Pro Django

Author: Marty Alchin

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430258094

Category: Computers

Page: 290

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Learn how to leverage Django, the leading Python web application development framework, to its full potential in this advanced tutorial and reference. Updated for Django 1.5 and Python 3, Pro Django, Second Edition examines in great detail the complex problems that Python web application developers can face and how to solve them. It provides in–depth information about advanced tools and techniques available in every Django installation, running the gamut from the theory of Django’s internal operations to actual code that solves real–world problems for high–volume environments. Pro Django, Second Edition goes above and beyond other books, leaving the basics far behind and showing how Django can do things even its core developers never expected. By drawing on the dynamic nature of Python, you can write Django applications that stretch the limits of what you thought possible! What you’ll learn Use Django’s models, views, forms, and templates Handle HTTP and customizing back ends Get the most out of Django’s common tooling Employ Django in various environments Build an API using Django's own components Make this code reusable—even distributable Who this book is for This book is for companies looking for a framework capable of supporting enterprise needs, as well as advanced Python or web developers looking to solve unusual, complex problems. Table of Contents Understanding Django Django Is Python Models URLs and Views Forms Templates Handling HTTP Backend Protocols Common Tools Coordinating Applications Enhancing Applications
Pro Python

Author: Marty Alchin

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484203347

Category: Computers

Page: 369

View: 395

You’ve learned the basics of Python, but how do you take your skills to the next stage? Even if you know enough to be productive, there are a number of features that can take you to the next level in Python. Pro Python, Second Edition explores concepts and features normally left to experimentation, allowing you to be even more productive and creative. In addition to pure code concerns, Pro Python develops your programming techniques and approaches, which will help make you a better Python programmer. This book will improve not only your code but also your understanding and interaction with the many established Python communities. This book takes your Python knowledge and coding skills to the next level. It shows you how to write clean, innovative code that will be respected by your peers. With this book, make your code do more with introspection and meta-programming. And learn and later use the nuts and bolts of an application, tier-by-tier as a complex case study along the way. For more information, including a link to the source code referenced in the book, please visit
Pro Python 3

Author: J. Burton Browning

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484243855

Category: Computers

Page: 468

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Refine your programming techniques and approaches to become a more productive and creative Python programmer. This book explores the concepts and features that will improve not only your code but also your understanding of the Python community with insights and details about the Python philosophy. Pro Python 3, Third Edition gives you the tools to write clean, innovative code. It starts with a review of some core Python principles, which are illustrated by various concepts and examples later in the book. The first half of the book explores aspects of functions, classes, protocols, and strings, describing techniques which may not be common knowledge, but which together form a solid foundation. Later chapters cover documentation, testing, and app distribution. Along the way, you’ll develop a complex Python framework that incorporates ideas learned throughout the book. Updates in this edition include the role of iterators in Python 3, web scraping with Scrapy and BeautifulSoup, using Requests to call web pages without strings, new tools for distribution and installation, and much more. By the end of the book you'll be ready to deploy uncommon features that can take your skills to the next level in Python. What You’ll Learn Implement programs with various types of Python functions Work with classes and object-oriented programmingUse strings from the standard library and third-party librariesHarvest web site data with PythonAutomate unit testing by writing a test suiteReview imaging, random number generation, and NumPy scientific extensionsUnderstand The Zen of Python documentation to help you decide the best way to distribute your code Who This Book Is For Intermediate programmers familiar with Python who are looking to move to an advanced level. You should have written at least a simple Python application, and be comfortable with a basic object-oriented approach, using the interactive interpreter, and writing control structures.
The Definitive Guide to Django

