Parenting with Purpose and Grace

Author: Alice Fryling

Publisher: Shaw Books

ISBN: 9780307814388

Category: Religion

Page: 80

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Learning to Love Your Children Well The challenges of parenting can sometimes feel overwhelming. What do we do when we run out of patience? How do we handle our anger when it seems to be getting the best of us? Where do we find the affirmation our children need? Alice Fryling invites you to discover what the Bible says about how to reflect the love, wisdom, and grace of God in your parenting. Scripture gives us stories and truths about parenting and describes our relationship with God in a way that goes beyond “answers.” With wisdom and authenticity, this guide discusses how God parents us, how to pray for our kids, how to handle our own fears and failures, and how to entrust our children to God.
Parenting With Purpose

Author: Paul Tsika

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768404623

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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How Do You Become The Parent You Always Wanted To Be? Almost anyone can be a parent, but what does it take to become a truly great parent? Everyone is looking for the secret to successfully raising their kids, and that secret starts with – purpose. Relationship coaches, Paul and Billie Tsika openly share their struggles and victories in raising three children throughout their 45-year marriage. They even take you behind closed doors and bring their own kids’ perspective into the book, having them share the good and bad of how they were parented. As a parent, you will be: Encouraged to raise your children intentionally, shaping them for adulthood and preparing them for their unique densities Equipped to lead your children into spiritual and emotional wholeness as you set the example Educated to incorporate a heart-approach, where you parent based on your child’s individuality and practice constructive discipline Empowered to grow from mistakes, practice forgiveness (a lot), edify, bless, and unconditionally love your children. Get ready to transform your family! Start Parenting With Purpose and watch your children become the men and women God created them to be.
Grace Based Parenting Video Series (Part 1): Creating an Atomosphere of Grace

Author: Tim Kimmel

Publisher: Family Matters

ISBN: 0977496732

Category: Religion


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Grace Based Parenting Video Series Parents in our post-modern world tend to be committed to but anxious about their child-rearing responsibilities. The Grace Based Parenting Video Series is a refreshing new study for small groups, church classes and individuals that shows moms and dads how to love their kids the way God loves his with grace! It gives parents a realistic job description for raising spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and hope. Regardless of the health and dynamics of your family configuration, Grace Based Parenting works! Part 1 Creating An Atmosphere Of Grace Dr. Tim Kimmel, founder of Family Matters, inspires parents to go from parenting out of fear to parenting with grace. Based on the book, Grace Based Parenting, this encouraging study shows parents a grace-based, character-driven model to nurture well-rounded and loving kids -- and have a great time in the process! Creating An Atmosphere Of Grace presents a child's true needs--according to Scripture--and provides parents a realistic, doable way to meet them. The result is spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and confidence. This study will help you: Keep from investing energy in a long list of things that don t matter Stop fear-based parenting and start parenting with confidence Meet the three driving inner needs of your children Teach your children to navigate their culture, choose better friends and make wiser choices Create an atmosphere within your family that brings the best out of everyone This exciting and illuminating biblical study will give every parent what they need to make the most of their incredible opportunity of preparing their kids for a great future. Creating An Atmosphere Of Grace will give every parent a fresh hope and the tools to create an environment in their home where everyone is reaching their potential. No matter what age or stage of life you are in, this study will give you a biblically based plan for nurturing loving, confident and spiritually strong kids. Bring the best out of those you love the most by creating an atmosphere of grace. Box Includes: Ten 15-20 minute sessions A participant workbook A leader's guide (Online resources are available for Leaders at One copy of Tim Kimmel s award winning book, Grace Based Parenting Reviews: This has helped me see God, myself and my kids in a different light. Kimmel encourages us to give our kids the freedom to be different and to make mistakes, while at the same time giving a "love that is secure, a purpose that is significant, and a hope that is strong." This is good stuff! (a parent in Alabama) This is a wonderful guide to loving and guiding children as God lovingly wants to guide humanity. I have my clients read this when they feel overwhelmed to be the perfect parent, or believe that there is only one way to parent, or are feeling defeated in their parenting skills. There is "GRACE" for both parents and child. A must read! (a parent in Colorado) About the Book: This is a balanced book - full of grace and discipline. After reading the book through (and applying the principles therein) I have recommended it to friends and family. I read many parenting books (mom of 4 and foster mom) and I put this one in my top 3. Well worth the money to own a copy, to take the time to read it, and the strength to put it into action. (a mom in Worcester, Massachusetts)"
Parenting with Kingdom Purpose

