Education Don't Start the Millennium Without It

Author: Ruth Herman Wells

Publisher: Youth Change

ISBN: 1891881124

Category: High school dropouts

Page: 36

View: 738

This lesson guide is one in a series for teachers and counselors on teaching problem-solving interventions and coping skills to troubled youth. The series is aimed at training adolescents to succeed while empowering them to avoid the social pressure to drop out of school. The goal of this guide is to convince students they need an education to survive in the new millennium. A list of computer-related terms, a job skill matrix, and earning potential table is included. Contains 20 ready-to-use lesson plans with handouts. Selected lesson titles are: "So, Which Millennium Will You Be Ready For? "Will Your Skills--Or You--Work in the New Century?""Are You Cool or a Fool if You Decide to Finish School?""Will Yesterday's Skills Work Tomorrow?""The More You Learn, The More You Earn.""Buddy, Can You Spare a Mind?""Get Ready to Travel to the New Millennium." Includes a descriptive list of additional resources available from Youth Change. (JDM)
Ready, Set, Go!

Author: Pamela Greenbaum

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781662441929

Category: Psychology

Page: 150

View: 697

Ready, Set, Go! is the first book to expand on Abraham Maslow’s Primary Needs. This book presents the seventeen Primary Needs—each person has six to nine of them from the earliest stages of life—and tackles how to get them filled. These needs include being valued, being visible, being secure, being independent, plus thirteen more. This book also describes how most people spend their lives being filled with Pseudo-Fillers such as vacations, dining, social media, shopping, and so on. Only by discovering our Primary Needs can we live peaceful, rewarding, and satisfying lives and create New Beginnings resulting in a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.