Stagnancy Issues and Change Initiatives for Global Education in the Digital Age

Author: Neimann, Theresa

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799849940

Category: Education

Page: 333

View: 985

At this juncture in the history and development of education in the digital age, constituents of education systems across the globe are challenged with revising or rediscovering the purpose of educational institutions within societies. Institutions need to retool to include digital games-based and problem-based learning, and education itself must adapt to serve the needs of a diverse student population. Stagnancy Issues and Change Initiatives for Global Education in the Digital Age is a cutting-edge research publication that explores the complex discourse of trends, shifts, and changes happening in the field of education and to understand the implications for teaching, learning, and professional development. The book helps educators understand how to make their pedagogy and andragogy relevant in the framework of constant technological shifts and changes in order to help students thrive in a global economy. Featuring a wide range of topics such as gamification, pedagogy, and intercultural learning, this book is ideal for curriculum designers, academicians, education professionals, researchers, policymakers, and students.
Policy and Practice Challenges for Equality in Education

Author: Neimann, Theresa

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799873815

Category: Education

Page: 351

View: 121

Well-educated populations are important aspects of any contemporary society, as education increases national and global development and the positive expansion of communities to participate actively in civil matters also increases. Educational equality is based on the principles of administrative competence and fairness of access and distribution of resources, opportunities, and treatment, which ensures success for every person. Ensuring equal access to quality education requires addressing a wide range of persistent inequalities in society and includes a stronger focus on how different forms of inequalities intersect to produce unequal opportunities or outcomes that affect marginalized and vulnerable groups. Policy and Practice Challenges for Equality in Education takes a multifaceted look at issues of equality and inequality in education as related to policy, practice, resource access, and distribution. As such, this book explores the potential practices in education that serve to mitigate and transform unproductive practices which have left societies scarred by social and educational inequalities. The chapters provide a critical analysis of the manifestations of inequalities in various educational contexts and discerns how broader social inequalities are informed by education-related matters. This book is ideal for sociologists, administrators, instructors, policymakers, data scientists, community leaders, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in educational equality and the unique challenges being faced worldwide.
IT and the Development of Digital Skills and Competences in Education

Author: Ordóñez de Pablos, Patricia

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799849735

Category: Education

Page: 332

View: 116

Digital technologies are transforming economies and societies around the world. As such, markets demand new types of skills and competences that students must learn in order to be successful. IT and emerging technologies can be integrated into educational institutions to improve teaching methods and academic results as well as digital literacy. IT and the Development of Digital Skills and Competences in Education compiles critical research into one comprehensive reference source that explores the new demands of labor markets in the digital economy, how educational institutions can respond to these new opportunities and threats, the development of new teaching and learning methods, and the development of digital skills and competences. Through new theories, research findings, and case studies, the book seeks to incite new perspectives to understandings of the challenges and opportunities of the utilization of IT in the education sector around the world. Due to innovative topics that include digital competence, disruptive technologies, and digital transformation, this book is an ideal reference for academicians, directors of schools, vice-chancellors, education and IT experts, CEOs, policymakers in the field of education and IT, researchers, and students.
Legal Education as a Subversive Activity

Author: Mark Duffy

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000806694

Category: Law

Page: 251

View: 680

In an age when everyone aspires to teach critical thinking skills in the classroom, what does it mean to be a subversive law teacher? Who or what might a subversive law teacher seek to subvert – the authority of the law, the university, their own authority as teachers, perhaps? Are law students ripe for subversion, agents of, or impediments to, subversion? Do they learn to ask critical questions? Responding to the provocation in the classic book Teaching as a Subversive Activity, by Postman and Weingartner, the idea that teaching could, or even should, be subversive still holds true today, and its premise is particularly relevant in the context of legal education. We therefore draw on this classic book to discuss, in the present volume, the consideration of research into legal education as lifetime learning, as creating meaning, as transformative and as developing world-changing thinking within the legal context. The volume offers research into classroom experiences and theoretical and historical interrogations of what it means to teach law subversively. Primarily aimed at legal educators and doctoral students in law planning careers as academics, its insights speak directly to tensions in higher education more broadly.
Faith-Based Influences on Legislative Decision Making: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author: Drenner, Karla L.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799868095

