Mac 911

Author: Christopher Breen

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 9780201773392

Category: Computers

Page: 354

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This easy-to-use guide covers troubleshooting tips and tricks for Mac hardware and software, written by the well-known Macworld columnist and Macintosh guru Chris Breen. The book contains troubleshooting tips and techniques for both Mac OS 9 and OS X, and additional projects for making a Macintosh more productive-sharing files, making Mac OS X work more like Mac OS 9, and more.
Mac Troubleshooting (Macworld Superguides)


Publisher: Macworld

ISBN: 9780982262177



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Macs run smoothly most of the time. This book will prepare you for the rare occasions when yours doesn't. Whether you're using an iMac, MacBook, or Macbook Air, our Superguide is filled with solutions for many of the common problems that you might run into. In the United States, when you're in real trouble you have but one number to call: 911. Back in 2000, while we were racking our brains for a title for Macworld's tips and troubleshooting column, we invoked this emergency calling code, preceding it with "Mac" so that its humble author (me) wouldn't be additionally inundated with requests for help with small appliances and domestic disputes. Thus Mac 911became the primary place to go within Macworld's pages for help with all things Apple. We've distilled the Mac troubleshooting knowledge we've acquired over the past 10 years of putting together columns, and created the Mac Troubleshooting Superguide, the latest in Macworld's popular Superguide series. Since the Mac 911 column's birth, we've seen the death (OS 9) and rebirth (OS X) of the Mac OS, the coming and going of countless Mac models, and the explosion of the Internet. We've also witnessed the metamorphosis of Apple the computer company into Apple the media and telecommunications giant, responsible for two of the most game-changing products of the young century, the iPod and iPhone. Yet through all these changes, one constant remains: the desktops and laptops that we increasingly rely on for our work and pleasure sometimes act up in frustrating ways. Fortunately, as exasperating as these hiccups may be, they are often predictable. In this guide, we attempt to present the difficulties you might encounter in the order in which you're likely to encounter them. If, for example, something goes amiss as you're installing the latest greatest version of OS X, you can be assured that you'll find it in the first chapter, Installation. If, later in the day, you press your Mac's power button and nothing good results, you'll find help in the next chapter, which addresses start-up issues, crashes, and freezes. Have a problem with hardware next? Simply page on to Hardware Help. And so on through the System Issues & Fixes, OS X's Applications, the Internet & Networking, and Mac Maintenance chapters. And if, despite all of your diligent efforts, no solution is found, there are directions for what to do next in the Support Tricks chapter. But allow me to also extend a personal invitation to Macworld's Mac 911 forum, where I and other knowledgeable Mac users are eager to lend a helping hand.
Mac Basics, Snow Leopard (Macworld Superguides)


Publisher: Macworld

ISBN: 9780982262153



View: 660

Need a crash course in the basics of operating and working with your Snow Leopard Mac? This 126-page guide will help teach you the ins and outs to get you up to speed and computing like a pro. The readers of Macworld are amazingly diverse. Among our audience are some incredibly tech-savvy folks, and we're glad to have them. There are also some people among us who are relatively novice Mac users, who avidly read what we write in order to flex and improve their Mac skills. For the past few years we've offered a book, the Mac Basics Superguide, that's been a hit with both audiences. And I'm happy to announce that we've just updated that book for Snow Leopard. If you're someone who's struggling with the basics of operating a Mac, or someone who's a new user of Mac OS X (perhaps you've made the switch from Windows to Mac) this new 126-page guide will get you up to speed. Written in an easy-to-follow style, the Mac Basics Superguide, Snow Leopard Edition will give you detailed tips and information about using the Finder and the Dock, switching between programs, using Apple's Spotlight search tool, opening and saving your files, and setting up system preferences and user accounts. We've tossed in some basic security and troubleshooting advice to keep your Mac up and running smoothly. And our own Dan Frakes, who pens our Mac Gems blog and magazine column, has assembled a list of 20 great low-cost programs that will enhance your Mac experience. But I said this book was for the Mac experts among us, too. Here's what I mean by that: It's the book you give to the people you know who need a leg up on using their Mac-all of your friends and family members who use you as the be-all, end-all Mac resource. The reality is, a Mac expert can only be in one place at any given time. This book can always be around as a handy reference when there's no flesh-and-blood expert nearby. (I sent my mom a copy of the first edition of this book, and I like to think it's reduced the number of questions she asks of me.) You Mac experts out there might also appreciate the writers who contributed to this book: Christopher Breen, Dan Frakes, Glenn Fleishman, Rob Griffiths, Joe Kissell, Ted Landau, Harry McCracken, and Kirk McElhearn.
Mac OS X in a Nutshell

