The Profit Book One

Author: Richard David Kennedy

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312750418

Category: Fiction

Page: 285

View: 870

What do you get when you take a failed novelist, a capricious “alien,” a world renowned– but debauched evangelist, an alcoholic estate manager and mix them together with a half dozen other eccentric characters? What you get is distinctly different cocktail called THE PROFIT that you won’t be able to order at a bar anywhere. The plot is a riddle in an enigma that is so well-woven and imaginative it’s almost too simple to understand. The content is mature, intended for adults who are discerning readers who enjoy fine, avant-garde literature and bristling social satire, particularly about evangelists and their followers, and should be appreciated by atheists, agnostics and the devoutly religious alike who have open minds. The reader is sure to be as "captivated" as is the Writerman in the book in this most exquisite of his offerings. “Born to write, ranking beside any great author in the world today. A brilliant writer who will take you on a journey you will never forget." K. Chandler, Melbourne, Australia 2000
Flyin' West and Other Plays

Author: Pearl Cleage

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 9781636701585

Category: Drama

Page: 231

View: 877

“Pearl Cleage is a passionate, challenging playwright whose concerns for the species are unmistakable and profound. As a woman, as an African-American, her artistic objectivity and sensitivity to history combine with, but do not overshadow, her capacity to dig for truth and present it flat out as she sees it – with a finger snap or a shout and sometimes with a wink. Among the most satisfying roles I’ve undertaken on stage is surely Miss Leah in Flyin’ West. She brings the bushel nuggets of drama and humor that capture the ear, the heart and the imagination. She’s devilish, too.” –Academy Award® Nominee Ruby Dee “Ms. Cleage writes with amazing grace and killer instinct.” –Alvin Klein, New York Times “Pearl Cleage is a brilliant storyteller. I am always engrossed in the drama and compassion she brings to her characters. Flyin’ West, Bourbon at the Border, Blues for an Alabama Sky, Late Bus to Mecca and Chain are marvelous examples of a playwright at the top of her form, bravely moving into the new century.” –Woodie King, Jr., Producing Director, New Federal Theatre Pearl Cleage’s body of work for the stage provides us with a remarkable and penetrating look at the African-American experience over the last 100 years. This volume collects her major full-length plays and one-acts, including Flyin’ West, Blues for an Alabama Sky, Bourbon at the Border, Chain and Late Bus to Mecca. PEARL CLEAGE is an Atlanta-based writer whose recent plays have premiered at The Alliance Theatre Company with subsequent productions throughout the country. Her first novel What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day was a recent Oprah’s Book Club Selection and a national bestseller. She is a former columnist of the Atlanta Tribune and a contributor to Essence Magazine.
Tales From Behind the Counter

Author: Jessica Samuels

Publisher: Jessica Samuels


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 230

View: 961

Angeline has been working at Kyle's General Store for five years. She has seen it all: crazy, stupid and even mean customers torment her on a daily basis. She has worked in over five different departments with stories for each. There is a chapter where she gives advice on how to survive retail, and shares pet peeves for the departments she has worked in. Join her down memory lane as she tells her stories about crazy customers and the stupid questions they ask. Also, if you think the customer is always right then you've never worked at a place like Kyle's before.
Get a F*cking Grip

Author: Matthew Kimberley

Publisher: Ad Lib

ISBN: 9781843584667

Category: Self-Help

Page: 330

View: 281

- You know the key to having more energy has nothing to do with crystals and chakras... and everything to do with how much sleep you get. - You know that neglecting your friends will leave you destitute and lonely... but you're still too damn lazy to pick up your phone and get in touch. - You know you could get through your to-do list in half the time... yet you're still stalking your ex on Facebook. - You know you just need a kick up the backside... and that's what you'll find within the pages of this book. Get A F*cking Grip is the self-help book for people who hate self-help, offering simple no-nonsense advice that you can implement into all areas of your life, allowing you to get on with everything you've always wanted to do. Learning how to get a f*cking grip is the key to taking back control of your life.
Smiles Poems...Thoughts to Ponder

Author: Stephen Paul Tolmie

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468553796

Category: Poetry

Page: 200

View: 245

The Tree of Life The tree of life is so like man, ever stretching to the skies It s branches ever reaching upwards, as though to heaven above Like man s quest here on earth, to reach for that high unknown The tree requires the staples of life, for its very existence here But man in his slight wisdom, knows these details all too clear The tree roots, securely planted, are not allowed to roam But man s feet here on earth. Have mobility all their own Unlike the tree, man does possess a single separate entity A brain you see, though seldom used, a total shame indeed The tree of life depends on man, for its daily life s survival Man depends on his own life s skills to hopefully see his tomorrow Which is a sad virtue, for his thinking process is not always clear He makes good and bad decisions, its effects are not yet known Man should take his life s lessons, from the tree of life pursuit As our single life s true purpose, to reach for heaven above As the tree stretches forth its limbs, ever skyward, in its growth We should heed this very lesson, and praise the Lord above For all that He has done for mankind and this our earth as well
Along These Highways

