On the Fringes of Literature and Digital Media Culture


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004362352

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 269

View: 690

On the Fringes of Literature and Digital Media Culture presents a polyphonic account of mutual interpenetrations of literature and new media, highlighting the impact of digital culture on the user experience and the modes of social communication and interaction.
Travel, Writing and the Media

Author: Barbara Korte

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000549041

Category: History

Page: 276

View: 941

The nexus between travel, writing and media in the contemporary world is dense: travel practice is increasingly interwoven with media; representations in old and new media are co-present and converge. Digitisation has had a profound impact on the practice and mediation of travel, but this volume aims to show that travel and its representation have always been enlaced with media. With contributions by experts in literary and cultural studies, journalism studies and informatics, the book takes a multi- and interdisciplinary approach and covers a wide range of media, from the hand-crafted album to social media. It illustrates how current transformations invite us to revisit earlier periods of travel writing and their media environments, and to explore the ways in which contemporary forms of mediation are prefigured by earlier practices and forms. The book addresses readers interested in travel writing, travel studies and cultural studies.
Handbook of Comics and Graphic Narratives

Author: Sebastian Domsch

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110446968

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 644

View: 258

Whether one describes them as sequential art, graphic narratives or graphic novels, comics have become a vital part of contemporary culture. Their range of expression contains a tremendous variety of forms, genres and modes − from high to low, from serial entertainment for children to complex works of art. This has led to a growing interest in comics as a field of scholarly analysis, as comics studies has established itself as a major branch of criticism. This handbook combines a systematic survey of theories and concepts developed in the field alongside an overview of the most important contexts and themes and a wealth of close readings of seminal works and authors. It will prove to be an indispensable handbook for a large readership, ranging from researchers and instructors to students and anyone else with a general interest in this fascinating medium.
Gothic Peregrinations

Author: Agnieszka ?owczanin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429859700

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 760

For over two hundred years, the Gothic has remained fixed in the European and American imaginations, steadily securing its position as a global cultural mode in recent decades. The globalization of Gothic studies has resulted in the proliferation of new critical concepts and a growing academic interest in the genre. Yet, despite its longevity, unprecedented expansion, and accusations of prescriptiveness, the Gothic remains elusive and without a straightforward definition. Gothic Peregrinations: The Unexplored and Re-explored Territories looks at Gothic productions largely marginalized in the studies of the genre, including the European absorption of and response to the Gothic. This collection of essays identifies landmarks and ley lines in the insufficiently probed territories of Gothic scholarship and sets out to explore its unmapped regions. This volume not only examines Gothic peregrinations from a geographical perspective but also investigates how the genre has been at odds with strict demarcation of generic boundaries. Analyzing texts which come from outside the Gothic canon, yet prove to be deeply indebted to it, like bereavement memoirs, stories produced by and about factory girls of Massachusetts, and the Mattel Monster High franchise, this volume illuminates the previously unexplored fields in Gothic studies. The chapters in this volume reveal the truly transnational expansion of the Gothic and the importance of exchange – exchange now seen not only as crucial to the genre’s gestation, or vital to the processes of globalization, but also to legitimizing Gothic studies in the global world.
Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies

Author: Mona Baker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317391739

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 900

View: 936

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies remains the most authoritative reference work for students and scholars interested in engaging with the phenomenon of translation in all its modes and in relation to a wide range of theoretical and methodological traditions. This new edition provides a considerably expanded and updated revision of what appeared as Part I in the first and second editions. Featuring 132 as opposed to the 75 entries in Part I of the second edition, it offers authoritative, critical overviews of additional topics such as authorship, canonization, conquest, cosmopolitanism, crowdsourced translation, dubbing, fan audiovisual translation, genetic criticism, healthcare interpreting, hybridity, intersectionality, legal interpreting, media interpreting, memory, multimodality, nonprofessional interpreting, note-taking, orientalism, paratexts, thick translation, war and world literature. Each entry ends with a set of annotated references for further reading. Entries no longer appearing in this edition, including historical overviews that previously appeared as Part II, are now available online via the Routledge Translation Studies Portal. Designed to support critical reflection, teaching and research within as well as beyond the field of translation studies, this is an invaluable resource for students and scholars of translation, interpreting, literary theory and social theory, among other disciplines.
The Cambridge Handbook of Translation

Author: Kirsten Malmkjær

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108570558

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


View: 769

Translation plays a vital role in society – it allows us to share knowledge and enrich our lives through access to other cultures. Translation studies is a rapidly evolving academic discipline, directly impacted by advances in technological aids, and with close connections between theory and practice. Bringing together contributions from internationally-renowned scholars, this Handbook offers an authoritative, up-to-date account of the many facets of this buoyant discipline. It covers different themes, areas of practice and developing trends, and provides an overview of the major sub-fields, and the connections between them. It is organised into six parts covering the nature of translation, its roles in society, its relationships with other disciplines, a selection of its factual genres, a selection of its art-related genres and, finally, its role in history. Comprehensive yet accessible, it is essential reading for students, teachers and scholars of translation studies, modern languages, linguistics, social studies and literary studies.
Literary Cultures and Twenty-First-Century Childhoods

