The Law and Practice of Marine Insurance and Average

Author: Alex Leon Parks

Publisher: Cornell Maritime Press/Tidewater Publishers

ISBN: UVA:35007007108933

Category: Law

Page: 824

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This is the only truly comprehensive work on marine insurance in the United States published since the last edition of Phillips on Insurance in 1867. With the help of the author's colleagues, this text includes not only the large body of American marine insurance case law, but also United Kingdom and Commonwealth cases and statutes. Two volumes.
Marine Insurance

Author: Merkin, Rob

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781788116756

Category: Law

Page: 1538

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This authoritative work forms a comprehensive examination of the legal and historical context of marine insurance, providing a detailed overview of the events and factors leading to its codification in the Marine Insurance Act 1906. It investigates the development of the legal principles and case law that underpin the Act to reveal how successful this codification truly was, and to demonstrate how these historical precedents remain relevant to marine insurance law to this day.
Marine Insurance

Author: Adrian Leonard

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137411389

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 324

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Since its invention in Italy in the fourteenth century, marine insurance has provided merchants with capital protection in times of crisis, thus oiling the gears of trade and commerce. With a focus on customs, laws, and organisational structures, this book reveals the Italian origins of marine insurance, and tracks the spread of underwriting practices and institutions in Europe and America through the early modern era. With contributions from eleven leading researchers from seven countries, the book examines key institutional developments in the history of marine insurance. The authors discuss its invention in Italy, and its evolution from private to corporate structures, assessing the causes and impacts of various state interventions. Amsterdam and Antwerp are analysed as one-time key centres of underwriting, as is the emergence and maturity of marine insurance in London. The book evaluates an experiment in corporate underwriting in Cadiz, and the development of insurance institutions in the United States, before applying the metrics of underwriting to discuss commerce raiding in the Atlantic up to the nineteenth century.
Marine Insurance Legislation

Author: Robert Merkin

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317811343

Category: Law

Page: 555

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Providing thorough, up-to-date coverage of the operation of marine insurance legislation, this text is an essential resource for today's marine insurance professional. Designed with the reader in mind, previous editions of this book have been heavily praised for its accessible and highly-practical format. Section by section, the authors deliver expert commentary on the Marine Insurance Act 1906 and related marine insurance legislation. The origin of each section or provision is clearly explained, along with the authorities decided since the legislation came into force. New to this edition: Heavily revised with the very latest case law since 2010, some of which having a dramatic effect on the law of marine insurance. The most important cases include The Cendor Mopu and Masefield v Amlin. All relevant new cases have been added from across the common law world Clarification on new legislation such as the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010 and the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 The compulsory insurance provisions affecting oil pollution and passengers The rules on jurisdiction and choice of law in the Brussels Regulation and the Rome I Regulation This compressive text is indispensable for marine lawyers, industry professionals, and students of marine insurance law worldwide.
Marine Insurance Legislation

Author: Robert Merkin

Publisher: Informa Pub

ISBN: UVA:35007003674896

Category: Insurance, Marine

Page: 384

View: 900

This text forms part of the Essential Law Series - a range of guides providing the practitioner with sources on key international Maritime and Commercial Law Conventions. This is a reference to all aspects of marine insurance legislation based on the provisions of the Marine Insurance Act 1906.