Poetry Writing for Wanna-Be's

Author: Sam McCarver

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595410743

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 111

View: 336

After reading and enjoying poetry, many of us become "wanna-be poets" wanting to develop our own skills and style by learning from experiences of others. The goal is to write our own poems in readable, entertaining form. This simple, practical, handy guide provides the background and essentials you need for writing your poems. In Part One, "Poetry Writing For Wanna-be's", you'll learn about various poetry forms from traditional to free verse. You'll read about poetry and poets and use valuable reference lists of poetry forms and terms. You'll learn how to critique a poem and discover more about public poetry readings and getting published. And you'll be able to begin writing your poems right away, with confidence that you know the principles involved. In Part Two, "Poems Are Such Funny Stuff", you'll enjoy and learn from the author's chapbook of 30 of his light verse poems. They include a variety of themes and structures, some poems with rhyme and meter, some in free verse, ranging from humor and whimsy to deeper thought addressing topics of today, and supplementing other examples in the text. Poetry offers an enjoyable experience, especially in its creation. Have fun
Poetry Written by My Heart

Author: Jermaine Washington

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410797551

Category: Fiction

Page: 43

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This is a book designed to test courage, all things are possible through Jesus Christ. There were many soldiers around me when the war started, alone I faced destruction with my heart beating solid, for a moment frozen in time....... no white horses or pretty ladies showed up at my door, I learned on the battlefield, a soldier dies once, a warrior comes back for more .... Salute Deangelo Redd Washington R.I.P Lil Bro
Teaching Poetry Writing

Author: Tom Hunley

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847696816

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 204

View: 140

Teaching Poetry Writing: A Five Canon Approach is a comprehensive alternative to the full-class workshop approach to poetry writing instruction. In the five canon approach, peer critique of student poems takes place in online environments, freeing up class time for writing exercises and lessons based on the five canons of classical rhetoric: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery.
Conversations with Billy Collins

Author: John Cusatis

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496840684

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 234

View: 957

Billy Collins “puts the ‘fun’ back in profundity,” says poet Alice Fulton. Known for what he has called “hospitable” poems, which deftly blend wit and erudition, Collins (b. 1941) is a poet of nearly unprecedented popularity. His work is also critically esteemed and well represented in The Norton Anthology of American Literature. An English professor for five decades, Collins was fifty-seven when his poetry began gathering considerable international attention. Conversations with Billy Collins chronicles the poet’s career beginning with his 1998 interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, which exponentially expanded his readership, three years prior to his being named United States Poet Laureate. Other interviewers range from George Plimpton, founder of the Paris Review, to Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Henry Taylor to a Presbyterian pastor, a physics professor, and a class of AP English Literature students. Over the course of the twenty-one interviews included in the volume, Collins discusses such topics as discovering his persona, that consistently affable voice that narrates his often wildly imaginative poems; why poetry is so loved by children but often met with anxiety by high school students; and his experience composing a poem to be recited during a joint session of Congress on the first anniversary of 9/11, a tragedy that occurred during his tenure as poet laureate. He also explores his love of jazz, his distaste for gratuitously difficult poetry and autobiographical poems, and his beguiling invention of a mock poetic form: the paradelle. Irreverent, incisive, and deeply life-affirming—like his twelve volumes of poetry—these interviews, gathered for the first time in one volume, will edify and entertain readers in the way his sold-out readings have done for the past quarter century.

Author: Justin R. Cannon

Publisher: Justin Cannon

ISBN: 9781438247854

Category: Poetry

Page: 143

View: 101

Sanctified is the world's first poetry anthology featuring works exclusively by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans Christians. "I am excited about this publication because LGBT Christians' voices need to be heard not only in church meetings, city councils, and courtrooms, but also in the literary arena. I believe poetry is an intimate, very revealing form of writing, and that this anthology speaks deeply to the experience of queer Christians in our world," says editor Justin Cannon."Sanctified is a powerful, poignant and diverse collection of ideas, thoughts, and especially emotions emanating from each poet's gentle, beautiful soul. These wonderfully crafted poems are a touching celebration of the Christian GLBT and Searching Community that reflect love, hope, dreams, and a deep, profound faith that inspires. Each poem is a spiritual gem that offers the reader a great deal to reflect on whether gay or straight." ~ Bishop Paul Peter Jesep
Blood from Angels' Wings

