Rājadharma in Mahābhārata

Author: Priyanka Pandey

Publisher: DK Printworld (P) Ltd

ISBN: 9788124610084

Category: Religion

Page: 265

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About The Book The idea of politics hardly finds an expression elsewhere as clearly as in Mahābhārata. This work thus investigates the political thought explicit in Śānti-Parva and emphasizes that Mahābhārata is a text in the study of politics, apart from the perception of it being a great epic and a text of high literary value. Whatever be the notion of politics we contemplate upon, it finds an articulation in Mahābhārata. As the Greek tradition of thinking is the base of Western politics, Śānti-Parva of Mahābhārata represents the Indian notion of political thinking, though there remain many similarities and dissimilarities between the two systems. This volume navigates one to how to read Mahābhārata as a political text; the idea of political thoughts, the constituting principles of politics and the political institutions in Śānti-Parva; and the relevance of these political thoughts in modern time. Topics such as daṇḍanīti, origin of state, the seven elements of state, functions of state, types of state, kinship, judiciary and administration are discussed in detail, among many other issues of political importance. The book collects, analyses and examines the internal evidences from Śānti-Parva and also from other parvans of Mahābhārata to reach a decisive conclusion, making the work a composite result of textual analysis, related literature and subjective contemplation. It clearly shows that the idea of politics is not separated from the idea of ethics. Rather they are intertwined. About the Author Dr Priyanka Pandey is an upcoming Sanskrit scholar with a penchant for serious researches on Indian classics. She got her PhD for the thesis, “Perspectives of Rājadharma in Mahābhārata: A Critical Analysis” from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. This book Rājadharma in Mahābhārata with Special Reference to Śānti-Parva is an offshoot of her research project. Dr Pandey has presented articles in many national and international seminars and has ten articles published in journals/books of repute to her credit.
Puranic Encyclopedia

Author: Vettam Mani

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

ISBN: 9788120805972

Category: Reference

Page: 922

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This voluminous work, a store house of information about the Epics, Puranas and allied literature, was originally composed and published in Malayalam. It constituted the results of the author's devoted study and research extending over fourteen years. This English version of the same is to meet the growing demand of scholars interested in the study of Puranas. This stupendous work, in the form of an exhaustive descriptive index, covers the vast and varied field of ancient Indian culture in all aspects-history geography, religion, philosophy, myths, beliefs and practices as depicted in the Epics and Puranas. The work is planned on scientific lines. The material compiled is arranged systematically. Citations have been inserted in support of stated facts; at places they have been substituted by reference. Obsolete and obscure words, denoting objects such as a particular tree or plant have been explained by their scientific or vernacular equivalents. All modern critical apparatus has been utilized in the preparation of this comprehensive work.