Professional Communication in Speech-Language Pathology

Author: A. Embry Burrus

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781635501773

Category: Medical

Page: 286

View: 909

In Professional Communication in Speech-Language Pathology: How to Write, Talk, and Act Like a Clinician, Fourth Edition, the authors introduce student clinicians to the various types of written and verbal communication they will encounter across three different clinical settings: university clinics, medical settings, and public schools. The text is written in a student-friendly manner, with appendices that provide examples of diagnostic and treatment reports, data sheets, and important acronyms in medical and school settings. Chapters cover verbal interactions with families, allied professionals, and supervisors, as well as written and verbal communication across the university, medical, and school settings. Also included are scenarios written in the form of vignettes that address issues of ethics, interviewing, and procedures for managing protected health information. New to the Fourth Edition: * New pedagogical features (chapter learning outcomes and reflection questions). * References and content updated throughout to reflect the current state of research and evidence-based practice. * Updated information regarding current requirements and policies for written documentation. * Expanded information regarding HIPAA and the ASHA Code of Ethics. * Expanded content regarding interacting with supervisors and generational differences. * Material on methods for improving writing and editing. * Numerous additional examples to further clarify the content and portions reorganized for greater flow of information. * Content has been edited to be more concise and reader friendly. Disclaimer: Please note that ancillary content (such as documents, audio, and video, etc.) may not be included as published in the original print version of this book.
Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Fifth Edition

Author: Melanie W. Hudson

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781635502671

Category: Medical

Page: 550

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The fifth edition of Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology is a singularly comprehensive resource for students in speech-language pathology and audiology as they prepare for their professional careers. It also serves as a timely source of information for both practitioners and faculty, serving as an updated “state of the professions” desk reference. The book is divided into four major sections: overview of the professions; employment issues; setting-specific issues; and working productively. The information presented in each section provides the reader with a better understanding and a new perspective on how professional issues have been affected by both internal and external influences in recent years including technological advances, demographic shifts, globalization, and economic factors. Chapter authors are recognized subject matter experts, providing a blend of both foundational and cutting-edge information in areas such as evidence-based practice, ethics, finding a job, interprofessional practice, service delivery in healthcare and education, technology, cultural competence, supervision, and leadership. Students reading this book will appreciate how the professions have evolved over time while acquiring a sense of where they are right now as they prepare to enter the professional world. Each of the topics covered in the book will continue to play important roles in the future of audiology and speech-language pathology, providing early career professionals with the requisite knowledge to achieve success in any setting. New to the Fifth Edition: * New coeditor Mark DeRuiter, PhD, MBA, CCC-A, CCC-SLP * 5 new chapters including Professional Accountability (Shelly Chabon and Becky Cornett); Safety in the Workplace (Donna Fisher-Smiley and Cynthia Richburg); Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Practice (Alex Johnson); Counseling (Michael Flahive); and Advocacy (Tommie Robinson and Janet Deppe) * New authors Tricia Ashby, Bob Augustine, Stacy K. Betz, Janet Deppe, Cathy DeRuiter, Mark DeRuiter, Robin Edge, Susan Felsenfeld, Liza Finestack, Michael Flahive, Carolyn Higdon, Kelly M. Holland, Shirley Huang, Susan Ingram, Marie Ireland, Jeffrey Johnson, Pui Fong Kan, Lemmietta McNeilly, Lissa Power deFur, Gail Richard, Steve Ritch, Lisa Scott, and Tina Veale * Critical thinking questions at end of each chapter for classroom discussion and examination * Updated table of chapter content relevant to the Council for Clinical Certification standards for ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence * Updated acronyms glossary * Updated figures and tables * Updated and expanded references Disclaimer: Please note that ancillary content (such as documents, audio, and video, etc.) may not be included as published in the original print version of this book.
Professional Communication

Author: Louise Mullany

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030416683

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 362

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This edited book presents contemporary empirical research investigating the use of language in professional settings, drawing on the contributions of a set of internationally-renowned authors. The book takes a critical approach to understanding professional communication in a range of fields and global contexts. Split into three parts, covering Business and Organisations, Healthcare, and Politics and Institutions, the contributors explore how and why academics engage in workplace research which takes the form of 'consultancy', 'advocacy' and 'activism'. In light of an ever-changing, ever-demanding global landscape, this volume offers new theoretical and methodological ways of conducting professional communication research with real-world impact. It will be of interest to linguistics and communication researchers and practitioners, particularly those working in sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, business communication, health communication, political communication, language and the law and organisational studies.
Leadership in Speech-Language Pathology

Author: Linda S. Carozza

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781944883621

Category: Medical

Page: 249

View: 573

Leadership in Speech-Language Pathology aims to equip future leaders in the field of communication sciences and disorders by addressing the qualities of effective leadership, internal and external problem solving, potential tests of leadership skills, negotiation, politics, and the concept of power. Readers will gain a comprehensive view of leadership with the discussion of healthy leadership cultures, current leadership trends, and how to instruct emerging leaders. In the relatively young profession of speech-language pathology, the role models are still developing and ever changing as the educational and medical landscape becomes increasingly complex. The talents and skills of a new manager-leader will be tested, and it is the understanding of the big picture, the individual preparedness, and the unknown quantities that will serve to form a platform of the learning trajectory of a new senior appointee. This resource combines unique, "in-the-field" perspectives with the latest research on leadership styles and strategies to equip speech-language pathologists with the knowledge they need to lead. Key FeaturesEach chapter begins with Learning Objectives, highlighting topics to be discussedReflection Questions at the end of each chapter challenge readers to think critically about key pointsChapter Conclusions wrap up each chapter, providing a succinct summary for readersValuable insights from contributors Wendy Papir-Bernstein and Regina Lemmon-Bush
Job Satisfaction of School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists

