Rachel's Healing Journey

Author: Lesley J. Masuda

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449748005


Page: 240

View: 299

Heaven and earth are bridged as seven hurting women share their painful stories of child loss in their weekly grief recovery group, Rachel’s Healing Journey. As angels watch over their children at play in Heaven, Rachel’s Healing Journey provides the grieving group members with tools to assist in their recovery. Ultimately their healing journey will lead to renewed faith in God, His angels, miracles, and themselves. Note: Rachel’s Healing Journey contains information helpful in creating and structuring a similar grief/loss group.
Health Matters

Author: Eric Mykhalovskiy

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781487525385

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 475

This book calls into question the complexity of social, political, cultural, and technological aspects of the health care system. It explores how critical social science research can be put into action to improve health care in Canada.
Rachel's Journey

Author: Mona Nelson

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512707113

Category: Fiction

Page: 162

View: 892

In Rachel’s Journey, Rachel leaves her home to travel alone into the world. This journey is her only chance for a future, as she uses her skills against the wild and those who fight against her. She will meet new friends but also must battle her family’s old foes. Evil is triumphing, and Rachel must join the Opposition and help fight for freedom. Can one young girl make a difference in the world? Her God says that nothing is impossible with Him, so Rachel only has one choice. Can she find her future and help her people?
How to Wear a Crown

Author: Rachel D. Greenwell

Publisher: KDP Self Published

ISBN: 9781688956056

Category: Self-Help

Page: 250

View: 686

How to wear a crown is an easy to read guidebook that gives it's reader digestible content and step by step instructions on how to increase one's sense of self-worth. This practical guide to knowing your worth will allow you to dive into the author's personal experiences with learning self-love and gaining unshakable self-worth. This witty but intelligent book will break down the intense process into 4 Rules: 1.) Speak to yourself like royalty 2.) Treat yourself like royalty 3.) Carry yourself like royalty 4) Honor yourself like royalty. Each category discusses multiple topics relating to the emotional growth and techniques necessary to drastically improve your self-worth and help you to feel like you deserve more and better things in your life. After reading this book, you will know how to polish your crown by using self talk to coach yourself through difficult situations and change your negative belief systems one at a time eliminating shame. You will know how to set healthy boundaries that protect your newfound self worth keeping your precious crown intact. Lastly, you will be equipped with the tools to make your crown shine brighter than you knew possible by teaching you how to fully embody your worthiness and continue to grow your worth as you evolve in life. This is not just a paperback book. This is not an average self-help book or motivational story. How to wear a crown is spiritual and inspirational guide. It is a transformational process. This paperback book contains an interactive experience that will assist you in structuring a new foundation in which the relationship you have will yourself will stand upon, thus allowing a solid and permanent self-worth to be birthed. This is not an old school cookie-cutter how-to guide. Read along as the author shares pieces of her personal journey as she built her own unshakable self-worth brick by brick, then walks you through the actionable steps necessary to build your own. Prepare for a journey, hand in hand with a life and spiritual coach. Rachel helps you create a pathway to healing your self-worth that is personal and unique to you by leaving space for you to empower yourself through decision making. Quotes from the Author: “If you read this book and can honestly say you didn’t change your life for the better in some way, email me at [email protected] to return your book and get a full refund. But you won’t do that. This book has prompts and interactions that you can do right in the book and a notes section in the back. It encourages you to highlight and write in it and make it your own and you’ll want to get the full experience. When you get done it’ll be one of those books that you keep forever and go back to time and time again at different phases of your life and you'll find something new and relevant each time. You’ll want to keep it to remember your journey by or you’ll want to give it to your mom or sister or someone you love to read too.” “This isn’t a paperback book, that’s not what you're paying for. This is a tool that’s going to help you heal yourself from the inside out. Deep down into your core.” “I put my heart, mind, blood, sweat, and tears into this book. I literally funneled all the loving energy I could pull from the universe into this book and I believe in it. It’s my story and my journey so I know this process works” “Writing this book was a divinely guided experience for me." Readers said: “it is an easy read and you feel like you're sitting on the couch with your best friend talking over coffee”. “it’s the first book I’ve sat down and read cover to cover in years!" “I couldn’t put it down!”“I catch myself doing the things taught in this book, and they really help! I’m feeling so much better about life!” “Everybody in the world needs to read this book” “Men need this stuff too, we struggle with these same things it’s not just for women” Note: *I am Rock L provides a money back guarantee!* So you can feel safe to purchase :)
Healing Journey: Discovering God's Provision for Healing

