Professional Studies: Primary and Early Years

Author: Kate Jacques

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 9781844452279

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 856

This key resource for trainee primary teachers helps them to understand and fulfil the new professional requirements for QTS. It focuses on a range of professional issues – including management of pupils' work, individual needs and equal opportunities, behaviour for learning and professional responsibilities outside teaching. Each chapter includes tasks, examples and further reading to highlight important concepts and key issues. New and revised chapters mean this third edition is up to date with the QTS Standards, latest documents and initiatives. Further, new reflective tasks and "Moving On" sections help trainees to build on the information in each chapter.
Primary Professional Studies

Author: Alice Hansen

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 9781526448774

Category: Education

Page: 409

View: 723

The fourth edition of this popular book supports trainee teachers working towards primary QTS while taking account of the diverse professional issues in teaching.
Professional Studies in Primary Education

Author: Hilary Cooper

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781529786798

Category: Education

Page: 560

View: 249

This textbook gives you a broad overview of everything you will need to know to prepare for your initial teacher training and future career in the classroom. Covering practical issues including planning and assessment, and thought-provoking topics such as reflecting on your practice and developing critical thinking skills, this textbook provides you with an insightful exploration of the realities of teaching in primary schools. This fourth edition has been comprehensively revised and includes five new chapters on: · Teacher wellbeing · The Early Career Framework (ECF) · Digital literacy and primary schools after the pandemic · Growth mindset, dialogue and P4C · Learning outside the classroom This is essential reading for all students on primary initial teacher education courses including university-based (PGCE, BEd, BA with QTS), and schools-based (School Direct, SCITT, Teach First) routes into teaching. Hilary Cooper is Professor Emeritus of History and Pedagogy at the University of Cumbria. Sally Elton-Chalcraft is Professor of Social Justice in Education and also the Director of the Learning Education and Development Research centre in the Institute of Education at the University of Cumbria.
Professionals in early childhood education and care systems

Author: Pamela Oberhuemer

Publisher: Barbara Budrich

ISBN: 9783866492493

Category: Social Science

Page: 533

View: 283

In a European context of rapidly expanding early education/ care provision for young children, the staffing of these services is a critical quality issue. What are the requirements for professional education and training? How alike or how varied are the qualification profiles and fields of work? Through detailed country reports and comparative analyses across 27 countries, this book provides answers to these questions.
The Teachers’ Standards in Primary Schools

Author: Joy Carroll

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526465214

Category: Education

Page: 320

View: 756

Every primary school teacher needs to ensure that they meet the criteria set out in the Teachers’ Standards. However translating what this means in the classroom isn’t always easy, especially when you're starting out. This book directly looks at the standards, providing guidance on how professionalism can be demonstrated and evidenced in primary schools underpinned by practical examples. This second edition introduces two new features: - voices of experience spotlights which explore the perspectives of teachers, parents and other professionals - additional reading and resource suggestions that allow you to find out more about relevant topics. Little light bulb moments and practice examples have been updated to show you how to translate theory into practice, in the classroom and wider learning environments.
Reflective Primary Teaching

Author: Tony Ewens

Publisher: Critical Publishing

ISBN: 9781909682207

Category: Education

Page: 194

View: 453

An essential text helping student teachers, classroom teachers at all stages in their careers, school mentors and teacher educators develop their effectiveness by analysing and improving their practice in the light of a deeper understanding of the professional Standards. The new format of the Teachers’ Standards means it is now necessary to develop shared understandings about, for example, what constitutes high expectations or good progress. Rather than making simple judgements about discrete skills or fragments of knowledge, a more holistic, rounded vision of teaching and learning is required. Each aspect of the Standards is dealt with in a chapter of its own, where the central topic is presented as both complex and contested in a way that invites readers to formulate their own interpretations. The approach used accentuates the importance of reflection as a key professional attribute and readers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and on their responses to case studies and quotations as a means of helping them to develop their understandings.
Teaching Science and Technology in the Early Years (3–7)

