Marine Insurance Law

Author: Ozlem Gurses

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317210344

Category: Law

Page: 424

View: 309

Marine Insurance Law, Second Edition introduces and clearly explains all topics covered in courses at Masters level, offering students and those new to the area a comprehensive and accessible overview and way into this important topic in maritime law. Beginning by introducing the general principles of the subject and structure and formation of insurance contracts, this text goes on to look at individual considerations in detail, including – the duty of utmost good faith /fair presentation of the risk, insurable interest, terms of insurance contracts, brokers, the premium, causation and marine perils, losses, sue and labour, subrogation, fraudulent claims and reinsurance. This second edition reflects the substantial changes introduced by the Insurance Act 2015, and includes new Appendices containing relevant legislation and example clauses from marine insurance contracts.
The Modern Law of Marine Insurance

Author: D. Rhidian Thomas

Publisher: Informa Law

ISBN: UVA:35007005143767

Category: Law

Page: 552

View: 103

This volume focuses on current issues affecting the market with regard to marine insurance. Written by a team of leading academics and practitioners, it analyzes the contemporary questions and debates in the law arising out of market practice and provides an up-to-date analysis of the law of marine insurance. Topics covered include: - held covered clauses, incorporation of terms into reinsurance contracts, valued policies, insurable interest, warranties, wilful misconduct, counter-claims by insurers and jurisdiction. It also provides an comparative analysis of the law and practice in Europe, Australia and the USA. Cumulatively the contributions provide a comprehensive statement of the modern law and practice of marine insurance.
Cases and Materials on Marine Insurance Law

Author: Susan Hodges

Publisher: Routledge Cavendish

ISBN: 1138129763

Category: Law

Page: 1012

View: 280

This book provides a comprehensive collection of Cases and Materials On Marine Insurance Law. The sources included here are not always readily accessible. Each chapter is introduced with a brief resume of the general principles,before the facts of each case are summarised and the extracts of the relevant parts of judgments reproduced. The significance of the judicial extracts, the statutory materials and standard terms are then discussed with particular emphasis on important and problematical areas of the law.This book will be indispensable not only to postgraduate students of law, in-house lawyers, insurance brokers and claims adjusters, but also to students of maritime studies, legal practitioners and a wide range of professionals within the shipping industry who may wish to have at hand a convenient source of information. Whilst the book is a companion to the authors The Law of Marine Insurance, it is also structured to stand as a marine insurance text in its own right.
Marine Insurance at the Turn of the Millennium

Author: Marc Huybrechts

Publisher: Intersentia Uitgevers N V

ISBN: UVA:35007004633024

Category: Law

Page: 452

View: 679

This book presents an in depth analysis of actual marine insurance issues relative to hull insurance, cargo insurance and P&I insurance. The impact of European Law on Marine Insurance and, more specifically, European Competition Rules in relation to P&I insurance are covered. In addition, specific issues such as the future Belgian Marine Insurance statute and the Antwerp Marine Policy are dealt with. The subjects are covered in a broad comparative law perspective, combining practice and theory. Also topics such as the ISM code and its relation to Marine Insurance and the position of classification societies and quality insurance are considered. Contributors to this books are leading academics and practitioners of Marine Insurance Law.
The Modern Law of Marine Insurance

Author: D. Rhidian Thomas

Publisher: New York

ISBN: UVA:35007002432726

Category: Insurance law

Page: 594

View: 820

This work is an analysis of the law of marine insurance which systematically covers the essentials of the subject, analyzing the contemporary questions and debates in the law and arising out of market practice. The text addresses such topics as: marine insurance contracts; hull time and voyage clauses; marine perils and the burden of proof; causation and the evolution and codification of the proximate cause doctrine; choice of law and jurisdiction clauses; mortgagee's interest insurance; insuring cargoes in the 1990s; constructive total losses; sue and labour clauses; and duties of marine insurance brokers.
The Modern Law of Marine Insurance

Author: D. Rhidian Thomas

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000816242

Category: Law

Page: 336

View: 525

This fifth volume in the series comprises ten contributions written by an expert team of academics and practitioners. Collectively they analyse and expound many of the contemporary legal issues and debates in the law and practice of marine insurance. The new volume is not to be considered as a "new edition" superseding the earlier volumes. To the contrary, it extends on the previous coverage and contributes to the expanding coverage of the series. It achieves this by introducing new topics for analysis and by noting significant developments in themes considered in earlier volumes, thereby providing a useful tool for keeping abreast of an ever developing body of judicial law. This volume tackles topics such as the impact of the Insurance Act 2015 on remedies and the pre-contractual duty of insurers, as well as a contribution from Professor Wilhelmsen on the state ship arrest as a peril under the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan and London terms. It explores the impact of Brexit on jurisdiction in marine insurance whilst also dedicating time to the comparison of US and English law relating to the duties of brokers, and analyses the "but for" test in marine insurance as well as historical development of the law relating to fraudulent claims. Alongside many other important topics, this book meticulously examines Direct and Third-Party claims against P & I Insurers, Passenger liabilities and class actions, Seaworthiness and the operation of the MIA 1906 s.39 post Insurance Act 2015 and the insuring of autonomous and remote-controlled vessels. This book is essential reading for maritime lawyers, brokers and insurance market practitioners, academics, and companies associated with the marine insurance markets worldwide.

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

Author: Rob Merkin

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1788116747


Page: 1600

View: 338

This impressive work forms a comprehensive examination of the legal and historical context of marine insurance, providing a detailed overview of the events and factors leading to its codification in the Marine Insurance Act 1906. It investigates the development of the legal principles and case law that underpin the Act to reveal how successful this codification truly was, and to demonstrate how these historical precedents remain relevant to marine insurance law to this day. Beginning with the pivotal year of 1756, Rob Merkin QC organises his analysis era by era, situating the leading cases and emerging fundamentals of the marine insurance industry in the context of external events such as war, the growth of free international trade, and the expansion of empire. Offering insight into the origins of familiar legal principles in the field, the book provides a deeper understanding of the legal framework within which historical events took place and how this shaped both the development of marine insurance law and the political and economic circumstances surrounding it. Key features include: - In-depth research by one of the leading experts in marine insurance law - Context for and therefore deeper understanding of legal principles in the field - An authoritative account of the development of modern law of marine insurance through its historical roots. Legal historians interested in marine insurance and international maritime law more broadly as well as other historians of the period will find the depth of research and breadth of coverage in this book invaluable. Its grounding of important principles in their historical context will also be useful to practising lawyers in the field grappling with current marine insurance issues.