Late Fragments

Author: Charles Baudelaire

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300185188

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 438

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The first English collection of the late poetry and prose fragments of literary icon Charles Baudelaire "[A] handsome new book . . . all this inchoate material is given context by Sieburth's learned, elegantly written commentary. He is the perfect guide."--Michael Dirda, Washington Post "[These] unfinished works written after 1861 . . . deliver what their titles seem to promise: a soul stripped of guises and illusions."--Ange Mlinko, New York Review of Books While not as well-known as his other works, Charles Baudelaire's late poems, drafts of poems, and prose fragments are texts indispensable to the history of modern poetics. This volume brings together Baudelaire's late fragmentary writings, aphoristic in form and radical in thought, into one edited collection for the first time. Substantial introductions to each work by Richard Sieburth combine the literary context with formal analysis and reception history to give readers a comprehensive picture of the genesis of these works and their subsequent fate. Baudelaire's turn toward fragmentary writing involved not only a conscious renunciation of his aesthetics of perfection and unity, but a desertion of the harmonies of the traditional lyric in favor of the disjunctions of prose. These are daring works, often painful to read in their misanthropy and unconventional beauty.

Late Fragments

Late Fragments

Author: Kate Gross

Publisher: William Collins

ISBN: 000810347X


Page: 256

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Kate Gross was a woman who 'leaned in' until cancer stopped her in her tracks. Now terminal, this brave, frank and heartbreaking book shows what it means to die before your time, and how to fill your life with wonder, hope and joy even in the face of tragedy.
Nordic Latin Manuscript Fragments

Author: Åslaug Ommundsen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317086741

Category: History

Page: 304

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Much of what is known about the past often rests upon the chance survival of objects and texts. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the fragments of medieval manuscripts re-used as bookbindings in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Such fragments provide a tantalizing, yet often problematic glimpse into the manuscript culture of the Middle Ages. Exploring the opportunities and difficulties such documents provide, this volume concentrates on the c. 50,000 fragments of medieval Latin manuscripts stored in archives across the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This large collection of fragments (mostly from liturgical works) provides rich evidence about European Latin book culture, both in general and in specific relation to the far north of Europe, one of the last areas of Europe to be converted to Christianity. As the essays in this volume reveal, individual and groups of fragments can play a key role in increasing and advancing knowledge about the acquisition and production of medieval books, and in helping to distinguish locally made books from imported ones. Taking an imaginative approach to the source material, the volume goes beyond a strictly medieval context to integrate early modern perspectives that help illuminate the pattern of survival and loss of Latin manuscripts through post-Reformation practices concerning reuse of parchment. In so doing it demonstrates how the use of what might at first appear to be unpromising source material can offer unexpected and rewarding insights into diverse areas of European history and the history of the medieval book.
Marsa Matruh: The objects

Author: Donald White

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

ISBN: UOM:39015052646190

Category: Antiquities, Prehistoric

Page: 278

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This volume of the report on the excavations at Marsa Matruh on Bates's Island, which is located on the seacoast at the north of Egypt's western desert, publishes the local and imported pottery, the crucibles and other evidence for metalworking, the organic finds (including ostrich egg shells), and the other discoveries made at the site. The pottery found in the excavations indicates that this small Late Bronze Age settlement had links to several cultures: Cyprus, the Aegean, Egypt, the coast of western Asia, and the local Marmarican people.
Reflections on Biochemistry

Author: A. Kornberg

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483136028

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 476

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Reflections on Biochemistry: In Honour of Severo Ochoa offers reflections on a wide range of topics relating to biochemistry, including energy metabolism, lipids and saccharides, regulation, nucleic acids and the genetic code, protein biosynthesis, and cell biology. The essays celebrate Severo Ochoa's outstanding contributions to biochemistry spanning nearly half a century. This book is comprised of 47 chapters and begins with a biography of Ochoa and his scientific work in the field of biochemistry, particularly his research on intermediary metabolism, RNA synthesis, and the genetic code. The discussion then turns to energy metabolism, photosynthesis, and fermentation, touching on topics such as the role of lactic acid in the development of biochemistry and the biosynthesis of cell components from acetate. The next section is devoted to lipids, saccharides, and cell walls and includes chapters that deal with biotin, sulfur biochemistry, and dipicolinic acid. Subsequent chapters explore hormonal regulation of adipose tissue lipolysis; the structural relationship between genes and enzymes; bacteriophages, colicins, and ribosomes; and cell biology and neurobiology. This monograph will be of interest to biochemists and students of biochemistry.