Multicultural Counseling

Author: Aretha Faye Marbley

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781135909741

Category: Psychology

Page: 233

View: 656

This is the first book to explore the experiences of people of color in counseling from the perspective of individuals who are practicing counselors and were previously clients in counseling themselves. Marbley conducted a research study in which she interviewed eight individuals representing each of the major groups of color in the United States - African American, Asian and Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian – to obtain the stories of their experiences in their own words. These stories provide insight into the problems in and failures of counseling services provided to people of color. She quotes extensively from these interviews throughout the book, using the voices of the participants to highlight these shortcomings and personalize her discussion of the issues they have faced. A chapter is devoted to each of the groups of color, as well as one to counseling issues related to gender. These chapters provide an overview of the literature on the historical experiences of these groups in mental health and a discussion of the counselors’ experiences, and conclude with implications and recommendations for counseling and psychotherapy with these groups. Information from follow-up interviews conducted 12 years after the original ones are also provided to compare and contrast the participants’ responses to their earlier ones. Marbley concludes with a look at the need for a social justice movement within the mental health field in order to improve the experiences of and outcomes for people of color.
New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling

Author: Gerald Monk

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412916769

Category: Psychology

Page: 537

View: 466

This new book is based upon clinical practice, teaching research and scholarly work undertaken over a period of 10 years. The leading author wrote a doctoral dissertation on much of the material described in this book, but until now it has only been published in scholarly articles within refereed journals. Gerald Monk and John Winslade have jointly published three textbooks, including Narrative therapy in practice: The archaeology of hope (Jossey-Bass), Narrative counseling in the schools (Corwin Press), and Narrative mediation (Jossey-Bass) and numerous other publications. Gerald Monk and Stacey Sinclair have jointly published two book chapters and three articles in widely disseminated referred journals.
Social Justice, Multicultural Counseling, and Practice

Author: Heesoon Jun

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483342900

Category: Psychology

Page: 489

View: 884

Until now, an important aspect of multicultural counseling has been long overlooked amid the profusion of literature—the practical application of multicultural theory. Social Justice, Multicultural Counseling, and Practice: Beyond a Conventional Approach fills this void and tackles some of the top challenges in multicultural counseling including how to implement multicultural theory and how to practice social justice and equity. This groundbreaking work takes a multilayered and multidimensional approach that will help practitioners "walk the talk" of multicultural competency. It introduces a new model that will give practitioners a clearer understanding of the client′s worldview for culturally appropriate assessment, diagnoses, and treatment. Key Features Provides Concrete Strategies boxes for introduced concepts Emphasizes self-reflection and self-awareness for practitioners Contains exercises to help practitioners better understand ethnocentrism, types of thinking styles, and automatic thought patterns Examines the complexities of the intersection of multiple identities and sociocultural contexts Includes a unique organization style that groups topics by various "isms" (ageism, classism, racism, etc.) Intended Audience Based on holistic thinking and transformative learning styles, this core text is ideal for graduate courses in counseling, psychology, or social work.
An Introduction to Multicultural Counseling

Author: Wanda M. L. Lee

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1560325674

Category: Cross-cultural counseling

Page: 284

View: 529

"Nowhere is there more of a need for an understanding of multiculturalism than in the mental health profession."--BOOK JACKET. "When client and counselor are from different cultural backgrounds, they tend to view things from disparate perspectives. Though a background in multiculturalism is required for program accreditation, most existing texts limit coverage to ethnicity, without the emphasis of broad concepts such as discrimination and acculturation, or coverage of gender, sexual orientation, disability, or aging issues. An Introduction to Multicultural Counseling is a primer designed to teach counseling students how to effectively deal with such discrepancies."--BOOK JACKET. "This book is essential for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students studying human services, psychology, counseling, and ethnic studies. It also serves as a practical guide for providers of continuing education workshops for counselors, psychologists, teachers, and social workers."--BOOK JACKET.
Experiential Approach for Developing Multicultural Counseling Competence

Author: Mary L. Fawcett

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412996525

Category: Political Science

Page: 225

View: 159

This text is an ideal companion for anyone preparing for a career in counseling or mental health, applicable to all core courses in the counseling curriculum and developmentally designed to build multicultural and diversity competencies from a beginning to advanced level. As a mental health- worker-in-training you will need to learn to work effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds, and this text provides a ready-made resource of multicultural and diversity activities to enhance your classroom learning. This book is structured around the nine core areas of the Multicultural Counseling Competencies (MCCs). These competencies are designated by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) to help you learn the critical areas of personal and racial identity, develop an awareness of your own cultural values and biases (knowledge, awareness, and skills), and to build an understanding of both the counselor and client's worldviews. The book devotes three final chapters to culturally appropriate intervention strategies that again strengthen your awareness, knowledge, and skills.
Dimensions of Multicultural Counseling