Author: Richard Ross

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781433675317

Category: Religion

Page: 164

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“What if we raise our children to gain the world but in the process they forfeit their souls?” ask the writers of Parenting with Kingdom Purpose (True Love Waits founder Richard Ross and best-selling author Ken Hemphill).Indeed, children are a constant reminder of God’s goodness. In that light, Christian parents are called to celebrate and nurture the unique personality traits and talents of each precious one with a gracious and eternal perspective. Yet studies indicate 70 percent of teenagers from evangelical homes will drop out of church within two years after high school graduation. What the world has to offer will win their closer attention.Parenting with Kingdom Purpose looks at Bible teaching and the recent National Study of Youth and Religion to shape a fresh approach to raising children that cuts through the chaos of modern life and brings families closest to each other and the Lord.
Parenting First Aid

Author: Marty Machowski

Publisher: New Growth Press

ISBN: 9781948130004

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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In this uplifting and faith-strengthening devotional book for parents, best-selling children's author Marty Machowski encourages parents in the midst of trials. Full of Scripture, testimonies of faithful parents, and insightful meditations, Parenting First Aid equips moms and dads to run to God and trust his ability to do what they can't. Parenting isn't getting any easier, especially with the introduction of insta-porn on electronic devices, the ease of access to drugs, and the ever-increasing blurring of sexuality. This useful resource is for the weary and overwhelmed parents struggling with their children's choices, and the culture that wars against their souls. For families with small struggles or weighty parenting trials—such as children involved with drugs, sexual sin, and teenage rebellion—Parenting First Aid is full of personal, real testimonies of God's faithfulness to those experiencing hardship. The easy-to-use format provides encouragement to turn to God in the midst of family difficulty. While God does not promise happiness and ease in parenting, all can find comfort in God and peace beyond understanding through the Scriptures and meditations found in Parenting First Aid.
Parenting with Grace and Truth

Author: Dan Seaborn

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 9781683221562

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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How could following Jesus' example change your parenting and your relationship with your kids? Parenting with Grace and Truth is a timely book for to parents who desire to live and lead like Jesus. You will be drawn to the "grace and truth" concept because our culture idolizes serving self over others, which makes it incredibly difficult to raise children from a biblical foundation. In twelve chapters, author Dan Seaborn explores the notion of what parenting would be like if you handled the delicate balance of speaking truth into your children’s lives, while loving your kids with a heart full of grace. Parenting with Grace and Truth will help parents discover that every aspect of parenting is satisfied through the person and character of Jesus Christ. . .a must-read for parents of all ages!



Author: June Hunt

Publisher: Rose Publishing

ISBN: 9781596367951

Category: Religion

Page: 93

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Kids are a lot like kites - struggling to become airborne, yet needing the stability of the string. A kite is not designed to be possessively protected inside the home. Though separation is painful, God designed your role as a parent to prepare your "kite" for flight. As the fragile frame dives again and again, don't be emotionally torn by the changing winds. Keep running with your child, releasing more and more string into the Lord's sovereign hands. June Hunt gives practical advice and Biblical wisdom on how to be a great parent. Did you know: God ordained roles for mothers and fathers The different parenting styles that lead to problems The proper balance between love and limits The process of "letting go" and allowing your child to soar The hope God has for hurting parents In most families, the role of a father and the role of a mother are different. Your child may be looking to each parent for different needs and acknowledgements. Learn what they are and how you can be proactive in the role that the Lord has given to you. Your child is a gift from God. The most compelling behavior you can model before your child is to reflect the character of Christ. It's never too late to begin taking steps toward godly parenting. Rose Publishing Product Code: 222X June Hunt Hope For The Heart Series
Grace-Based Parenting