Author: Rene S Perez

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816530106

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 499

Rene Perez has the ability to stop time. In fact, time stops as soon as you start reading one of his short stories. You find yourself transported into the minds and lives of people you thought you didn't know. Suddenly they are your best friends. They live in Texas. Most of them are Hispanic. But their problems are universal. Ê Like Alfredo, driving home from Dallas to Greenton with the body of his friend "Frankie" Ochoa in the back of his hearse and his son Ramon ready to drive if Alfredo's eyesight fails again. Ê Or Joey, just back from basic training and ready to ship out with his Marine platoon. He's having beers with his best friend J.R. at Flojo's, a bar outside of Greenton run by Liz and Vicente, "the toughest couple in town." Ê Or Benny, who drops into Flojo's for the first time in years and finds his one-time friend Gumby drinking himself into oblivion. Turns out Gumby's luck is even worse than Benny's. Ê Or Virginia, the schoolteacher who's trying to become better educated in the hope that her son who went to Stanford will come back home to Corpus Christi. Or Eric, who spent all his money on two flashy wheels for his car and put them both on the passenger side so that they'll impress everyone on the sidewalk as he passes. Or Andy, who breaks into a home he's always wanted to see from the inside. Ê You'll want to know them all. And you will count yourself fortunate to have met them.
Politeness and Face in Caribbean Creoles

Author: Susanne Muehleisen

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 902724894X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 312

View: 533

Politeness and Face in Caribbean Creoles is the first collection to focus on socio-pragmatic issues in the Caribbean context, including the socio-cultural rules and principles underlying strategic language use. While the Caribbean has long been recognized as a rich and interesting site where cultural continuities meet with new "creolized" or innovative practices, questions of politeness practices, constructions of personhood, or the notion of face have so far been neglected in linguistic research on Caribbean Creoles. Drawing on linguistic politeness theory and Goffman's concept of face, eleven mostly fieldwork-based innovative contributions critically examine a range of topics, such as ritual insults, strategic use of "bad language", kiss-teeth, the performance of homophobic threats, greetings, address forms, advice-giving, socialization and discourse, parent-child discourse, register choice and communicative repertoire in the Caribbean context.
Reflections of Life

Author: Kenneth D. Williams

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524502577

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 136

View: 308

Reflections on Life is a semi-biography of my lifes experiences. I found that poetry was my best outlet for expressing my thoughts on many of my personal experiences, and most of them are inspired by either an individual or a life event that I felt a need to capture and share. Many people may have had similar experiences and can relate with my words. I hope that my penned words can be an inspiration or can offer solitude or gratification to others. Writing is a gift from God, and I hope that my gift will be a present to your presence and a pathway to individual peace.

Author: Jeremy Tyrrell

Publisher: Jeremy Tyrrell

ISBN: 9780463705483

Category: Fiction

Page: 1035

View: 223

Awakening to find his body has been modified with Houston Corps' military-grade technology, Ottavio discovers that Houston's public image is far removed from reality. While he fights to retain his humanity and gain freedom from their monstrous plans, Ryan, an Acolyte of The Vigils, commits an atrocious act to gain the favor of Father Abraham, the charismatic leader of the Directors. The pair are pawns in the fight for the future of humanity. Individually they must decide whether to follow orders into hell or beat their own path to salvation. The is the compendium of Adaptation, bringing all six parts together in one volume.



Author: Ken Bruen

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9780857683915

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 608

Max Fisher used to run a computer company; Angela Petrakos was his assistant and mistress. But that was last year. Now Max is reinventing himself as a hip-hop crack dealer and Angela’s back in Ireland, hooking up with a would-be record-setter ... in the field of serial killing. Will their paths cross again? What do you think?
Somethin' to Think About

Author: Damon R. Green

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440175862

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 455

Somethin to Think About by Damon R Green is a bold novel that separates itself from the rest by its intoxicating allure. This prolific writer, whose street credibility speaks volumes, has created a novel that has it all: fame, fortune and power. These things make life magnificent, but they come with a price. Too often, the actual costs exceeds the worth and sacrifice needed to get them. You have to confront the faces of betrayal, death and the stark reality that you could spend the rest of your life in prison. Realizing this can be devastating. Its a game where there is plenty to lose and few win. Its a game where todays gangstas become tomorrows rats and yesterdays love of your life becomes tomorrows betrayal. Your right hand man that you unconsciously treated better than your own blood transforms into your archenemy! In this tale, Damon R. Green take the reader on a journey of twist and turns, which will leave readers, men, women and children alike, with Somethin to Think About. Youll fine every element of the streets, both past and current; exist in the depths of these pages. After experiencing this novel, if you find yourself thinking that Momma never said that life would be so rough, you wont be able to say that Damon R. Green didnt tell you.