Stories of Becoming

Author: Claire Lutkewitte

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781646421640

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 216

View: 969

Based on findings from a multiyear, nationwide study of new faculty in the field of rhetoric and composition, Stories of Becoming provides graduate students—and those who train them—with specific strategies for preparing for a career in the professoriate. Through the use of stories, the authors invite readers to experience their collaborative research processes for conducting a nationwide survey, qualitative interviews, and textual analysis of professional documents. Using data from the study, the authors offer six specific strategies—including how to manage time, how to create a work/life balance, and how to collaborate with others—that readers can use to prepare for the composition and rhetoric job market and to begin their careers as full-time faculty members. Readers will learn about the possible responsibilities they may take on as new faculty, particularly those that go beyond teaching, research, service, and administration to include navigating the politics of higher education and negotiating professional identity construction. And they will also engage in activities and answer questions designed to deepen their understanding of the field and help them identify their own values and desired career trajectory. Stories of Becoming demystifies the professoriate, compares what current new faculty have to say of their job expectations with the realities that students might face when on the job, and brings to light the invisible, behind-the-scenes work done by new faculty. It will be invaluable to graduate students, those who teach graduate students, new faculty, and hiring administrators in composition and rhetoric.
Becoming Bilingual in School and Home in Tibetan Areas of China: Stories of Struggle

Author: YiXi LaMuCuo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030146689

Category: Education

Page: 183

View: 751

This book contributes significantly to our understanding of bilingualism and bilingual education as a sociocultural and political process by offering analyses of the stories of five Tibetan individual journeys of becoming bilingual in the Tibetan areas of China at four different points in time from 1950 to the present. The data presented comprises the narrative of their bilingual encounters, including their experiences of using language in their families, in village, and in school. Opportunities to develop bilingualism were intimately linked with historical and political events in the wider layers of experiences, which reveal the complexity of bilingualism. Moreover, their experiences of developing bilingualism are the stories of struggle to become bilingual. They struggle because they want to keep two languages in their lives. It illustrates their relationship with society. They are Tibetans. L1 is not the official language of their country, but it is the tie with their ethnicity. It addresses bilingualism linked with the formation of identity. The unique feature of this book is that it offers a deep understanding of bilingualism and bilingual education by examining the stories of five individuals’ learning experiences over a period of almost 60 years.
Becoming Dad - 25 Stories about Everything

Author: Casey Freeland


ISBN: 9781411664678


Page: 162

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The twenty-five stories inside are ten minute explorations into the lives of people struggling with humanity, quick glimpses into extraordinary worlds that leave lasting impressions...a little boy must wish the wrong wish to save his own life...a philanthropist comes clean about her fantastic old woman uses her dying moments to see her estranged son...a grandson tragically learns the value of his namesake...a servant girl wins a noble boy's heart through uncommon kindness...a teenage boy comes out and brings the quarterback with him...a woman's plans for the last day of her life go wonderfully awry...a family nearly dies when old man winter loses his way...a tiny girl named Mouse savors the last moments of her fragile freedom...a king exacts final revenge on his wicked son...
Becoming the Story

Author: Lindsay Palmer

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252050220

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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The September 11 attacks produced great changes in journalism and the lives of the people who practiced it. Foreign reporters felt surrounded by the hate of American colleagues for "the enemy." Americans in combat areas became literal targets of anti–U.S. sentiment. Behind the lines, editors and bureau chiefs scrambled to reorient priorities while feeling the pressure of sending others into danger. Becoming the Story examines the transformation of war reporting in the decade after 9/11. Lindsay Palmer delves into times when print or television correspondents themselves received intense public scrutiny because of an incident associated with the work of war reporting. Such instances include Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping and murder; Bob Woodruff’s near-fatal injury in Iraq; the expulsions of Maziar Bahari and Nazila Fathi from Iran in 2009; the sexual assault of Lara Logan; and Marie Colvin’s 2012 death in Syria. Merging analysis with in-depth interviews of Woodruff and others, Palmer shows what these events say about how post-9/11 conflicts transformed the day-to-day labor of reporting. But they also illuminate how journalists’ work became entangled with issues ranging from digitization processes to unprecedented hostility from all sides to the political logic of the War on Terror.
How Our Lives Become Stories

Author: Paul John Eakin

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501711831

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 108

The popularity of such books as Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes, Mary Karr's The Liars' Club, and Kathryn Harrison's controversial The Kiss, has led columnists to call ours "the age of memoir." And while some critics have derided the explosion of memoir as exhibitionistic and self-aggrandizing, literary theorists are now beginning to look seriously at this profusion of autobiographical literature. Informed by literary, scientific, and experiential concerns, How Our Lives Become Stories enhances knowledge of the complex forces that shape identity, and confronts the equally complex problems that arise when we write about who we think we are. Using life writings as examples—including works by Christa Wolf, Art Spiegelman, Oliver Sacks, Henry Louis Gates, Melanie Thernstrom, and Philip Roth—Paul John Eakin draws on the latest research in neurology, cognitive science, memory studies, developmental psychology, and related fields to rethink the very nature of self-representation. After showing how the experience of living in one's body shapes one's identity, he explores relational and narrative modes of being, emphasizing social sources of identity, and demonstrating that the self and the story of the self are constantly evolving in relation to others. Eakin concludes by engaging the ethical issues raised by the conflict between the authorial impulse to life writing and a traditional, privacy-based ethics that such writings often violate.
Becoming His Story

