In the Name of God

Author: O. S. Hawkins

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781087743219

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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In the Name of God tells the story of two iconic figures of national lore. George W. Truett and J. Frank Norris dominated the ecclesiology and church culture of much of the first half of the twentieth century, not only in Texas, but in the whole of America. Norris, of First Baptist Church in Fort Worth, and Truett, of First Baptist Church in Dallas, lived lives of conflict and controversy. Each led one of the largest churches in the world in the 1920s and & '30s. Each shot and killed a man, one by accident and the other in self-defense. Together, their lives were a panoply of intrigue, espionage, confrontation, manipulation, plotting, scheming, and even blackmail—in the name of God. Yet together . . . they changed the world.
God in Schools

Author: Christine Van Horn

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781609573423


Page: 226

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"God In Schools" is a book designed for principals, teachers and parents, showing how we deviated from the education plan of our American heritage, the effect it has had upon our nation, and the urgency to put God back into America's schools. Dr. Christine Van Horn is a long time member of Family Harvest Church in Tinley Park, Illinois. Under Senior Pastor, Dr. Robb Thompson, she has served in the Children's Ministry for many years and most recently has been the Team Leader for "Champions in Character Club." Dr. Van Horn received her Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Theology from the International College of Excellence, founded by Dr. Thompson. Dr. Van Horn has been on the faculty of the International College of Excellence. She and her husband, John, are currently on the faculty of the DanEL Institute of Higher Learning, in Tinley Park, Illinois. Dr. Christine Van Horn may be contacted at: [email protected]
Religious Education in the Secondary School

Author: James D. Holt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317698746

Category: Education

Page: 230

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Religious Education in the Secondary School is a comprehensive, straightforward introduction to the effective teaching of Religious Education in the secondary classroom. Acknowledging the highly valuable yet often misunderstood contribution of RE, this text shows how the subject can be taught in a way that explores the impact of religion on the lives of people and society, engaging pupils and preparing them to become individuals who celebrate and respect diversity. It is illustrated throughout with ideas for teaching at different key stages and offers expert chapters introducing you to both the World Religions and the core aspects of effective teaching and learning. With an emphasis on developing an understanding of the importance - and different ways - of meeting the learning needs of all pupils, key chapters cover: -Understanding different pedagogies of RE -Spirituality and RE -Tips on effective planning and assessment -An approach to teaching across the Key Stages -Core subject knowledge in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism Written by an experienced teacher, teacher educator and examiner, Religious Education in the Secondary School is a succinct compendium and has a real classroom applicability offering all trainee RE teachers, as well as those teaching Religious Education as specialists or non-specialists a wealth of support and inspiration.
In the School of Christ

Author: David Gooding

Publisher: Myrtlefield House

ISBN: 9781874584445

Category: Religion

Page: 300

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Just before his execution, Jesus Christ invited his disciples to join him at a borrowed house in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. As he faced betrayal, arrest and crucifixion, he taught them about the very heart of the Christian faith, namely, holiness. When the time came to leave the house, he continued his teaching. As they made their way through darkened streets that were filled with hostility to him, he spoke of how he would empower them to be his witnesses in a world that would often hate them too. Jesus was the teacher; the disciples were his pupils. It was the school of Christ. David Gooding’s exposition reveals the significance of the lessons Jesus taught inside the upper room (chs. 13–14), their connection to the lessons taught outside in the streets (chs. 15–16) and how both parts of this course on holiness relate to the Teacher’s prayer to his Father (ch. 17). With a scholar’s care for the text of Scripture, he expounds both the devotional richness and the practical nature of the lessons. He shows that to understand Christ’s teaching on holiness is to know his power to change lives.