Author: Dan Davies

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429876752

Category: Education

Page: 301

View: 240

Teaching Science and Technology in the Early Years (3–7) celebrates young children’s amazing capabilities as scientists, designers and technologists. Research-based yet practical and accessible, it demonstrates how scientific designing and making activities are natural to young children, and have the potential for contributing to all aspects of their learning. By identifying the scientific and technological concepts, skills and activities being developed, the book enables the reader to make more focused diagnostic observations of young children and plan for how they can help move them forward in their learning. This third edition has been thoroughly updated and features: fresh insights into young children’s learning from neuroscience and ‘new-materialist’ perspectives; a UK-wide perspective on Early Years curricula and how they support the inclusion of science and technology as an entitlement for young children; new case studies of successful, evidence-based Early Years practice, alongside new examples of practical planning for learning, and advice on documenting children’s learning stories; an updated chapter on assessing and documenting children’s learning, drawing upon findings from the Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) project at Bath Spa University. Based on the latest research and first-hand experience, this practical and accessible book is essential reading for Early Years and Primary students on undergraduate, PGCE and Masters-level courses.
Themes and Issues in Primary Education

Author: Barry Hymer

Publisher: Critical Publishing

ISBN: 9781912096435

Category: Education

Page: 274

View: 832

This bespoke ebook compilation is focused on important themes and issues in primary education, including assessment, planning, behaviour management, and inclusion. It has been produced in order to address workload concerns and to offer additional but focused support by presenting a collection of helpful chapters from a wide range of texts to support your learning effectively and ensure that you continue to grow your knowledge base, develop your learning, and enjoy exploring and researching a wide range of topics in a supportive and accessible way. It takes key chapters from a range of popular educational texts. Each chapter has deliberately been kept in its original format so that you become familiar with a variety of styles and approaches as you progress your studies.
British Qualifications 2016

Author: Philip Kogan

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749474812

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 600

View: 622

Now in its 46th edition, British Qualifications is the definitive one-volume guide to every qualification on offer in the United Kingdom. With an equal focus on vocational studies, this essential guide has full details of all institutions and organizations involved in the provision of further and higher education and is an essential reference source for careers advisors, students and employers. It also includes a comprehensive and up-to-date description of the structure of further and higher education in the UK. The book includes information on awards provided by over 350 professional institutions and accrediting bodies, details of academic universities and colleges and a full description of the current framework of academic and vocational education. It is compiled and checked annually to ensure accuracy of information.
Behaviour for Learning in the Primary School

Author: Kate Adams

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781844455485

Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 874

Children's behaviour is a key concern for trainees and teachers. This book explores the concept of behaviour for learning which is very much driven by the Every Child Matters agenda. It examines the roles of relationships and children's social knowledge in depth. In particular, it explores relationship with self, relationship with others and relationships with the curriculum. It also considers the importance of self-reflection and other additional factors affecting behaviour for learning such as children's learning difficulties. It highlights the complexities and wider social factors involved in attaining positive behaviour, in a way which recognises the whole child.
Teaching and Learning in the Early Years

Author: David Whitebread

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317936114

Category: Education

Page: 394

View: 218

This best-selling text book provides a broad-ranging and up-to-date review of thinking and best practice within nursery and infant education. Written around the basic truth that an effective early years curriculum must start with the children, their needs and their potential, the contributors to this classic text acknowledge that learning must have a strong element of fun, wonder and excitement. Fully revised and updated in light of recent changes to the Early Years curriculum, with brand new chapters on assessment, communication, writing, creativity and diversity, the contributors address a range of fundamental issues and principles, including: an analysis of research into how children learn; discussions of issues such as classroom organisation, curriculum management, and assessment; a detailed section on play and language; chapters covering individual curriculum areas, including new chapters on music and PSHE. Each chapter combines a review of important principles with practical and inspiring classroom examples throughout. It is essential reading for all Foundations Stage and KS1 trainee teachers, their tutors and mentors, and serving teachers working in the 3-7 age range who wish to reflect upon and develop their practice.