Legend of the Tao Immortal

Author: , Zhenyinfang

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648461651

Category: Fiction


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Xu Feng, who was originally the son of a hunter, got a mysterious gathering spirit disk that can produce spirit liquid when hunting black apes, and then entered the cultivation world.Kill ghost cultivation and get the favor of the largest sect.A kind teacher, let him learn unique skills from three schools, but he got to know each beautiful woman and left a relationship.Go to the place of dragon and meteor to test and get the heart method of swallowing the heaven and earth, which has become more powerful since then.After the trial, he founded the God cult, fought with the devil cult, killed the leader of the devil cult, and took three beauties to the fairyland.
Cultivation Tao with Primordial Power

Author: Luo Shen

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781649353832

Category: Fiction


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Li Xuan, who was forcefully reincarnated, obtained the Primordial Purple Light, the ancestor of all things in the universe when it was born. After reincarnating, he had a physique that had five attributes of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth at the same time. The physique of the five elements gave him limitless strength, but also made him shoulder the heavy responsibility of the Heavenly Dao. The chaos of the Heavenly Dao was only waiting for his arrival. Some people conformed to the dao of the heavens, but there were also people who defied the will of the heavens, seeking out a chaotic situation. When everything was about to become clear, instead ...
A Brief History of the Immortals of Non-Hindu Civilizations

Author: Shri Bhagavatananda Guru

Publisher: Shri Bhagavatananda Guru

ISBN: 9789352064533

Category: History

Page: 337

View: 680

This book contains a complete analysis of the legendary myths of civilizations like Roman, Greek, Celtic, Arabian, British, Japanese and Chinese. From the stories of the Trojan war and adventures of Hercules, Perseus and Theseus to the stories of the White Snake and Battle of Red Cliffs, this book is about the mesmerizing past of our ancestors.
Invincible Sword Tao

Author: Yu Fei

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636544038

Category: Fiction


View: 817

On the Divine Martial Continent, the strong were respected. The youth Xiao Yun had obtained the mysterious sword embryo, cultivated the supreme sword dao, refined the invincible sword technique, and battled against the heaven's pride of tens of thousands of clans without being defeated! Seven feet of sword qi filled the desolate lands, within ten square days, I am invincible.
Myths and Legends of China

Author: E. T. C. Werner

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547366652

Category: Fiction

Page: 325

View: 183

DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "Myths and Legends of China" by E. T. C. Werner. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.
Myths and Legends Explained

Author: Neil Philip

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9781405334709

Category: Social Science

Page: 130

View: 852

This beautifully presented book offers a stimulating approach to the timeless, universal stories that are central to every culture. More than 50 compelling myths and legends from around the world are explained through stunning works of art and ancient artefacts, each supported by informative text and comprehensive annotation. Presented country by country, the book offers a fascinating guide to the amazing characters of world mythology and to the cultures that created them. The fantastic world of fables and sagas this book discusses will delight enthusiasts and general readers alike.
Chinese Myths and Legends

Author: Anita Ganeri

Publisher: Raintree

ISBN: 9781406259742

Category: Legends

Page: 50

View: 844

The world's myths are filled with characters, creatures, and stories that have fascinated people for thousands of years. This set mixes dramatic retellings and non-fiction information to give a full picture of a culture's myths. This book explores the gods, goddesses, heroes, villains, tricksters, and quests that make myths and legends so compelling.
Darkroom Diary Downloads & the Freedom of the Immortal's Way

Author: Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326781002

Category: Self-Help

Page: 114

View: 229

This book contains insights gained over a four year period as Jasmuheen spends 40 days in total darkness, devoid of all external light and food. To Jasmuheen the darkroom space is a simulation of the Divine Mother’s womb, a space that in the profound silence teaches many things. Here Jasmuheen writes of her personal experiences of the Prana Program and a little of her own journey in learning how to be the true breatharian. The first retreat of 21 days was done with Mantak Chia principles of the Immortal’s Way. The downloads from 2005 and 2007, came through with her own groups as she takes them through an intense training in the prana program to teach of alternate nourishment. As a free e-book, an average of 2,000 copies have been downloaded every month for the last few years from her website, hence Jasmuheen has added more to this journal and now offers this more complete version of this experience as an educational book in paperback for those who cannot download e-Books from their own computer.
The Omnipotent Ruler

Author: Feng ChanZi

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647367732

Category: Fiction


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Don't compete with me in talent. My five branches share the same cultivation, and I have the Demonic Lotus Legacy, the Sky Flipping Palm, and the condensed Nuwa Stone.Don't fight with me for a woman. I am elegant and elegant like a flower. I am a human beauty. I am a demi-human princess. I am a dragon queen.Don't play tricks with me, I look into the distance, my eight faces are as clear as the wind, my little scheme is profound, if you want to harm me, I will make sure your parents won't recognize me.I caused the earth to change color. The fifth prime minister was as miserable as a dog, and I made the heavens fear. The five emperors submitted and made me their enemy. Their lives were in ruins.You have to ask me who I am, I am the Master of the World!
Legend of Sword in Nine Heavens

Author: Yi ZhuXianCao

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648972461

Category: Fiction


View: 188

A black fire lifted the mysterious veil of the Great Liang Mountain. An enormous, badly damaged sword that had cut through the ages of the Fiendgod continent. The young man who had lost his memory woke up in a daze. In that world where he could not see the light, he left countless breathtaking legends. Some people said that he was a demon, but he was only a swordsman, a lonely swordsman. 

Chinese Myths & Tales

Chinese Myths & Tales


Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781787552647

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 292

Curated new Myths and Tales. Great floods and river Gods, snake spirits, and Immortals, China's unique set of mythological tales are derived from its vast expanse, diverse culture and the endless wars between tribes and dynasties. The result is a rich landscape of humanity, gods and spirits introduced here in this comprehensive book of folk tales and legendary exploits. The latest title in Flame Tree's beautiful, comprehensive series of Gothic Fantasy titles, concentrates on the ancient, epic origins of modern fantasy.
The A to Z of Taoism

Author: Julian F. Pas

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9781461700746

Category: Religion

Page: 480

View: 504

Taoism, the set of philosophical teachings and religious practices rooted in the understanding of the Chinese character Tao, or "The Way," was founded by the Chinese philosopher Laozi in the 6th Century BCE, whose work, the Tao Te Ching (The Book of the Way and its Virtue) laid the philosophical foundation for the religion's beliefs. This volume starts, as it should, with a detailed chronology of Taoism and its relationship both to China and other teachings.