Brilliant Activities for Persuasive Writing

Author: Paula Goodridge

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9780857473424

Category: Education

Page: 79

View: 944

Brilliant Activities for Persuasive Writing provides activities to help pupils focus on persuasive language. Activities range from writing advertisements and job descriptions to looking at two-sided written arguments and debates.The book is divided into four sections, one for each year of Key Stage 2. Lesson plans are accompanied by photocopiable texts and worksheets. Most of the activities allow for differentiation by outcome and so may be used with he whole class. Extension activities are given to challenge the more able and follow-on activities enable teachers to extend the work further. All the activities are compatible with the National Literacy Strategy.
Persuasive Writing

Author: Tara McCarthy

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0590209345

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 476

Provides practical ideas and strategies for exploring and teaching persuasive writing in grades 4-8. Includes reproducibles, graphic organizers, mini-lessons and check-lists.
Persuasive Writing

Author: Peter Frederick

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 9780273746164

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 414

Developed from powerful techniques consistently proven in the world of multi-million pound commercial bid writing, Persuasive Writing reveals the most efficient and effective ways to make your words work, time after time. Discover how to: Transform any document into something truly compelling and persuasive Understand what your reader really wants to hear and use this to get what you want Combine logic and emotion to convince even the most sceptical reader Whether you're writing for business or for pleasure, the longest document or the shortest email, with these and many more proven techniques, Persuasive Writing will ensure every word works for you.
Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing for Postgraduates

Author: Louise Katz

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350314658

Category: Study Aids

Page: 179

View: 387

This hands-on guide to advanced critical analysis and argumentation will help readers to communicate in way that is orderly, rigorously supported, persuasive and clear. It demonstrates how criticality can be paired with creativity to produce an insightful and engaging piece of research, and explores how narrative styles and rhetorical devices can be used to boost the persuasiveness of an argument. Chapters blend theory with practice and contain a wealth of activities designed to help students put new skills into practice or revitalise those they already have. This is an essential resource for postgraduates and advanced undergraduates looking to hone their skills in critical analysis and communicate their ideas with precision and clarity.
Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument

Author: Sally Jones

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781907733246

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 118

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Creative Writing is the essential guide for all students wanting to develop their literacy skills and improve their grades in English assignments and examinations. It is the first in the Teach Your Child to Write Good English series. Creative Writing has been written by an experienced teacher and tutor and written with the needs of children in mind. This book concentrates specifically and in depth on Creative Writing required by the National Curriculum, providing everything needed to stimulate a child to write imaginatively. It is specifically targeted at Key Stage 2 and 3 (ages 8-14 years). However, it provides a useful aid for students taking GCSE at foundation level. It contains material suitable for SATS examinations, for those taking 11+ entrance examinations and for students learning English as a foreign language. Creative Writing will guide students through the story writing process, as if they had a tutor by their side. This book is designed to help the child with thinking up ideas, providing starting points for writing, structuring and organizing their writing into paragraphs. It features writing a good introduction with characters, setting and plot, building up suspense and winding up the plot with a suitable resolution. Attention is given to making writing more interesting by varying sentence types, using punctuation and good grammar. The student will investigate different narrative structures for writing stories, exploring various viewpoints so they can decide if they write in first or third person. They will learn to evoke mood and atmosphere by using good vocabulary. Creative Writing includes an exciting range of model answers and sample texts written by children and provides practice questions to test them. Common errors made by students are highlighted and corrected. It is packed with vital hints and tips on gaining those top grades. Creative Writing is ideal for working through at home, supplementing school work. By working methodically through this book the students will grow in confidence and will learn to enjoy writing. This is the second book in this excellent series from Guinea Pig Education.
Persuasive Writing

Author: Elliott Quinley

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publ

ISBN: 9781562547509

Category: Education

Page: 64

View: 453

Writing 4 consists of 4 Worktexts and 4 Teacher's Notes- designed for writing practice with incremental teaching methods, basic grammar review pages and real-world themes.
Writing a Persuasive Essay, Grades 5 - 8

Author: R. E. Myers

Publisher: Mark Twain Media

ISBN: 9781580377454

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 80

View: 283

Write on! Write with students in grades 5 and up using Writing a Persuasive Essay. This 80-page book breaks down persuasive writing into manageable steps such as choosing a subject, analyzing, defining terms, gathering information and organizing. Also covers supporting an argument, reviewing and writing the essay, revising, and finalizing. Clear information and examples teach students how to complete each step. The book also includes information for teachers and parents and tips for evaluating student responses.
Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy

Author: Michael R. Fontham

Publisher: Aspen Publishing

ISBN: 9781543805413

Category: Law

Page: 597

View: 572

While focused on the appellate setting, Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy is applicable to all legal writing and speaking, and includes practical guidance for advocacy in federal courts, trial courts, and other situations. Students are given a clear and practical guide to legal writing and oral argument, from the selection of a main theme, to the employment of research, language, and speaking skills that achieve a clear, persuasive legal message. Step-by-step, they learn to organize, prepare, and present winning written and oral arguments. Detailed coverage of trial motion practice as well as appellate practice shows how important it is to consider the judge's time and perspective when preparing an argument. Concrete examples based on a hypothetical case file are liberally spread throughout the text along with extensive advice for editing. Sophisticated, realistic litigation problems in the accompanying Case Files help put principles in practice and allow instructors a great deal of flexibility. Technological developments are explored, including electronic filing and electronic research. New to the Second Edition: Revisions to Supreme Court Rules and Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure Updated use and citation of literature Additional advice on achieving writing and speaking goals Professors and students will benefit from: The book explains "how to" achieve effective briefs and argument. Examples make the advice concrete rather than abstract. The book provides extensive review and citation of advice from judges and practitioners. Organization permits teachers to select material as appropriate for class needs.