Author: Norvel Rohrer

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781684705672

Category: Religion

Page: 165

View: 521

Norvel's interest is diving health was rooted in his desire to fly airplanes for a living. At that time, anyone wishing to fly commercially was required to carry a medical certificate. Would Norvel end up inheriting his parents medical issues, or could he trust God to keep him healthy? This book is the direct result of Norvel's search for answers over the last 40 years. And yes, I did pursue my dream, and yes, I did fly B747's, and yes, God did keep me healthy. Allow me to give two testimonies. My last job where I worked for 12 years, I missed 4 days of work total in those 12 years, twice missing two days due to sickness. Also, for most of my life, I have worn glasses. At one point my vision was 20-70, and I was wearing tri-focals. I have been believing for perfect vision for many years, and about one year ago, my vision began to improve! Today, my vision is good enough where I no longer am required to were corrective lenses! I live without any glasses or contacts!
Saving Women and Infants from Abortion

Author: Margaret Driscoll

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809143931

Category: Religion

Page: 83

View: 716

Through real-life "conversion" stories, but set against the realistic background of what Pope John Paul II called our contemporary "culture of death," this book offers inspiration, encouragement, and a challenge to those interested in the respect life movement--especially in this outreach organization known as Helpers of God's Precious Infants--to become involved, whether as actual sidewalk counselors or through prayerful support. According to Msgr. James P. Lisante, pastor of St. Thomas the Apostle Church, West Hempstead, NY, as well as a TV commentator and author, "This book tells the story of those who are willing to be the voices of the voiceless, of people of such hope, faith, and love that they are willing to speak up even in the face of what would seem to be the most hopeless situation of all--the moment when a woman is actually about to enter an abortion clinic."
Rachel's Cry

Author: Kathleen D. Billman

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781556356292

Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 782

""Modern theology needs the rediscovery of the category of consolation. This book is rich of consolations because it takes the cry of lament seriously."" --Jurgen Moltmann ""A timely, accessible, and valuable book. The recovery of the biblical traditions of loss and hurt is intrinsically worth doing, more worth doing in an increasingly disestablished society."" --Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, Emeritus ""This cross-disciplinary collaboration is . . . poignant and compelling testimony to the personal and communal power of lament and its importance to the practice of ministry. This book is the one that I have been waiting for."" --Christie Cozad Neuger, Brite Divinity School ""Few books in the literature of lament have drawn together so much material from the biblical, theological, and pastoral spheres as Rachel's Cry."" --Patrick D. Miller, Princeton Theological Seminary ""Honesty with God is the doorway to authentic hope and faith. . . . This is one of the most liberating books I have read in a long time."" --James Newton Poling, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary ""This is the first book to bring scattered discussions together into one coherent whole . . . with deep Christian insight and conviction, with vivid examples, and with learning which is as gracefully communicated as it is broad and deep in its substance. I will be keeping it near at hand, so as to return to it often."" --Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale University ""Rachel's Cry is not only a timely book, it is an urgently needed resource for people who long for a way to live with irrational suffering. Unless we recover the prayer of lament, we are in danger of being trapped in powerlessness, cynicism, and despair."" --Herbert Anderson, Catholic Theological Union, Emeritus ""I found it difficult to put this book down. Rachel's Cry convincingly argues that an authentic and empowering spirituality requires the language of lament and protest alongside praise and thanksgiving."" --Nancy J. Ramsay, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Kathleen M. Billman is dean of academic affairs and professor of pastoral theology and counseling at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. Daniel L. Migliore is Charles Hodge Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.
Pilgrimage and Healing