Category: Religion

Page: 353

View: 756

In recent years, state legislatures in the United States have been transformed based on the social identities of their membership. At its most fundamental level, the debate over LGBTQ rights always has been a debate over the right of LGBTQ people to exist. While the role faith plays in legislative decision making is rooted within government functions, careful examination and change must be conducted to protect the humanity of those at risk through these influences. Faith-Based Influences on Legislative Decision Making: Emerging Research and Opportunities explores the balance between religious freedoms of legislators and the human rights of members of the LGBTQ community. Examining the politics and institutional forces brought to bear on LGBTQ claims for visibility, recognition, and dignity, this book is organized into three sections, each of which uses a distinct institutional lens—historical, legal, and religious. The author attempts to demonstrate that while the clash of cultures between these groups is real, it is not simple. The faith worldviews of each share common structural features but often reach extremely different conclusions. Covering topics such as marriage equality, religious liberty, and court cases, this book is an essential resource for students and educators in political science, policymakers, legislators, historians, sociologists, researchers, universities, administrations, community leaders, and academicians.
Teaching and Learning Practices That Promote Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship

Author: Saúde, Sandra

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799844037

Category: Education

Page: 383

View: 279

The profound changes that we are experiencing at the political, environmental, economic, social, and cultural levels of our “postmodern” society pose immense challenges to education. In order to empower students to analyze, reflect, and take action for a sustainable world, the learning and educational process must be experienced in the context of citizenship; that is, it must be designed, planned, and implemented having global sustainability as a framework, thus developing societal awareness, values, and principles. Teaching and Learning Practices That Promote Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship is an essential research book that provides comprehensive research on education as a fundamental factor in empowering citizens to understand and act on the multiple risks and challenges to the sustainability of our society and world. Highlighting a range of critical learning strategies such as global and critical education, development education, and transformational education, among others, this book is ideal for academicians, education professionals, researchers, policymakers, and students.
Enhancing Teaching and Learning With Socratic Educational Strategies: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author: Giuseffi, Frank G.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799871743

Category: Education

Page: 172

View: 441

Traditionally understood as an ancient teaching method conceived by the philosopher Socrates, scholars in education have boldly explored the definitions, philosophical underpinnings, assumptions, and uses of Socratic dialogue in various learning situations and educational settings. Despite its ancient origins, the Socratic Method has an impact on contemporary leadership, critical thinking skills, e-learning, adult education, and social-emotional learning. Enhancing Teaching and Learning With Socratic Educational Strategies: Emerging Research and Opportunities presents scholarly work, philosophical investigations, educational claims, and the latest empirical research on the process and outcome of the Socratic Method in educational contexts. It delves deeply into the instructional strategy uncovering its practical impact in educational contexts and its philosophical and societal consequences in the modern world. Covering topics such as female voice, maieutic instruction, and teacher preparation, this book is an essential resource for philosophers, educational administration, educators, researchers, pre-service teachers, academicians, and government programs.
Building Competencies for Organizational Success: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author: Harper, Donta S.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799865186

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 217

View: 845

Competencies historically have been vital for skill building, and competency-based approaches have demonstrated their impact on business performance and organizational effectiveness in today’s marketplace. However, this has been discussed exclusively in chapters and books as separate propositions. It is essential to understand the two as linked together, building upon the other, merging individual and organizational perspectives of competencies development. Building Competencies for Organizational Success: Emerging Research and Opportunities presents a narrowly focused discussion of competency-based approaches and performance management and examines how these concepts align with business processes and procedures, management systems, and business objectives. It brings to light a new era of business performance management that complements the collaborative working of individuals and organizations to achieve business desires and addresses such topics as competent organization, knowledge management, and performance management systems. This book helps leaders, managers, executives, consultants, practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students with the understanding of how to utilize intellectual assets as well as how to develop a better future and outcomes for business and people management.
Designing, Deploying, and Evaluating Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education