Author: Adrian Holovaty

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430219378

Category: Computers

Page: 513

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This latest edition of The Definitive Guide to Django is updated for Django 1.1, and, with the forward–compatibility guarantee that Django now provides, should serve as the ultimate tutorial and reference for this popular framework for years to come. Django, the Python–based equivalent to Ruby's Rails web development framework, is one of the hottest topics in web development today. Lead developer Jacob Kaplan–Moss and Django creator Adrian Holovaty show you how they use this framework to create award–winning web sites by guiding you through the creation of a web application reminiscent of The Definitive Guide to Django is broken into three parts, with the first introducing Django fundamentals such as installation and configuration, and creating the components that together power a Django–driven web site. The second part delves into the more sophisticated features of Django, including outputting non–HTML content such as RSS feeds and PDFs, caching, and user management. The appendixes serve as a detailed reference to Django's many configuration options and commands.
Professional Ruby on Rails

Author: Noel Rappin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470334300

Category: Computers

Page: 482

View: 517

Nothing less than a revolution in the way web applications are constructed,Ruby on Rails (RoR) boasts a straightforward and intuitive nature that avoids programming repetition and makes it infinitely easier to build for the web. This book captures the current best practices to show you the most efficient way to build a spectacular web application with RoR. You?ll learn everything you need to know in order to extend Rails so that you can take advantage of the many exciting and wonderful things that are being done by the diligent RoR programming community.
The Industrial Electronics Handbook - Five Volume Set

Author: Bogdan M. Wilamowski

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439802908

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 4052

View: 100

Industrial electronics systems govern so many different functions that vary in complexity-from the operation of relatively simple applications, such as electric motors, to that of more complicated machines and systems, including robots and entire fabrication processes. The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition combines traditional and new
The Definitive Guide to Django

Author: Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430203315

Category: Computers

Page: 466

View: 873

Django, the Python-based Web development framework, is one of the hottest topics in Web development today. Its creator (and co-author of this book) Adrian Holovaty has built a compelling array of Web applications using Django, including Django creator Adrian Holovaty and lead developer Jacob Kaplan-Moss have created this book as the definitive guide to the technology. Beginning with fundamentals such as installation and configuration, the book tackles sophisticated features of Django, such as outputting non-HTML content such as RSS feeds and PDFs, caching, and user management. Also includes a detailed reference to Django’s many configuration options and commands.
Professional Python Frameworks

Author: Dana Moore

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470245347

Category: Computers

Page: 458

View: 104

As two of the leading MVC web frameworks for Python, Django and TurboGears allow you to develop and launch sites in a fraction of the time compared to traditional techniques and they provide greater stability, scalability, and management than alternatives. Packed with examples, this book will help you discover a new methodology for designing, coding, testing, and deploying rich web applications. A team of expert authors shows you the power of MVC frameworks and the capabilities of the TurboGears and Django packages. The Django chapters show you how to automate production of common web development tasks, portal creation, and content management, so you can focus on higher-level application issues and design. The TurboGears chapters illustrate how to rapidly create modern, highly interactive Web 2.0 applications. For both frameworks, you'll create useful applications that exemplify common Web 2.0 design paradigms and their solutions. Ultimately, you'll leverage your Python skills using Django and TurboGears and go from novice to RIA expert. What you will learn from this book * How you can use frameworks to save you time and frustration in the development cycle * The elements, differences, and similarities of the TurboGears and Django frameworks * Advanced capabilities of both frameworks and how they easily solve issues common to web applications * Approaches to simplifying your client side JavaScript(r) with MochiKit, a Pythonic JavaScript library * How to pair TurboGears with Flash for even more possibilities Who this book is for This book is for Python developers who want to learn rapid Web 2.0 development techniques using frameworks and incorporating a model-view-controller architecture. Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real-world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals. Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face every day. They provide examples, practical solutions, and expert education in new technologies, all designed to help programmers do a better job.
Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery

Author: Jack Moffitt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470633908

