Collins Peapod Readers - Level 3 - a Plane for Zane

Author: Susannah Reed

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 0008488452

Category: Flight

Page: 24

View: 118

Inspire a love of reading with stories that are written from a child's perspective and will encourage children to discover the world around them. With audio and activities, Peapod Readers are the perfect start to a child's journey into learning English.Can Lucy help her robot Zane to fly?Includes: Before and after reading activitiesPicture dictionaryExam practice for Cambridge Pre A1 StartersReading guide online
The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles Boxed Set: Books 1-3

Author: Angel Giacomo

Publisher: 1st Battalion Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 602

View: 277

Get the complete story arc in a complete set, ready to read all night and day if you want in your most comfortable chair in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee and your trusty companion. In the Eye of the Storm - Award-winning novel - 3rd Place The BookFest Awards War & Military Fall 2022 Lt. Colonel Jackson Joseph MacKenzie is a broken man. The Vietnam War and a POW camp where the Cong tortured him left scars. But the worst scar is the one left by his own country. The United States Army sent him and his men on a top-secret mission then the government disavowed all knowledge of the incident. The country he risked his life to protect sent him to a six-by-eight cell. MacKenzie is out of the physical prison but must now try to escape the one in his mind. Peace at a Cost- What happens when danger, history, intrigue, and subterfuge intersect in Jackson MacKenzie’s life? He’s a soldier considered a traitor without honor by all of those men with whom he served in the wars of Korea and Vietnam. Does he follow his heart and stand by his duty or disappear into his mind and let his demons take over? His other choice, live the rest of his life as a simple cowboy hiding out on a cattle ranch in Montana? Duty, Honor, and Courage- Danger lurks in the shadows, danger that threatens not only Colonel Jackson MacKenzie and his friends but the American way of life. MacKenzie’s honor and his freedom were stolen from him once. Now a disgraced soldier, he must risk his life and his freedom in a fight to save his friends, his country, and himself. Or will the real traitor destroy everything Jackson holds dear?
Pleasure Extraordinaire 3

Author: Liv Bennett

Publisher: Liv Bennett


Category: Fiction

Page: 170

View: 227

The dream I thought I was living in turns out to be the worst nightmare of my life. What Michael wants from me is more than posing as his girlfriend but he won’t tell me why he hired me in the first place. I witness ugliness and abuse everywhere I turn. There is only one person who can rescue me from this hell. Zane. But he won’t do it for free. Just like his father, he’s out to take revenge and inflict pain. He holds the key to my freedom, and I’m ready to give him what he wants even if it means I’ll hurt Ace in the process.