Author: Brother Tom

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781418466152

Category: Poetry

Page: 97

View: 640

Thirty-five years in the making, Blood from Angels Wings is a collection of poetry that spans across the entire authors life, starting as a 13 year-old boy writing The Gift to a young college student writing The Man on the Tree to a middle-aged man writing The Voyage. The poet, Brother Tom, is a third order discalced Carmelite monk so most of these works are, of course, very spiritual in nature. People wanting a spiritual journey will discover one in the poems and pictures found within these pages. But, truly, this book was written for the non-believer. From the anger found in The Master Key to the incessant prodding of The Fifth Station to the call to arms of Battle Rap, this book was written with the aspiration of guiding people who hate religion back to God. If the church has ever hurt you, then, on behalf of the church, I am sorry. Chapels are filled with many people, some of them good, some of them not so good, and some of them constipated. But if you stay away because of some bad people, then the bad guys will win. Dont let that happen. Please, return to Jesus. He will absolutely accept you with Open Arms.
Holy Water

Author: Winston Anderson

Publisher: Holy Water Book I and II

ISBN: 9781598009118

Category: Religion

Page: 308

View: 304

Holy Water Book I You Can Lead A Horse To Water,But You Cant Make Him Drink.Creative Poems that are God centered, and some that are just for fun. Rap Poetry that will make you think, and introduce you to the Savior with a Hip Hop flavor.Holy Water Book II The Spoken Word. Gods Holy Word in rhyme and prose to expose the Creator, the only One greater than yourself. The possessor of all the worlds true wealth and how to get it and keep it. Who is the true enemy? And why you need it to defeat it. Gods Holy Spirit is what you need to succeed. Come taste Holy Water without a price, come taste the true Bread of Life. Even the Bread Crumbs will suffice. More precious than Gold, Platinum and Ice, isnt that nice?This is Bible Study at its best to put you to the test and separate you from the rest, and divide the fake from the real before the anti-Christ is revealed. If you dont know Christ you might get your cap peeled! As you can tell this book is geared towards the teens. It can also be used by the Principals and Deans, the Teachers, the Pastors and those behind the scenes. Church groups, Boy Scout Troops and Parents who want their children to embrace their Christian roots. Holy Water is a Spiritual journey that will take you to the brink, make you think, and take a drink before you sink into sin, and help you win the battle within, where you will find the real battle is for your Mind. Once you start to read, you will find, you have no choice except to receive the Truth. Whether you are old or in your youth. The truth will set you free and open your eyes so you can see.Holy Water is a wellspring of water springing up to Eternal Life, for every Child, Man and Wife. Share Holy Water with your sons and daughters, get connected to the True Vine so you can produce fruit, and if you dont, you better have a fire proof suit, because we are living in the Last Days in Time. And you dont want to be Left Behind.
So You Wanna Be a Superstar?

Author: Ted Michael

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780762447015

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 152

View: 942

Geared toward hopeful musical theater, show choir, a cappella, and glee club singers, as well as all shower singers that want to improve their skills, this enthusiastic and practical guide can help anyone's inner superstardom make a public appearance. Full of straightforward, well-organized advice for every step of the process, this book will help you train your vocal cords, pick the right audition material, and become comfortable with the spotlight. Interactive quizzes, helpful sidebars, and words of advice from industry professionals add a personalized and real-world touch. Author Ted Michael, a veteran of music and theater, along with the help of popular actors, actresses, and singers, provides all the tools young singers need in order to nail their auditions and nurture their natural show-stopping abilities.

Author: Kanaan

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595303816

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 232

View: 949

Written entirely in a refugee camp in Southern Lebanon, Literati is Dreaming-Bear's autobiography as he was discovering his place in society and reflecting upon the tragedies that shaped his life including: the abuse he suffered as a child, witnessing the death of his younger brother and the kidnapping of his sister, and living a life constantly moving from one place to the next. Literati also explores the art of turning tragedy into treasure, being the inspiration you wish to see, and creating a life of authentic self expression. Literati has transformed the lives of others who have suffered through child abuse as it offers a road map to overcoming pain and finding personal happiness and forgiveness.
I Love the Beach, Poetry, Long Walks, Night Runs, Riding My Bike, Sunsets and Smelling My Own Feet...

Author: Edwin Estuya

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452085234

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 733

View: 609

this is a summary of his daily thoughts which he wrote every night. He loves the beach, poetry, long walks, night runs, riding his bike, sunsets and smelling his own feet. though this is not a perfect commercial grade book, this is a story of a persons life. a true story of his wanderings. his convictions. his passions. his dreams. his frustrations. his love. yes. these thoughts come from his heart. this is his story of his road to greatness if theres ever one for him. a true story to tell the whole world and the ones left behind.
On Breaking One's Pencil

Author: Robert T. Sorrells

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460282250

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 378

View: 733

The book is divided into six major parts: PLACES, WRITING ADVICE, CHURCH MATTERS, PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ESSAYS, ESSAYS, and ALL IN THE FAMILY. It closes with the traditional -30- that used to tell newspapermen working on stories that the story was completed, that there was no more copy coming in on that story.