Author: Jill Dubisch

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816549498

Category: Social Science

Page: 305

View: 777

Bikers converge at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Thousands flock to a Nevada desert to burn a towering effigy. And the hopeless but hopeful ill journey to Lourdes as they have for centuries. Although pilgrimage may seem an antiquated religious ritual, it remains a vibrant activity in the modern world as pilgrims combine traditional motives—such as seeking a cure for physical or spiritual problems—with contemporary searches for identity or interpersonal connection. That pilgrimage continues to exercise such a strong attraction is testimony to the power it continues to hold for those who undertake these sacred journeys. This volume brings together anthropological and interdisciplinary perspectives on these persistent forms of popular religion to expand our understanding of the role of the traditional practice of pilgrimage in what many believe to be an increasingly secular world. Focusing on the healing dimensions of pilgrimage, the authors present case studies grounded in specific cultures and pilgrimage traditions to help readers understand the many therapeutic resources pilgrimage provides for people around the world. The chapters examine a variety of pilgrimage forms, both religious and non-religious, from Nepalese and Huichol shamanism pilgrimage to Catholic journeys to shrines and feast days to Nevada’s Burning Man festival. These diverse cases suggest a range of meanings embodied in the concept of healing itself, from curing physical ailments and redefining the self to redressing social suffering and healing the wounds of the past. Collectively and individually, the chapters raise important questions about the nature of ritual in general, and healing through pilgrimage in particular, and seek to illuminate why so many participants find pilgrimage a compelling way to address the problem of suffering. They also illustrate how pilgrimage exerts its social and political influence at the personal, local, and national levels, as well as providing symbols and processes that link people across social and spiritual boundaries. By examining the persistence of pilgrimage as a significant source of personal engagement with spirituality, Pilgrimage and Healing shows that the power of pilgrimage lies in its broad transformative powers. As our world increasingly adopts a secular and atheistic perspective in many domains of experience, it reminds us that, for many, spiritual quest remains a potent force.
Rachel's Holiday

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141909813

Category: Fiction

Page: 640

View: 295

Deliciously dark and fantastically funny, Rachel's Holiday is the story of a young woman living life rather too well until the day she takes it too far endangering everything she cares about . . . 'They said I was a drug addict. But my occasional drug use was strictly recreational. And, hey, surely drug addicts are skinny?' Rachel is living it up in New York City, spending her nights talking her way into glamorous parties before heading home in the early hours to her hot boyfriend Luke. Then her sensible older sister shows up and even though it seems like a bad joke, she finds herself in actual rehab. It's there that she's supposed to kick her non-existent drug habit - and to get over losing Luke. Luke's a fox; he's also strong and kind, but he has had more than he can take of Rachel. None of this was part of her plan and saying goodbye to fun will be hard. But not as hard as losing the man that, too late, she believes might be the love of her life . . . 'Gloriously funny' Sunday Times 'A born storyteller' Independent on Sunday 'The voice of a generation' Daily Mirror
Rachel's Tears: 10th Anniversary Edition

Author: Beth Nimmo

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418513795

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 224

View: 968

"I am not going to apologize for speaking the name of Jesus . . . If I have to sacrifice everything . . . I will." ûRachel Scott The Columbine tragedy in April 1999 pierced the heart of our country. We later learned that the teenage killers specifically targeted Rachel Scott and mocked her Christian faith on their chilling, homemade videotapes. Rachel Scott died for her faith. Now her parents talk about Rachel's life and how they have found meaning in their daughter's martyrdom in the aftermath of the school shooting. Rachel's Tears comes from a heartfelt need to celebrate this young girl's life, to work through the grief and the questions of a nation, and to comfort those who have been touched by violence in our schools today. Using excerpts and drawings from Rachel's own journals, her parents offer a spiritual perspective on the Columbine tragedy and provide a vision of hope for preventing youth violence across the nation. Meets national education standards.