find that you don’t miss them at all! Every recipe in this cookbook adheres to nutritional ketogenic guidelines and centers around each kind of protein—even vegetarian options! Even better, sheet pan recipes are easy to modify to please even the pickiest eaters, child and adult alike! The Keto Sheet Pan Cookbook has something for everyone, with nutrition info included with every recipe to make sure what you’re cooking fits your family’s needs. Find recipes such as: Thai Glazed Salmon with Vegetables Steak Fajitas Eggs, Kale, and Bacon Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Bleu Cheese Cauliflower Teriyaki Chicken with Cauliflower Rice No-Bake Cookie Dough Cheesecake
Easy Keto Diet - 500 Recipes Cookbook for Beginners

Author: Shelly Dozier


ISBN: 9798585823794


Page: 272

View: 607

Do you want to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle without saying No to the Food You Love?We all know how hard it can be to stick to a diet or just start eating healthy. Whether it's time constraints or your love for food, with this keto cookbook for beginners you can finally start a keto diet without having to shy away from the food you love. Our keto diet book is packed with 500 delicious, mouth-watering, and healthy recipes that will fuel your everyday routine while helping you slim down without having to starve yourself. So stop waiting and get started today to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Cook Quick & Enjoy More Flavor the Simple WayEating healthy doesn't have to be hard especially when you know what to make. It doesn't matter whether you're eating solo or cooking a healthy meal for the whole family, our keto diet recipe book has you covered. This ketogenic diet cookbook contains 500 recipes that are carefully chosen to offer the perfect balance between time, ease, and flavor to make it easier than ever before for you to plan your daily keto meals. In This Ketogenic Diet Cookbook You'll Find: 500 simple and easy to cook recipes to help you get started on your keto journey Detailed information on different types of ketogenic diets and foods Simpler ways to embrace healthy eating habits to slim down and support your health! All the Keto Recipes You Need in One Book Including: Brunch and breakfast to start your day the right way Lunch and Dinner to fuel your body throughout the day Side dishes and snacks to keep you going between meals Delicious fish, seafood and meat recipes you won't get tired of Appetizers and desserts for when you're craving something sweet and light Start Living The Healthy Lifestyle You've Always Wanted And Embrace A Keto Diet With Our Keto Diet Cookbook!
Keto: A Complete Ketogenic Diet Cookbook With Delicious Keto Recipes For Baking

Author: Sara Jane

Publisher: Usama Ahmed

ISBN: 9781508070849

Category: Cooking

Page: 16

View: 567

Want to start baking? Ketogenic baking recipes play an important role in one's health and wellbeing. Sara Jane provides a beautiful collection of keto diet recipes for one to enjoy and savor for years to come. These are the ultimate baking recipes! With this ketogenic recipe book in hand, you will adore the variety of recipes on hand. Whether you want to eat ketogenic cookies or muffins, this is the ketogenic diet cookbook for your needs!