Author: Mary-Elsie Wolfe

Publisher: Castle Quay Books

ISBN: 9781927355534

Category: Religion

Page: 136

View: 801

We are participating in changes that will soon define this period in history! As followers of Jesus, we want to immerse ourselves in this living story while learning from Jesus, living like Jesus and leading like Jesus so we may apply his principles and become transformational participants in the best story ever told. Gaining God’s full blessing in partnership with what he is doing in our world today needs everyone engaged—not just some! It becomes our duty to help instill a sense of identity and worth in both genders in a Biblical way that will lead us to the full uninhibited potential of Christ’s church as we carry out his mandate. With a view towards helping us understand these principles by first identifying our own worldview, and better understanding the culture in which Jesus lived, the author applies the values of Jesus to the model for leadership today. Mary-Elsie Wolfe offers us a vision for the future that is leading-edge yet moderate, traditional yet progressive. Drawing upon key Bible stories of women in Jesus’ day, our view of the future is enlarged as believers as she looks at the prominence of women in the early church and then applies key principles in an effective way for our day. If we want to lead like Jesus, as Jesus defines leadership for us, we must apply these foundational leadership principles to our times while still wrapping everything in the truth of the love of God for his people and his work.
Helping Children Become the Heroes of their Stories

Author: Amanda Seyderhelm

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000641912

Category: Education

Page: 118

View: 640

Whether it’s the anxiety of social isolation, the loss of routine or a breakdown in formal educational support, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected children in countless ways. Teachers, therapists and parents frequently find themselves ill-equipped to help children struggling with the difficult feelings that these situations, and others like them, give rise to. This essential guide provides a therapeutic toolkit to enable children to tell their stories and to regain some control over their mental health and wellbeing. The toolkit introduces a therapeutic story template, alongside guided support and examples focusing on three therapeutic skill sets: active listening, reflection and handling questions. Designed for use with children both individually and in class groups, the storytelling toolkit will enable children to see themselves as the hero of their own story, and life, and to reinstate a sense of optimism and self-empowerment in the face of the pandemic challenge. This resource provides a practical toolkit which can be used both inside and outside the classroom to help children to tell their lockdown stories. It will be valuable reading for teachers, SENCOs, therapists, mental health leads and parents.
Blankets Become Jackets and Selected Stories of a Life Blessed by Suffering

Author: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

Publisher: Al Manhal

ISBN: 9796500183381

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

View: 955

“Blankets become Jackets” and Selected Stories of A Life Blessed by Suffering captures the story behind the man. Dubbed the godfather of accounting Talal Abu-Ghazaleh who was driven from being a refugee to become a world leader in the business world. Motivated by the hardships of his people-the Palestinians- who are still suffering from Israeli occupation, he built a business empire recognized worldwide. From being a young boy wearing a jacket made by his mother from a blanket to a global figure who placed his potential at the service of the world around him despite all challenges. This is a powerful and descriptive vision by a person who believed in a better future more than a gloomy past.
Story Machines: How Computers Have Become Creative Writers

Author: Mike Sharples

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000591453

Category: Education

Page: 194

View: 369

This fascinating book explores machines as authors of fiction, past, present, and future. For centuries, writers have dreamed of mechanical storytellers. We can now build these devices. What will be the impact on society of AI programs that generate original stories to entertain and persuade? What can we learn about human creativity from probing how they work? In Story Machines, two pioneers of creative artificial intelligence explore the design and impact of AI story generators. The book covers three themes: language generators that compose coherent text, storyworlds with believable characters, and AI models of human storytellers. Providing examples of story machines through the ages, it covers the history, recent developments, and future implications of automated story generation. Anyone with an interest in story writing will gain a new perspective on what it means to be a creative writer, what parts of creativity can be mechanized, and what is essentially human. Story Machines is for those who have ever wondered what makes a good story, why stories are important to us, and what the future holds for storytelling.
When Secrets Become Stories

Author: Sue Nyathi

Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers

ISBN: 9781776190652

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 216

View: 234

She was asking for it. She should have known better. Bekezela (persevere), she was told. It’s because I love you, he said. It’s not that bad, she told herself. In sharing their experiences from girlhood to the boardroom, from Cape Town’s suburbs to the hills of KwaZulu- Natal, women from different walks of life show how chillingly common male violence against women is. Together, their voices form a deafening chorus. Gender-based violence feeds on shame and silence but in this extraordinary collection, brave women reclaim their power and summon the courage in others to do the same. In speaking out, sharing what was once secret, shame’s hold is broken. Heart-rending at times, it is the honesty and courage of the writing that truly inspires.