Author: Kimberly A. Boynton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000407693

Category: Education

Page: 104

View: 914

This text responds to the growing need for speech-language pathologists in school settings by asking how factors including people, work, pay, opportunities for promotion, and supervision impact the overall job satisfaction of school-based speech-language pathologists. Drawing on data from a quantitative study conducted in schools in the US, the text foregrounds the experiences and perspectives of speech-language pathologists working in the public school sector, and illustrates the critical role of effective and supportive educational leadership and administration in ensuring effective recruitment, retention, and job satisfaction amongst these much needed professionals. The text highlights growing responsibilities of speech-language pathologists in schools and considers recruitment and challenges in the sector can be remedied by greater understanding of how job satisfaction relates to speech-language pathologists’ experiences and perspectives on pay, work, opportunities for promotion, and support from a supervisor. This short text is aimed at researchers, scholars, and administrators in meeting the growing needs of children and students with speech and language difficulties in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary education settings . The text will be particularly valuable for school leaders looking to support speech-language pathologists in their setting.
Essentials of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Author: Fogle

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9781284121810

Category: Medical

Page: 529

View: 473

Fully revised and updated, Essentials of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Second Edition is an accessible and engaging introductory resource for students new to communication sciences and disorders. This text covers basic information about speech disorders in both children and adults, while numerous case scenarios and personal stories paint a vivid picture of the profession. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.
Voice Training Programs for Professional Speakers: Global Outcomes

Author: Plural Publishing, Incorporated

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781944883997

Category: Music

Page: 280

View: 525

Voice Training Programs for Professional Speakers: Global Outcomes is a professional resource for voice education and training programs used to care for the voice of different professional speakers and occupational voice users. This includes teachers, media reporters, fitness instructors, telemarketers, clergy, speech pathologists, and more. Each chapter is authored by an experienced voice clinician who provides a clear description of a target population and its challenges, as well as a detailed roadmap describing a unique global experience in developing, implementing, and advocating for these programs in academic institutions, professional unions, and workplaces. This book provides detailed steps and outcomes of globally tested health care and voice training programs for each of the professional speaker populations addressed. Voice Training Programs for Professional Speakers can thus be used by phoniatricians, logopedists, speech-language pathologists, and vocal coaches as a comprehensive resource for tailored preventative and management programs. It can also be used by future and current professional speakers as a great self-education resource to help them better care, develop, and advocate for their own voices and careers.
Working with Families in Speech-language Pathology

Author: Nicole Watts Pappas

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781597568425

Category: Medical

Page: 358

View: 443

This book links research to clinical practice with studies of parents’ perceptions of their involvement in their child’s intervention, and their relationship with the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) being used to inform clinicians of the most effective ways of interacting with and involving parents in SLP intervention. A series of chapters covering the evidence base of effectiveness of parent and family involvement in different areas of SLP clinical practice also inform readers of what methods of parental involvement have been proven to increase child and family outcomes. Sections on practical tips for involving families and individual case studies facilitate the readers’ knowledge of how to use family-friendly principles in practice.
Professional Writing in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Third Edition

Author: Robert Goldfarb

Publisher: Plural Publishing

ISBN: 9781635502756

Category: Medical

Page: 397

View: 234

Professional Writing in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Third Edition is an excellent resource for students of communication sciences and disorders. It is often used as a textbook for courses in professional writing, clinical methods, and professional issues. Throughout the text, the authors use anecdotal material, self-help questions, and humor to illustrate that learning to be a better professional writer does not require drudgery. The authors cover a spectrum of subjects related to professional writing, including: rules of writingevidence-based writingethics of professional writingciting referencesuse and abuse of the Internetwriting for oral presentationswriting diagnostic reportswriting clinical reportswriting for professional advancement The third edition is responsive to requests from instructors to provide more examples from communication sciences and disorders and increase the amount of practice material. The authors have added content in grammar and rules of writing and increased the number of practice questions and writing exercises in all chapters. They also included new information to reflect changes in the most recent ASHA Code of Ethics as well as changes in the Graduate Record Exam and Praxis Exam. Highlights of the Third Edition: More detailed coverage of grammar and rules of writingMore examples for student practice in all chaptersMore examples related to speech-language pathology and audiologyNew information about ASHA's Revised Code of EthicsNew information about the Praxis II Examination in speech-language pathology and audiologyWebsite resources for students including electronic versions of writing exercisesWebsite resources for instructors including answer keys for practice questions and writing exercises Disclaimer: Please note that ancillary content (such as documents, audio, and video, etc.) may not be included as published in the original print version of this book.