Early Childhood Themes: Colors Kit


Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1433323311


Page: 128

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Early learners are attracted to colors! This kit provides a fun way to explore the world of color. These kits are designed specifically for early childhood students' unique needs, abilities, and interests. Each kit provides a complete curriculum around a theme, crossing all early childhood content areas, including math, phonemic awareness, music, and more. Original nonfiction and fiction readers, both wordless and with text, are provided in both standard sizes and one copy each at "lap book size." Corresponding concept vocabulary cards are provided in full color and the accompanying CDs provide music and interactive whiteboard activities. This kit includes: Books - 3 titles, 6 copies each, 16 pages per book (7" x 9") in print and digital forms; Lap Books - 3 titles, 1 copy each (9.5" x 12"); Teacher's Guide; Vocabulary Concept Cards; and digital resources including songs, recorded text, videos, interactive whiteboard activities, and reproducibles.
Expressive Portraits

Author: Jean Pederson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440301728

Category: Art

Page: 128

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Paint beautiful and expressive portraits by combining watercolor with other mediums! What makes an eye-popping, eye-stopping portrait? It's all about contrast and the play of opposites, round shape against square, light against dark, transparent against opaque. Combining mediums allows you to push the inherent properties of each for a lively play of opposites. You'll be able to paint glorious lights, richer darks, intriguing texture and mysterious passages that create mood and a strong sense of place, space and character. Jean Pederson gives you all the advice and instruction you need to paint beautiful, expressive portraits filled with life and spirit. Let your portraits speak to the world! In this essential guide to expressive portrait painting you will: • Stretch your watercolor skills to the limit. Achieve darks deeper and richer than you ever dreamed; let colors mingle in imaginative ways on your paper; accomplish radiant skin tones by daring to layer vivid colors from the start. • Journey into the "what-if" zone. What if you paint on the vertical and direct the paint with a spray bottle? What if you add heavy bodypaint to watercolors for one-of-a-kind texture? What if you accentuate your subject with pencil, crayon or gouache? Don't "what-if" about this book. Grab it today for dynamic results in your portrait painting!
Read, Rhyme, and Romp: Early Literacy Skills and Activities for Librarians, Teachers, and Parents

Author: Heather McNeil

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598849578

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 226

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Designed to promote literacy in young children and to empower parents, educators, and librarians, this guide is filled with simple strategies, creative activities, and detailed instructions that help make reading fun. • Recommended book lists for promoting reading • An overview of basic strategies and components of an early literacy program • Helpful outline of pre-literacy skills required for reading success • Detailed instructions for early literacy activities
33 Keys to Ascension

Author: Rae Chandran

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 9781622337965

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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This book is for those who seek the light in all its glory — for the highest good for themselves and for others — in every moment of their lives. This book is for the people who say, “I want to know God within me.” It is for everybody who seeks communion, a oneness, with God. All on the path seeking higher light will find this material easy to use, for there is truth in this book. There is energy behind every word. Every meditation was shared and experienced by Robert and others. This speaks of the validity of what we are saying — the energy behind the words, the energy behind the masters. The beauty of this book is that, after a few chapters, the readers will feel that they already know the answers. They will already know the next step they need to take. So in many ways, this book simply states what all of you already know within your beings. We are just mirroring back to you your innermost truth. CHAPTERS INCLUDE • Maintain the Layers of the Aura • Retrieve and Reintegrate • Soul Fragments • Heal with Sacred Temple Energy • Integrate Galactic Consciousness • Activate the Ascension Codes • Connect with the Earth Spirit • Purify Layers of Thought • Connect All Realities • Open to Receive Light • Assimilate the Feminine Energy • Activate Geometric Patterns • Embrace Color Energy • Anchor the Balance from Rainbows • Download Dragon Ascension Energy • Activate and Deactivate • Ethereal Codes • Heal Physical Trauma from Former Lifetimes • Program Sacred Geometry of the Face • Elevate Consciousness with Sound • Access Heart Wisdom • Increase Inner Light • Open to New Truths and Realities • Connect with the Breath • Restore Food’s Original Energy • Ignite Creation Energies
Singing and the Etheric Tone

