Mind Sparklers

Author: Robert E. Myers


ISBN: 9781882664320

Category: Education

Page: 96

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All of the children in your classroom will sparkle with creative ideas and whimsical insights when you offer them a "mind sparkler " What is a mind sparkler? It's an exciting activity that challenges your students to develop their creative thinking skills. And, "Mind Sparklers" is a collection of such activities. From explaining how a city of animals might operate, to describing a world in which the sun is purple, to choosing to be a raindrop or kite, "Mind Sparklers Book 1" will grab the attention of every child in your classroom.

Author: Stephen Goldin

Publisher: Parsina Press

ISBN: 9781456440558

Category: Fiction

Page: 196

View: 392

The exciting sequel to Mindflight.On the planet Iwagen, Richard and Mara Cheney have taken over their late parents' project, a hospice for telepausal Dur-ill telepaths, hoping to start a new telepathic generation.But someone else is interested in Dur-ill telepaths, too. A mind-being called the Mentad has been growing on Dur-ill worlds, absorbing Dur-ill telepaths into itself and becoming a collective consciousness with many bodies. It learns about the Cheneys' hospice and stages a deadly raid. When his sister is taken by the Mentad, Richard must seek the aid of the Terran Intelligence Agency, the very group responsible for trying to kill his parents. With Agency assistance,Richard will stop at nothing to free his sister and the others from the Mentad's clutches.
Contemporary Authors New Revision

Author: Pamela Dear

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0787632120

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 475

View: 854

This volume of Contemporary Authors(R) New Revision Series brings you up-to-date information on approximately 250 writers. Editors have scoured dozens of leading journals, magazines, newspapers and online sources in search of the latest news and criticism. Writers appearing in this volume include: Gail Anderson-Dargatz Valerie Martin Isidore Okpewho Philip Roth
Pumsy Storybook

Author: Jill Anderson

Publisher: Timberline Press Incorporated (Wa)

ISBN: 0960828427

Category: Attitude change

Page: 40

View: 590

A story to help teach self-esteem to elementary school children through cognitive restructuring and positive thinking skills.