Author: Jason McIntosh

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 0596003706

Category: Computers

Page: 834

View: 545

Complete overview of Mac OS Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) including basic system and network administration features, hundreds of tips and tricks, with an overview of Mac OS X's Unix text editors and CVS.
Total Snow Leopard (Macworld Superguides)


Publisher: Macworld

ISBN: 9780982262146

Category: Macintosh (Computer)

Page: 102

View: 961

Every time Apple releases a new operating system, we pull together the most essential, in-depth, and up-to-date information about the Mac OS and create a new book that gives our readers access to it all in one place. With Snow Leopard now out and rapidly gaining acceptance, it's time for us to release Total Snow Leopard. Following in the footsteps of our popular, everything-in-one-place guides to Mac OS X (Total OS X, Total Panther, Total Tiger, andTotal Leopard),Total Snow Leopard is an information-packed 102-page book featuring just about everything you'll need to know about Snow Leopard-all features, great and small. We've taken the best of Macworld's coverage of Mac OS X and distilled it into this book, including contributions from such luminaries as Christopher Breen, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Rob Griffiths, Joe Kissell, Ted Landau, Kirk McElhearn, Rich Mogull, Dan Moren, Jonathan Seff, Michael Scalisi, Derrick Story, Ben Waldie, and Sharon Zardetto. The book includes information to help you set up Snow Leopard smoothly and take advantage of its most important features. It'll also help you master the Web with Safari 4, get e-mail with Exchange, keep your Snow Leopard Mac secure, and increase productivity with text substitutions and the Services menu. We think this book is a great resource for everyone who uses Snow Leopard and hope you enjoy our Superguide. If you're looking for more help with OS X, iOS, and all things Apple, make sure to check out our other Superguides.
The Hacker Crackdown

Author: Bruce Sterling

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504063098

Category: Computers

Page: 324

View: 844

The bestselling cyberpunk author “has produced by far the most stylish report from the computer outlaw culture since Steven Levy’s Hackers” (Publishers Weekly). Bruce Sterling delves into the world of high-tech crime and punishment in one of the first books to explore the cyberspace breaches that threaten national security. From the crash of AT&T’s long-distance switching system to corporate cyberattacks, he investigates government and law enforcement efforts to break the back of America’s electronic underground in the 1990s. In this modern classic, “Sterling makes the hackers—who live in the ether between terminals under noms de net such as VaxCat—as vivid as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. His book goes a long way towards explaining the emerging digital world and its ethos” (Publishers Weekly). This edition features a new preface by the author that analyzes the sobering increase in computer crime over the twenty-five years since The Hacker Crackdown was first published. “Offbeat and brilliant.” —Booklist “Thoroughly researched, this account of the government’s crackdown on the nebulous but growing computer-underground provides a thoughtful report on the laws and rights being defined on the virtual frontier of cyberspace. . . . An enjoyable, informative, and (as the first mainstream treatment of the subject) potentially important book . . . Sterling is a fine and knowledgeable guide to this strange new world.” —Kirkus Reviews “A well-balanced look at this new group of civil libertarians. Written with humor and intelligence, this book is highly recommended.” —Library Journal
Hacking In The Computer World

Author: Sandeep Gupta

Publisher: Mittal Publications

ISBN: 8170999367

Category: Computer crimes

Page: 316

View: 721

This Book Takes The Reader Into The Broader World Of Hacking And Introduces Many Of The Culprits--Some, Who Are Fighting For A Cause, Some Who Are In It For Kicks, And Some Who Are Traditional Criminals After A Fast Buck.