Author: Hilda Deighton

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 9781621510512

Category: Singing

Page: 130

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Singing and the Etheric Tone introduces a practical, joyful approach to singing that draws its strength and inspiration from Gracia Ricardo's work with Rudolf Steiner. Chapter 1 deals with the tone, the onset of the tone, the humming approach, and the relations between vowels, consonants, words, and phrases. Chapter 2 goes into the voice, how to build a voice and extend its range. Chapter 3 develops the idea of blending the vocal registers, the placement of the voice, embellishments, resonance, and diction. Finally, the book moves on to some professional tips on choosing a program, stage fright, mood, presence, etc. This is an invaluable book for any singer, professional or not, who wants to improve singing abilities based on working with the whole body--the spirit, the soul, and the physical organism.
Music for Special Kids

Author: Pamela Ott

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781849058582

Category: Education

Page: 194

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This activity book shows how music can be an enjoyable way to enhance the development of children with special needs. Packed with inspiring tips, activities and song ideas, this resource will have everybody singing, clapping and playing along! It explains simple ways of using songs, instruments and games to connect with children of all abilities.
Project-Based Learning Applied to the Language Classroom

Author: Juliana Franco Tavares/ Louise Emma Potter

Publisher: 16 Tons

ISBN: 9788553015009

Category: Education

Page: 223

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In Project-Based Learning Applied to the Language Classroom, the authors propose a way to develop PBL in the language classrooms taking into account all of the obstacles and specifics involved in teaching a foreign language. It is about teaching English as a second or foreign language using Project-Based Learning (PBL). We approach this combination because many people seem to think about implementing PBL in their language classes and ask questions about how to do it, but feel that there aren’t enough materials based on this methodology. In fact, most researchers and writers we have come across discuss the applications of PBL in the students’ mother tongue to subjects such as Math, History, Literature,Social Studies, and Science. However, there are few published works about the specifics of PBL in foreign language classes. Besides, it seems obvious to us that the main difficulty in developing projects in a second or foreign language lies exactly on the fact that communication may be hindered when students do not have enough knowledge in the target language.
Making Color Sing, 25th Anniversary Edition

Author: Jeanne Dobie

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9780823031153

Category: Art

Page: 0

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In the 25th anniversary edition of Making Color Sing, Jeanne Dobie teaches you new ways to think about color and make it work for you, through 31 clear, easy-to-follow exercises. No color exists in isolation; colors are always interacting with one another. As this nationally recognized author explains, understanding color relationships is the key to successful painting. Do you know how to use the push and pull of warm and cool colors to create a feeling of space? Can you generate exciting vibrations through the interplay of complements? Have you ever considered disguising one color in a scene to accent another color? All these possibilities—and more—are discussed and clarified with illustrations. The lessons on color lead into another essential painting consideration: composition and design. Painting is much more than copying what you see. It involves finding a structure that allows you to organize and thus communicate your impressions and reactions. Dobie encourages artists to experiment with different arrangements of shapes and values to build a dynamic foundation in their paintings. This manual stimulates new ways to think about colour, generating responses that unlock personal creativity and allow artists to express themselves with paint.
Sing a Song of Colors

Author: Durby Peterson


ISBN: 1570291691

Category: Color

Page: 0

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Intended for parents and teachers, this work contains age-appropriate songs based on familiar tunes to help young children learn about color.--
NIV, Adventure Bible, Hardcover, Full Color

Author: Lawrence O. Richards

Publisher: Zonderkidz

ISBN: 9780310555360

Category: Bibles

Page: 7270

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The Adventure Bible keeps getting better. Its exciting features make learning about faith and growing up spiritually a thrilling journey. Twenty full-color pages offer inspiring activities set to a jungle safari theme. Life in Bible Times whisks you off to the ancient world to discover what life was like back then, with illustrations showing what people ate, where they slept, what kinds of work they did and more. From Jehu to Jesus, People in Bible Times reveals who’s who in the Scriptures. Words to Treasure highlights valuable verses to memorize. Did You Know? gives you insight into God’s Word and turns you into a Bible trivia master. Live It! suggests fun activities to help you remember the truths of the Bible and apply them. The Adventure Bible also features introductions with useful facts about each book of the Bible, a dictionary/concordance for looking up tricky words, and color maps to help you locate places in the Bible. The Adventure Bible is America’s bestselling children’s Bible—over 5 million sold!