Author: Nathalie op de Beeck

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030321468

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 279

View: 965

In the early decades of the twenty-first century, we are grappling with the legacies of past centuries and their cascading effects upon children and all people. We realize anew how imperialism, globalization, industrialization, and revolution continue to reshape our world and that of new generations. At a volatile moment, this collection asks how twenty-first century literature and related media represent and shape the contemporary child, childhood, and youth. Because literary representations construct ideal childhoods as well as model the rights, privileges, and respect afforded to actual young people, this collection surveys examples from popular culture and from scholarly practice. Chapters investigate the human rights of children in literature and international policy; the potential subjective agency and power of the child; the role models proposed for young people; the diverse identities children embody and encounter; and the environmental well-being of future human and nonhuman generations. As a snapshot of our developing historical moment, this collection identifies emergent trends, considers theories and critiques of childhood and literature, and observes how new technologies and paradigms are destabilizing past conventions of storytelling and lived experience.
Digital Literature and Critical Theory

Author: Annika Elstermann

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000826494

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 187

View: 883

The aim at the core of this book is a synthesis of increasingly popular and culturally significant forms of digital literature on the one hand, and established literary and critical theory on the other: reading digital texts through the lens of canonical theory, but also reading this more traditional theory through the lens of digital texts and related media. In a field which has often regarded the digital as apart from traditional literature and theory, this book highlights continuities in order to analyse digital literature as part of a longer literary tradition. Using examples from social media to video games and works particularly by postmodern and poststructuralist theorists, Digital Literature and Critical Theory contextualises digital forms among their analogue precursors and traces ongoing social developments which find expression in these cultural phenomena, including power dynamics between authors and readers, the individual in (post-)modernity, consumerism, and the potential for intersubjective exchange.
The Handbook of Diasporas, Media, and Culture

Author: Jessica Retis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119236757

Category: Social Science

Page: 624

View: 163

A multidisciplinary, authoritative outline of the current intellectual landscape of the field. Over the past three decades, the term ‘diaspora’ has been featured in many research studies and in wider theoretical debates in areas such as communications, the humanities, social sciences, politics, and international relations. The Handbook of Diasporas, Media, and Culture explores new dimensions of human mobility and connectivity—presenting state-of-the-art research and key debates on the intersection of media, cultural, and diasporic studies This innovative and timely book helps readers to understand diasporic cultures and their impact on the globalized world. The Handbook presents contributions from internationally-recognized scholars and researchers to strengthen understanding of diasporas and diasporic cultures, diasporic media and cultural resources, and the various forms of diasporic organization, expression, production, distribution, and consumption. Divided into seven sections, this wide-ranging volume covers topics such as methodological challenges and innovations in diasporic research, the construction of diasporic identity, the politics of diasporic integration, the intersection of gender and generation with the diasporic condition, new technologies in media, and many others. A much-needed resource for anyone with interest diasporic studies, this book: Presents new and original theory, research, and essays Employs unique methodological and conceptual debates Offers contributions from a multidisciplinary team of scholars and researchers Explores new and emerging trends in the study of diasporas and media Applies a wide-ranging, international perspective to the subject Due to its international perspective, interdisciplinary approach, and wide range of authors from around the world, The Handbook of Diasporas, Media, and Culture is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, lecturers, and researchers in areas that focus on the relationship of media and society, ethnic identity, race, class and gender, globalization and immigration, and other relevant fields.
Welsh Mythology and Folklore in Popular Culture

Author: Audrey L. Becker

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786487257

Category: Social Science

Page: 234

View: 806

Examining how we interpret Welshness today, this volume brings together fourteen essays covering a full range of representations of Welsh mythology, folklore, and ritual in popular culture. Topics covered include the twentieth-century fantasy fiction of Evangeline Walton, the Welsh presence in the films of Walt Disney, Welshness in folk music, video games, and postmodern literature. Together, these interdisciplinary essays explore the ways that Welsh motifs have proliferated in this age of cultural cross-pollination, spreading worldwide the myths of one small British nation.
The Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics

Author: John Richardson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199985104

Category: Music

Page: 752

View: 646

This handbook provides powerful ways to understand changes in the current media landscape. Media forms and genres are proliferating as never before, from movies, computer games and iPods to video games and wireless phones. This essay collection by recognized scholars, practitioners and non-academic writers opens discussion in exciting new directions.