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At Dwell, we're staging a minor revolution. We think that it's possible to live in a house or apartment by a bold modern architect, to own furniture and products that are exceptionally well designed, and still be a regular human being. We think that good design is an integral part of real life. And that real life has been conspicuous by its absence in most design and architecture magazines.
Outwitting Squirrels

Author: Bill Adler (Jr.)

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781569764800

Category: Gardening

Page: 208

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This book illustrates and explains a series of strategems to keep squirrels from eating and ruining yards and gardens when more traditional tactics fail.
Outwitting Dogs

Author: Terry Ryan

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762799992

Category: Pets

Page: 288

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Training dogs has traditionally been done by using negative reinforcement and brute force (take the choke collar as an example). But the tide is turning, and Terry Ryan, well-known dog trainer, is at the forefront of a revolution. OUTWITTING DOGS draws on her twentyfive years of hands-on experience helping people understand and train dogs, and solve dog behavior problems using kinder, gentler methods. OUTWITTING DOGS uses more brain than brawn to motivate dog behavior with positive training techniques, and helps readers truly understand the minds of their canine friends (and even enemies). Chapters cover: . outwitting puppies . housebreaking . curing the chronic chewer . how to cure the leash puller, the dog that jumps on people, the dog that hates to be left alone, the dog that won't come, the dog that barks too much, the biter, the aggressor . how to outwit the neighbor's dog . how to teach your dog tricks . how to outwit dog trainers . and even a chapter on outwitting dogs and kids at the same time, and much more. No sensible dog owner will want to be without a copy.

Author: Howard P. Greenwald

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412942478

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 529

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Providing a comprehensive understanding of the functions of formal organizations and the challenges they face, this text emphasizes the importance of forces that organizations or their leaders cannot fully control as a key distinctive theme. It covers basic features of organizations such as roles, structure, reward systems, power and authority, and culture and introduces important theoretical perspectives related to these features.

Author: Sefik Setkic

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9798885273794

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 451

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DID NOT CORRECT THE WRONG DRINA: New updated edition By: Sefik Setkic Did Not Correct the Wrong Drina is an autobiographical account representing a very wide range of the real experiences of the author, Sefik Setkic, related to the historical events of the twentieth century in the Balkans. Following his life and work, Setkic presents real experiences, placing them into the context of historical events from the start of World War II up until the conflict in the 1990s. With his unique perspective and extensive experience in business, Setkic gives the reader a glimpse into the intricacies of Yugoslavia’s politics, military excursions, and people, and he shares his wisdom on how to fight through life’s hardships and inevitable trials.
The Troubles in Ballybogoin

Author: William F. (Jr.) Kelleher

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472026364

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Why are the political polarities of Northern Ireland so intractable? Why, in a society riven by class division, do Northern Ireland's people identify most strongly with the nationalist and religious groupings of British Protestant versus Irish Catholic? Why, after over thirty years of violence and death, is dialogue about the future so difficult to create and sustain? In The Troubles in Ballybogoin, William F. Kelleher Jr. examines the patterns of avoidance and engagement deployed by people in the western region of Northern Ireland and compares them to colonial patterns of settlement and retreat. The book shows how social memories inform and are strengthened by mundane aspects of daily life—the paths people use to move through communal spaces, the bodily movements involved in informal social encounters that mark political identities, and the "holiday" marches that displace citizens for the day and divide cross-community friendships. The Troubles in Ballybogoin is the story of Ireland, its historical conundrums, its violence. It details the location of historical memory in the politics of the everyday and the colonial modernities that so often nurture long-term conflict. ". . . Bill Kelleher brings the reader in to the heart of Northern Ireland and its long, tragic conflict. Northern Ireland, in all its complexity, is authentically rendered." -Robert Connolly, writer and co-director, The Road to Reconciliation ". . . this exemplary ethnography is among the best books on Northern Ireland, and one of the very few that makes human sense of daily sectarian life." -Lawrence Taylor, National University of Ireland, Maynooth "More than a tour-a moving narrative." -David Stark, Columbia University "This is a wonderful contribution to Irish studies, postcolonial studies, and anthropology." -Begoña Arétxaga, University of Texas, Austin "It is a book that will be widely read and greatly appreciated." --David Lloyd, Scripps College

Café Oc

Café Oc

Author: Beebe Bahrami

Publisher: Shanti Arts Publishing

ISBN: 9781941830406

Category: Travel

Page: 336

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Writer, anthropologist, and self-professing nomad Beebe Bahrami knows that walking and exploring are paramount to her sense of connection to the earth. One of her explorations took her to a small fishing village in northwestern Spain and a much-anticipated chance to walk once again but on new tributaries the pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago. But it was a side trip to Sarlat in southwestern France, a place called "the Frenchman's paradise" by author Henry Miller, that unexpectedly gave Bahrami much to explore and enjoy as the region worked its way into the author's heart. A travel narrative and memoir, Café Oc will delight readers with its tantalizing descriptions of French foods and wines, walks through the countryside, visits to the prehistoric painted and engraved caves, and the warm and welcoming people in the Dordogne region of France. It will also take them along a path of serendipity and magic, and a meditation into how we are pulled by the desire for home. Accompanied by photographs taken by the author, Café Oc is also a pictorial record of places, people, and events. Over time and several lengthy visits, Bahrami found a surprising desire to settle down, to leave her "tent poles anchored in place to that precious earth."
The Subtenant ; To Outwit God

Author: Hanna Krall

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 081011075X

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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This volume presents two works by acclaimed Polish journalist Hanna Krall: The Subtenant, a semi-autobiographical novel, and To Outwit God, a remarkable interview with Marek Edelman, the last surviving leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. The Subtenant explores the troubled and ever-shifting relationships between Poles and Jews, beginning with the author's concealment as a child during the Nazi years and ending in 1981 when martial law was declared in Poland. In To Outwit God, Edelman's words assault conventional assumptions about heroes and heroism, taking in his time not only in the Warsaw Ghetto but his careers as a physician and a Solidarity activist. Taken together, the two works form a powerful memoir of Jewish survival, a meditation on Polish-Jewish relations, and a commentary on the forces that have produced modern Polish opposition movements.