Author: Sara E. Schwarzbaum

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412951364

Category: Psychology

Page: 441

View: 684

This collection of life stories offers compelling narratives by individuals from different races, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations, and social classes. By weaving these engaging stories with relevant theoretical topics, this unique textbook provides deeper levels of understanding on how cultural factors influence identity, personality, worldview, and mental health. An Instructor’s Resource CD with supplemental materials for each chapter and a helpful internet study site at including podcasts and videos offer further opportunities that examine and apply this mosaic of rich subject matter.
The Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender in Multicultural Counseling

Author: Donald B. Pope-Davis

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452264196

Category: Psychology

Page: 512

View: 635

Featuring an outstanding group of the leading theorists and researchers from the fields of multicultural psychology and counseling, this book begins with chapters on how the interplay of such variables of class, gender, and race interact in the development of an individual in a pluralistic society. It then presents theories on how to integrate issues of class, gender and race into counseling theory.
Handbook of Multicultural Counseling

Author: J. Manuel Casas

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483323329

Category: Psychology

Page: 1346

View: 987

Celebrating its 20th anniversary! The most internationally-cited resource in the arena of multicultural counseling, the Handbook of Multicultural Counseling by J. Manuel Casas, Lisa A. Suzuki, Charlene M. Alexander, and Margo A. Jackson is a resource for researchers, educators, practitioners, and students alike. Continuing to emphasize social justice, research, and application, the Fourth Edition of this best-seller features nearly 80 new contributors of diverse backgrounds, orientations, and levels of experience who provide fresh perspectives to every chapter. Completely updated, this classic text includes new chapters on prevailing social issues and covers the latest advances in theory, ethics, measurement, clinical practice, assessment, and more.
International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling

Author: Lawrence H. Gerstein

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412959551

Category: Psychology

Page: 577

View: 483

The Handbook of International Counseling is an effort to bring together the current practices, values, attitudes and beliefs about counseling from countries around the globe. The editors have selected leading experts in the field of counseling in a wide and culturally representative group of countries hroughout the world. This book will be the first volume that undertakes such an ambitious goal in the field of counseling.
Pathways to Multicultural Counseling Competence

Author: Bea Wehrly

Publisher: Thomson Brooks/Cole

ISBN: UOM:39015034897150

Category: Counseling

Page: 308

View: 198

Using this book's process approach to developing multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills, you'll examine yourself as a racial and cultural being and learn how to develop the competence you need for successful multicultural counseling. You'll find nine current racial and ethnic identity development models, as well as guidelines you can use in applying each to multicultural counseling; a lifespan approach to ethnic identity formation, including a unique section on the ethnic identity development of children; guidelines for cross-cultural counseling of people of color by whites and cross-cultural counseling of whites by people of color; multicultural counseling guidelines for the Counseling Practicum student and counseling intern as well as for the Counseling Practicum supervisor and supervisors of counseling interns; the latest conceptual developments in the field of multicultural counseling - integrated with case studies - including the groundbreaking work of Phinney, Cross, Helms, and many others; examples, exercises, case studies, and vignettes that will help you develop your multicultural counseling competence; a chapter describing multicultural counseling in 22 countries; and comprehensive coverage of the history of multicultural counseling in the United States.
Multicultural Issues in Counseling

Author: Courtland C. Lee

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119535171

Category: Education

Page: 147

View: 903

With an emphasis on direct application to practice, this graduate-level text offers strategies for working with diverse client groups in a variety of settings. Introductory chapters build a foundation for cross-cultural counseling with discussions on current theory, the ongoing pursuit of multicultural competence, and the complexities of intersecting identities. Next, 15 chapters designed to help counselors develop their knowledge about and skills with the following populations are presented: African Americans American Indians Arab Americans Asian and Pacific Islanders Economically disadvantaged clients Immigrants Latinx LGBTQ clients Men Military personnel Multiracial individuals Older adults People with disabilities White people of European descent Women Detailed case studies in this section illustrate real-world perspectives on assessment and treatment for an increased understanding of culturally responsive counseling. The final section of the book focuses on ethics and social justice issues. *Requests for digital versions from ACA can be found on *To purchase print copies, please visit the ACA website. *Reproduction requests for material from books published by ACA should be directed to [email protected]