Author: Tim Kimmel

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418515409

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

View: 733

Parents in our post-modern world tend to be committed to but anxious about their child-rearing responsibilities. They've tried the countless parenting books on the market, but many of these are strident, fear-based books that loving parents instinctively reject, while still searching for direction. Now Dr. Tim Kimmel, founder of Family Matters ministries, offers a refreshing new look at parenting. Rejecting rigid rules and checklists that don't work, Dr. Kimmel recommends a parenting style that mirrors God's love, reflects His forgiveness, and displaces fear as a motivator for behavior. As we embrace the grace God offers, we begin to give it-creating a solid foundation for growing morally strong and spiritually motivated children. Releasing in an affordable trade paper edition, this revolutionary book presents a whole new way to nurture a healthy family.
Parenting with a Purpose

Author: Walter E. McDonald

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781609573072

Category: Religion

Page: 278

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Parenting With A Purpose Parenting is not about ownership; it is about stewardship, and stewardship is about doing a job for God. Parenting is not about being glorified; it is about glorifying God. Parenting is not about lifting up children or being lifted up by children; it is about lifting up Christ by, "Bringing children up in the training and instruction of the Lord." When the objective of parenting is to glorify God, God gets the glory and parents get the joy. And there is no joy like the joy that a parent experiences when his child grows like Jesus grew, "In wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." Walter E. McDonald currently teaches a young adult Sunday school class for parents with children in elementary school and middle school. He was ordained a deacon in 1978, and he has been teaching Sunday school since 1965. He has taught children, youth, high school students, college students; young married couples, single adults, and senior adults. He has also worked with youth mission groups such as Royal Ambassadors and Shepherd Boys. His approach to teaching, no matter what age group he teaches, has always been that of the Apostle Paul written in 1 Corinthians 2:2, "For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified." (KJV)
A Compass to Parenting

Author: Lydia Weatherly

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469753553

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 112

View: 279

Are you confused or overwhelmed with all the parenting strategies out there? As a parent, are you feeling defeated and discouraged? Would you like a simple, powerful, life-changing perspective on parenting? In A Compass to Parenting, author Lydia Weatherly provides a Christian-based perspective about your role as a parent. In this guide, the author shares her experiences as a Christian parent, using personal stories and anecdotes to illustrate how you too can raise your children with wisdom and love. A Compass to Parenting helps you see your purpose in parenting; shows you practical ways to nurture, love, and instruct your child; and demonstrates how to become the parent your child needs. A Compass to Parenting communicates that parenting is more than changing your child's attitude and behavior; parenting is becoming the person God desires you to be. This guide provides encouragement, insight, and the tools to parent passionately and purposefully. It is filled with ways to influence your child's attitude and behavior, while preserving and promoting a close, loving relationship to help you experience joy and fulfillment in parenting.
Confident Parenting

Author: Jim Burns

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781585588299

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Jim Burns, president of HomeWord, lays a positive foundation for parenting with practical strategies and illustrations, teaching how to create a warm, grace-filled home.
Parenting Your Adult Child

Author: Gary Chapman

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9781575674957

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 193

View: 778

Parenting doesn't end at 18 .Has your nest not emptied? Has your adult child made lifestyle choices you don't agree with? Has becoming an in-law made you consider becoming an outlaw? Many parents today answer an exasperating "yes" to these and many other questions that describe the frustration encountered between them and their adult children. Parenting no longer ends at 18, yet very few resources are available to help parents better communicate with their child who is no longer a child. Ross Campbell and Gary Chapman, authors of The Five Love Languages of Children, have teamed up again to bring us another tool for parenting. They will help you deal with such issues as helping your child find success, dealing with anger, when adult children return with their children, religious choices, and positive parental love. You can survive this stage in your life. And with the excellent advice from Drs. Campbell and Chapman, you can even enjoy it!