Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetic Considerations - Vol II

Author: Rakesh Kumar Tekade

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780323913164

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 814

View: 750

Pharmacokinetics and Toxicokinetic Considerations explains the central principles, cutting-edge methodologies, and incipient thought processes applied to toxicology research. As part of the Advances in Pharmaceutical Product Development and Research series, the book provides expert literature on dose, dosage regimen and dose adjustment, medication errors, and approaches for its prevention, the concept of pharmacotherapy, and managed care in clinical interventions. It expounds on strategies to revamp the pharmacokinetics of the drug and the factors affecting the stability of drugs and their metabolites in biological matrices. Finally, the book offers focused elaborations on various bioanalytical methods for bioavailability and bioequivalence assessment and integrates the wide-ranging principles and concepts shared by toxicokinetics and pharmacodynamics as mutual crosstalk rather than isolated observations. It will be helpful to researchers and advanced students working in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, food, and related industries including toxicologists, pharmacists, and pharmacologists. Allows readers to systematically integrate up-to-date research findings into their laboratory work Presents focused explorations of bioanalytical methods for bioavailability and bioequivalence assessment Provides clinical applications of concepts
Comprehensive Reviews in Toxicology

Author: Peter D Bryson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439810873

Category: Medical

Page: 960

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Revised and updated, this edition covers general principles of overdose management; the automonic nervous system, neurotransmitters and drugs; drugs used in psychiatry; cardiac drugs; agents that burn; gases and abnormal haemoglobin formation; the
Integration of Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Toxicokinetics in Rational Drug Development

Author: A. Yacobi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781475715200

Category: Medical

Page: 270

View: 655

Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, held in Arlington, Virginia, April 24-26, 1991
Information Resources in Toxicology

Author: Steve Gilbert

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128137253

Category: Medical

Page: 1054

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This new fifth edition of Information Resources in Toxicology offers a consolidated entry portal for the study, research, and practice of toxicology. Both volumes represents a unique, wide-ranging, curated, international, annotated bibliography, and directory of major resources in toxicology and allied fields such as environmental and occupational health, chemical safety, and risk assessment. The editors and authors are among the leaders of the profession sharing their cumulative wisdom in toxicology’s subdisciplines. This edition keeps pace with the digital world in directing and linking readers to relevant websites and other online tools. Due to the increasing size of the hardcopy publication, the current edition has been divided into two volumes to make it easier to handle and consult. Volume 1: Background, Resources, and Tools, arranged in 5 parts, begins with chapters on the science of toxicology, its history, and informatics framework in Part 1. Part 2 continues with chapters organized by more specific subject such as cancer, clinical toxicology, genetic toxicology, etc. The categorization of chapters by resource format, for example, journals and newsletters, technical reports, organizations constitutes Part 3. Part 4 further considers toxicology’s presence via the Internet, databases, and software tools. Among the miscellaneous topics in the concluding Part 5 are laws and regulations, professional education, grants and funding, and patents. Volume 2: The Global Arena offers contributed chapters focusing on the toxicology contributions of over 40 countries, followed by a glossary of toxicological terms and an appendix of popular quotations related to the field. The book, offered in both print and electronic formats, is carefully structured, indexed, and cross-referenced to enable users to easily find answers to their questions or serendipitously locate useful knowledge they were not originally aware they needed. Among the many timely topics receiving increased emphasis are disaster preparedness, nanotechnology, -omics, risk assessment, societal implications such as ethics and the precautionary principle, climate change, and children’s environmental health. Introductory chapters provide a backdrop to the science of toxicology, its history, the origin and status of toxicoinformatics, and starting points for identifying resources. Offers an extensive array of chapters organized by subject, each highlighting resources such as journals, databases,organizations, and review articles. Includes chapters with an emphasis on format such as government reports, general interest publications, blogs, and audiovisuals. Explores recent internet trends, web-based databases, and software tools in a section on the online environment. Concludes with a miscellany of special topics such as laws and regulations, chemical hazard communication resources, careers and professional education, K-12 resources, funding, poison control centers, and patents. Paired with Volume Two, which focuses on global resources, this set offers the most comprehensive compendium of print, digital, and organizational resources in the toxicological sciences with over 120 chapters contributions by experts and leaders in the field.
Pharmacokinetics of Drugs

Author: Peter G. Welling

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642786808

Category: Medical

Page: 537

View: 375

A compilation of researchers' experience in the areas of bioanalysis, pharmacokinetics, and drug metabolism, to present an up-to-date and comprehensive treatise on the application of these and related technologies in drug discovery, development, and clinical use. Contents cover descriptions of analytical methods, in vitro metabolism technology and membrane transport, reappraisal of classical pharmacokinetic problems, and the time course of drug action. The book concludes with a description of PET and imaging methods in pharmacokinetics and an appendix containing a critical appraisal of computer methods and pharmacokinetic software available for PCs.
Biomaterials, Medical Devices, and Combination Products

Author: Shayne Cox Gad

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482248388

Category: Medical

Page: 606

View: 318

Biomaterials, Medical Devices, and Combination Products is a single-volume guide for those responsible for-or concerned with-developing and ensuring patient safety in the use and manufacture of medical devices.The book provides a clear presentation of the global regulatory requirements and challenges in evaluating the biocompatibility and clinical
Safety Evaluation in the Development of Medical Devices and Combination Products, Third Edition

Author: Shayne C. Gad

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439809488

Category: Medical

Page: 504

View: 473

Capturing the growth of the global medical device market in recent years, this practical new guide is essential for all who are responsible for ensuring safety in the use and manufacture of medical devices. It has been extensively updated to reflect significant advances, incorporating combination products and helpful case examples of current real-life problems in the field. The Third Edition explores these key current trends: global device markets continually advancing technology the increasing harmonization of device safety regulation worldwide Each aspect of safety evaluation is considered in terms of International Standards Organization (ISO), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Union (EU), and Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) perspectives. In addition, the book reflects the role of the continuing growth of technology in the incorporation of science, particularly in the areas of immunotoxicology and toxicokinetics.