Author: Akcayir, Gokce

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799850441

Category: Education

Page: 404

View: 151

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) provide flexibility in education and have become widely used for the promotion of multimedia learning. This use coincides with mobile devices becoming prevalent, VR devices becoming more affordable, and the creation of user-friendly software that allows the development of AR/VR applications by non-experts. However, because the integration of AR and VR into education is a fairly new practice that is only in its initial stage, these processes and outcomes need to be improved. Designing, Deploying, and Evaluating Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education is an essential research book that presents current practices and procedures from different technology-implementation stages (design, deployment, and evaluation) to help educators use AR/VR applications in their own teaching practices. The book provides comprehensive information on AR and VR applications in different educational settings from various perspectives including but not limited to mobile learning, formal/informal learning, and integration strategies with practical and/or theoretical implications. Barriers and challenges to their implementation that are currently faced by educators are also addressed. This book is ideal for academicians, instructors, curriculum designers, policymakers, instructional designers, researchers, education professionals, practitioners, and students.
Assessment Tools for Mapping Learning Outcomes With Learning Objectives

Author: Sinha, G. R.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799847854

Category: Education

Page: 327

View: 209

In educational institutions, outcome-based education (OBE) remains crucial in measuring how certain teaching techniques are impacting the students’ ability to learn. Currently, these changes in students are mapped by analyzing the objectives and outcomes of certain learning processes. International accreditation agencies and quality assessment networks are all focusing on mapping between outcomes and objectives. The need of assessment tools arises that can provide a genuine mapping in the global context so that students or learners can achieve expected objectives. Assessment Tools for Mapping Learning Outcomes With Learning Objectives is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the implementation of quality assessment methods for measuring the outcomes of select learning processes on students. While highlighting topics such as quality assessment, effective employability, and student learning objectives, this book is ideally designed for students, administrators, policymakers, researchers, academicians, practitioners, managers, executives, strategists, and educators seeking current research on the application of modern mapping tools for assessing student learning outcomes in higher education.
Research Anthology on Feminist Studies and Gender Perceptions

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781668445129

Category: Social Science

Page: 779

View: 233

Global society has always been impacted by the perception of gender. While gender roles may differ in certain cultures, many cultures around the world have allowed for the disempowerment and objectification of women. Women today still struggle for gender equality whether it be professionally, socially, or even legally. To examine feminism thoroughly, however, thorough analysis must be conducted on all genders and perceptions. The Research Anthology on Feminist Studies and Gender Perceptions explores the application of feminist theory and women empowerment in the 21st century and the role that gender plays in society. This book analyzes media representation, gender performativity, and theory to present a comprehensive view of gender and society. Covering topics such as masculinity, women empowerment, and gender equality, this two-volume comprehensive major reference work is an essential resource for sociologists, community leaders, human resource managers, activists, students and professors of higher education, researchers, and academicians.
Reinventing Project-Based Learning

Author: Suzie Boss

Publisher: International Society for Technology in Education

ISBN: 9781564847195

Category: Education

Page: 313

View: 265

This updated edition of the bestselling Reinventing Project-Based Learning offers examples of the latest tools, assessment strategies and promising practices poised to shape education in the future. This popular ISTE title follows the arc of a project, providing guided opportunities to direct and reflect educators’ own learning and professional development. This book shows how to design authentic projects that make the most of available and emerging technologies. This new edition: • Provides examples of how to merge personalized learning, flipped classrooms, and PBL for effective teaching and learning. • Includes coverage of computational thinking and coding, demonstrating ways to develop new approaches to solving problems as well as new forms of expression. • Discusses PBL as an equity consideration, with opportunities for personalization and empowerment, addressing issues of social justice and closing the achievement gap. Includes coverage on new trends like augmented and virtual reality; and new and updated Spotlights from educators featured in the first edition and others. • Features deeper focus on Gold Standard and High Quality PBL, the P21 Framework, and ISTE Standards for Students and Educators. With this book, teachers will come to appreciate the importance of problem-finding and problem-posing — thoughtful activity that needs to precede problem solving in any context. The companion jump start guide based on this book is Project-Based Learning: Strategies and Tools for Creating Authentic Experiences.