Category: Computers

Page: 480

View: 949

Create real-time, highly interactive apps quickly with the powerful XMPP protocol XMPP is a robust protocol used for a wide range of applications, including instant messaging, multi-user chat, voice and video conferencing, collaborative spaces, real-time gaming, data synchronization, and search. This book teaches you how to harness the power of XMPP in your own apps and presents you with all the tools you need to build the next generation of apps using XMPP or add new features to your current apps. Featuring the JavaScript language throughout and making use of the jQuery library, the book contains several XMPP apps of increasing complexity that serve as ideal learning tools. Coverage Includes: Getting to Know XMPP Designing XMPP Applications Saying Hello: The First Application Exploring the XMPP Protocol: A Debugging Console Microblogging in Real Time: An Identica Client Talking with Friends: One-on-One Chat Exploring Services: Service Discovery and Browsing Group Chatting: A Multi-User Chat Client Publishing and Subscribing: A Shared Sketch Pad Introduction Writing with Friends: A Collaborative Text Editor Playing Games: Head to Head Tic-Tac-Toe Getting Attached: Bootstrapping BOSH Deploying XMPP Applications Writing Strophe Plug-ins Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
Django for APIs

Author: William S. Vincent

Publisher: WelcomeToCode


Category: Computers

Page: 201

View: 132

Completely updated for Django 4.0 & Django REST Framework 3.13! Django for APIs is a project-based guide to building modern web APIs with Django & Django REST Framework. It is suitable for beginners who have never built an API before as well as professional programmers looking for a fast-paced introduction to Django fundamentals and best practices. Over the course of 200+ pages you'll learn how to set up a new project properly, how web APIs work under the hood, and advanced testing and deployment techniques. Three separate projects are built from scratch with progressively more advanced features including a Library API, Todo API, and Blog API. User authentication, permissions, documentation, viewsets, and routers are all covered thoroughly. Django for APIs is a best-practices guide to building powerful Python-based web APIs with a minimal amount of code.
Professional Heroku Programming

Author: Chris Kemp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118509036

Category: Computers

Page: 528

View: 560

A complete guide to building and deploying web apps withHeroku A cloud application platform, Heroku is currently the onlyapproved platform for creating apps within Facebook, and its numberof users is growing at rapid pace. However, there are very fewbooks on the market that offer professional-level coverage of thisplatform, until now. The author duo begins with an introduction tothe Heroku platform and its associated core concepts and then goeson to explain how writing for this platform differs from that oftraditional development systems. Example applications, additionalresources, and advice for your next steps round out this resource,making it a thorough, indispensable guide. Features information not found anywhere else, as both authorswork for Heroku Explains the inner workings of Heroku with special emphasisplaced on building web and mobile applications Introduces GIT-based development workflow and the process modelwithin the Heroku platform Details coding, building, deploying, and scaling effectivelyusing the Heroku tool base Providing you with fully functional code and downloadable codeexamples, Professional Heroku Programming is your completeguide to mastering this platform.
Professional Python

Author: Luke Sneeringer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119070788

Category: Computers

Page: 288

View: 911

Master the secret tools every Python programmer needs to know Professional Python goes beyond the basics to teach beginner- and intermediate-level Python programmers the little-known tools and constructs that build concise, maintainable code. Design better architecture and write easy-to-understand code using highly adoptable techniques that result in more robust and efficient applications. Coverage includes Decorators, Context Managers, Magic Methods, Class Factories, Metaclasses, Regular Expressions, and more, including advanced methods for unit testing using asyncio and CLI tools. Each topic includes an explanation of the concept and a discussion on applications, followed by hands-on tutorials based on real-world scenarios. The "Python 3 first" approach covers multiple current versions, while ensuring long-term relevance. Python offers many tools and techniques for writing better code, but often confusing documentation leaves many programmers in the dark about how to use them. This book shines a light on these incredibly useful methods, giving you clear guidance toward building stronger applications. Learn advanced Python functions, classes, and libraries Utilize better development and testing tools Understand the "what," "when," "why," and "how" More than just theory or a recipe-style walk-through, this guide helps you learn — and understand — these little-known tools and techniques. You'll streamline your workflow while improving the quality of your output, producing more robust applications with cleaner code and stronger architecture. If you're ready to take your Python skills to the next level, Professional Python is the invaluable guide that will get you there.